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Jihad Genocide

Jihad Genocide

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Published by Ted Habib
Book Preview
Book Preview

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Published by: Ted Habib on Feb 20, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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“I escape death every day,” Samuel Josef said as heglanced back over his shoulder, more an unconsciousreaction to his own words than any actual chance of spotting danger in his comfortable suburban livingroom. “Every day I cautiously choose how I travel,when I travel and where I travel to.” The well-dressedSamuel Josef with dark wavy hair got up from thestylish sofa and walked the few steps to the mutedcolor floor-to-ceiling drapes. He gently pushed thedrapes aside with two light brown fingers, like anabbreviated papal blessing. He leaned forward to peeroutside at the early Midwestern morning. “I didn’t hurtanyone, steal from anyone, speak badly to anyone orthreaten anyone,” said Samuel Josef, speaking to mein an almost curious tone of voice, as if what he wassaying, though completely accurate and true, did notmake any sense. That is what made me determined towrite this book and get this story out. “All I did was toexercise my right in America to convert toChristianity.” Though the people who want to kill me, along with tenmillion other non-believers, are fanatical, radicalMuslims they do not intend to be suicide bombers andsacrifice themselves. They do not intend to strapexplosives onto their bodies. Instead, they told medirectly that they are just doing what Allah has toldthem to do. Surah 47.4: When you meet theunbelievers in Jihad (holy war), chop off their heads.” They also told me, “We will use American taxpayers’dollars to frame you with false charges and use thecourts and the judges to put you behind bars.”
In addition to this, they told me that in the event thatmy mother, who remains ostracized from me, diedthey would bar me from seeing her corpse or visitingher grave, because I have become an infidel. The edict also has gone out to slay my wife and mychildren, having the full support and blessing of mybrothers and sisters who emigrated to the UnitedStates in 2005. It is strange that while my siblings withtheir team of honor killers continue to revel in thefreedoms in this country, they are vehementlyopposed to the notion of tolerance toward convertsfrom Islam. They are also recalcitrant to the virtuousidea of peaceful, non-violent coexistence betweenMuslims and non-Muslims, which is why it is anavowed aim of theirs and other radical, fundamentalistMuslims to either subjugate America to Islamic rule,or, if that’s not possible, to obliterate and annihilatethe United States altogether from its status of worldsuperpower. According to my brothers, sister and thevolunteers of Jihad genocide anyone who convertsfrom Islam to Christianity deserves to be killed: this isnot referring to empty threats mentioned only at afamily gathering.At a terrorist meeting in Philadelphia, where I waspresent, one of my brothers said they were aware thatI was attending church services. Fortunately for me,this brother added that they knew I was going tochurch purely for business reasons. In their mind, lmingled with Christians only because I wanted peoplewho would patronize my travel and tour business. Thismiscalculation on the part of the enemy saved mefrom death. Later, when they became convinced that Iwas a true Christian, they pursued me like a lion goingafter its prey.
 This book tells a true story, although some of thenames of people and places have been changed. Farfrom being inspired by anger and revenge, this bookhas been written with the sole aim of unraveling thesecret and subcutaneous things that are happening inthe dark and are set to explode any time soon uponthe United States like a time bomb. It is hoped that byreading this book, Americans will be forewarned and,perhaps, forearmed; for the Jihadists intend that dayto come upon America like a thief. Behind the scenes,scientists, doctors, engineers, pathologists, attorneys,computer programmers, virologists, nurses and peoplewith security clearances are pooling together ideasand resources to bring upon America that imminentday of ultimate terror! This is a serious matter! This book which is based on a true story is not writtenout of anger or hate. The sentiments of anger andhate are not the principles of the Christian religion.Still, I think it is important to establish a record, sothat Americans can know what some fanatical, radicalMuslim people, even people who are close to me, arewilling to do. By the time this book is published, I knowI might already have been killed, but the words of truth on these pages will live on so that people canknow the kind of thing that could happen in America,in the land of the free, right under American noses.One point I want to make is that these people who arehighly educated, namely: scientists; doctors;pathologists; virologists; attorneys; computerprogrammers; nurses; people working in sensitive jobsfor the US Federal Government,, all with clearance;people working for firms like Raytheon who overseethe security of utility companies; and RFID chip

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