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Become a Social Business in the Cloud

Become a Social Business in the Cloud

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Published by Friedel Jonker
Become a Social Business in the Cloud
Become a Social Business in the Cloud

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Published by: Friedel Jonker on Feb 21, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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IBM Software
Become a social businessin the cloud
 IBM SmartCloud for Social Business collaboration services 
Help deepen customer relationships, driveeectiveness and optimize workorces
Promote security-rich collaboration, insideand outside the frewall
Help deploy IT resources more efciently
Leverage a ull portolio o cloud-basedsocial collaboration services
New ways to engage with people andbusinesses
 The era o social business is here. Across industries, business leaders aredriving initiatives that strategically integrate social collaboration tools with business processes. These leaders recognize that social tools—suchas online communities and meetings, le sharing, proles, instant mes-saging, and activity management—allow people to apply relevant contentand expertise in new ways. As a result, these business leaders say, thingscan get done more quickly and eectively, potentially delivering anunprecedented return or the time invested. A social business, in essence, embraces networks o people to createbusiness value. By using social tools to link people across today’s global,mobile business environment, an organization can deepen customerrelationships, drive operational eectiveness and optimize the workorce.Once established, a social business has three core attributes. It is
,enabling people to establish trusted networks in which they can shareideas, inormation and expertise. It is
, allowing people to work in a security-rich environment that transcends traditional organizationalboundaries. And it is
, speeding up business with real-time insightthat osters innovation and better business decisions.
IBM Software
 Although the potential business value attainable rom makingthe transormation to social business is signicant, your organi-zation shouldn’t have to make signicant investments to do so.IBM SmartCloud or Social Business collaboration servicesprovide easy-to-access integrated email, social businesscapabilities and third-party applications, all delivered via cloudcomputing. A cost-eective social business platorm built uponIBM expertise in delivering security-rich services can help yourorganization become a social business, as well as help reduce ITcosts and complexity.
Helping deepen relationships, driveeffectiveness and optimize workforces
Using SmartCloud or Social Business services to become asocial business can help your organization simpliy, speed upand enhance interactions in practically all areas o the business.SmartCloud or Social Business provides a comprehensiveportolio o oerings designed to help your organizationachieve the ollowing business benets.
Deepen customer relationships
Becoming a social business in the cloud can help your organiza-tion better understand and communicate with customers. It canhelp your organization build trusted relationships and brandawareness by engaging with customers in ways that are moreimmediate and meaningul, ultimately helping contribute toreduced costs and improved productivity.Signature Mortgage, an Ohio-based regional mortgageprovider, strengthened its customer relationships by becominga social business in the cloud. Using a solution combiningSmartCloud Engage Standard collaboration services withSilanis e-SignLive integrated services, the company nowoers customers a simple, convenient and cost-eective way tocomplete, review and sign mortgage application documentsonline. “Every client has commented about how ecient andhow wonderul this technology is,” says Bob Catlin, thecompany’s president and CEO. The solution also has helpedlower processing costs, while increasing both reerrals andprots. “This is a game changer or Signature Mortgage,”says Catlin.
Drive operational effectiveness
Leveraging social tools can help your employees, customers, vendors and business associates openly share ideas andresources. As the organization becomes more nimble, ideascan fourish, helping cultivate the development o innovativeproducts and services and helping quicken time to market.Bumbu Desa, an Indonesian restaurant chain, has achievednew levels o operational eectiveness with IBM cloud-basedservices. Using SmartCloud Engage Standard le-sharing tools,the company’s ranchises now send daily sales, expense and
 Figure 1
: For a social business in the cloud, traditional boundaries disappearand new connections appear. Communicating directly via a myriad o socialcollaboration tools can help people quickly access relevant content andexpertise—and apply them in new ways to drive business value.
IBM Software
inventory reports to headquarters. Once consolidated, the datais used to speed decision making, as well as to discover anddeploy new eciencies.
Optimize the workforce
Social business tools can help in-house and distributed work-orces connect quickly with each other and tap into dierentareas o expertise and varied skill sets. Employees can work  with practically anyone, at any time, and quickly nd the personor inormation they need to do their jobs eectively. Workingin a more transparent environment can help employees stay inormed more easily and ocus their attention on the mostimportant tasks.aatranslations, a UK-based translation services company, opti-mized its global workorce with a cloud-based solution thatstreamlined the company’s translation and document reviewprocess. Using SmartCloud Engage Standard services, hundredso translators, project managers and clients can share and editdocuments and host meetings in an online collaborative work-space, helping to improve productivity and reduce costs. Someproject times have been shortened rom eight hours to veminutes.
Promoting security-rich collaboration,inside and outside the firewall
Using SmartCloud or Social Business services to become asocial business can help your organization extend its enterpriseperimeter to the cloud. Employees can collaborate with eachother and with customers and suppliers in a single place, acrossrewalls. They can store and share les, manage projects seam-lessly, and host online meetings—all through one easy-to-usedashboard. In addition, guests outside the rewall—includingcustomers, suppliers and business associates—can participate inonline projects and communities at no additional charge.
“The value in social business is going to betremendous for us.” 
—Bob Catlin, President and CEO, Signature Mortgage
Leveraging cloud computing to helpreduce IT costs and complexity
Cloud computing provides organizations with a cost-ecientIT delivery model or integrating social collaboration tools andbusiness email with existing business processes. Cloud-basedservices rom IBM are designed to help your organization moreeectively use and deploy IT resources, without requiring anincrease in IT sta or new investments in inrastructure. Inaddition, the services are designed to require minimal trainingo in-house sta and little to no maintenance. Incrementalpricing structures also help make IT costs more predictable.
 Connecting in the cloud with acomprehensive portfolio of services
SmartCloud or Social Business provides a ull portolioo integrated oerings or social business—all delivered romthe cloud. In addition, SmartCloud or Social Business servicesare built on an extensible open platorm, that is designed tohelp integrate new cloud-based solutions rom IBM andIBM Business Partners quickly and seamlessly with youron-premises applications. Your organization can try outnew capabilities without the cycles and costs associated withmanual sotware upgrades.

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