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Phrasal Verbs

Phrasal Verbs

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Published by Nur Atiah Daud
phrasal verbs
phrasal verbs

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Published by: Nur Atiah Daud on Feb 21, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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abide by
to obey/follow2.
act up
to misbehave3.
act on/upon
to take action as a result of something4.
aim for
to have a goal5.
answer to
to be responsible for6.
bear with
to tolerate7.
ask somebody out
to invite somebody on a date8.
back down
blow up
break down
stop functioning11.
bring something up
to raise a subject12.
brush aside
to refuse to consider something/to dismiss13.
bump into
to meet someone unexpectedly14.
burn somethingdown
to be destroyed by fire15.
call off 
to cancel16.
call on/upon
to formally invite somebody to speak17.
calm down
not be agitated/relax18.
carry on
to continue doing something19.
cheer up
to be happy20.
come across
to find something or someone unexpectedly21.
count on
depend on22.
die down
become less strong/intense23.
do away with
to get rid of something24.
draw something up
write something important on paper25.
drop off 
drop by
come by/visit27.
dwell on
to keep thinking about something28.
eat out
to have a meal in a restaurant29.
egg on
urge someone to do something30.
end up
the result of a series of events31.
face up to
to accept and deal with something difficult32.
fall through
not completed33.
figure out
fill in
fool around
waste time36.
get across
to get the message through37.
get around to dosomething
to find time to do something38.
get by
live with/manage39.
get off 
to leave work40.
get over something
to forget a bad experience41.
give up
lose hope42.
grow up
to behave in a more mature way43.
hand in
hand somethingover
give something formally45.
hang up
to end a telephone conversation46.
hang out
visit a place often/spend a lot of time47.
help out
to assist48.
identify with
to be able to relate to something49.
iron something out
to get rid of a problem50.
 join in
to take part51.
 jot down
to write something down52.
 jump at
to accept an opportunity with enthusiasm53.
keep off something
to stay away
keep up with
to move or progress at the same as others55.
key in
to type something56.
knock somebodyout
to make someone unconscious57.
lay somebody off 
to stop somebody’s employment58.
lean on
to depend on something/somebody59.
let down
live on
to survive/to get by61.
look into
look something up
to find information in a book63.
make up withsomebody
to be friends again64.
mark up
increase/raise the price of something65.
mix up
to mistake something for something else66.
narrow down
to limit/reduce67.
nod off 
to fall sleep for a short time68.
opt for
to choose something69.
own up to
to admit one’s wrongdoing70.
pass away
pass out
pick on
pitch in
pull over
to stop at the side of the road75.
put off 
to postpone doing something76.
put back 
to place something in its usual place77.
rip up
to tear something78.
rule out
to exclude something from a list of possibilities79.
run into
to meet somebody by chance80.
set aside
to keep some money or time for a particular purpose81.
set back 
to delay the progress of something

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