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Short paper on Taino Mythology.
Short paper on Taino Mythology.

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Categories:Types, Research, History
Published by: Round table discussions on Feb 20, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 Taino Studies
translated from Spanish
The combination of 
 (the sun) /
 (the moon, lunar Cemi?) /
Produces the solar eclipses.Some of them —in times of great solar magnetic activity— makes visible the solar flaresrepresented in the petro glyphknown as, the Soul of Jayuya.A Solar eclipse occurs when themoon passes between the Sunand the Earth, so that the Sun isfully or partially covered. Someof them, in times of high solar 
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 Taino Studies
magnetic activity reveal solar conflagrations that arerepresented in the Taíno sun petro glyph. And in attemptingto analyze this, the Tainos musthave recorded an importantevent within this sacredsymbol.
Figure 1: Photo of a solar eclipse.
Yocahu a principal god, male, the father [like in Christianity], with no beginning such as the god Atum [self created], but with a mother called Atabey[Atabei/Attabeira], and god of the solar cycle, of fire and death, of the earth, god of vegetation such as Osiris, and of the volcanoes and mountains, a fertility cultrepresenting the Cassava plant. Guabancex [also Atabey, atabei, attabeira],universal goddess of the lunar cycle, mother of humanity, of the hurricane, of thesea; her other names are Auset, Isis, Sekhmet, Nut, Shakti, Ishtar, and Mary toname a few. She is a principal mother goddess, mother of the gods, she also has no beginning according to their mythology, symbolizing both yin and yang; god andgoddess of the stars and the Milky Way, Guabancex representing yin the feminine principle, and Yocahu representing yang symbolizing the masculine principle or the Bing bang theory, the creation of the universe in the sexual act.
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 Taino Studies
Theeclipseof the sun
Figure 2: Chart showing eclipse of the sun.
If we assume that the petro glyph represents a real event: knowing that there are up totwo
total solar eclipses
a year; that a solar event like the one portrayed in this petro glyph — with six flares—, could only occur in moments of great activity in the eleven year solar magneticcycle; calculating the trajectories of the umbra of past total solar eclipses until finding one thatcrosses over 
in the moment of maximum solar activity;... one could effectively datewith extreme precision the event represented in the petro glyph.
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