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320 Winter Newsletter 2012

320 Winter Newsletter 2012

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Published by Forward Gallop

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Published by: Forward Gallop on Feb 21, 2012
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Volume XV • Issue #1Winter 2012 Edition
2) Secretary-Treasurer’s Reportwith Sue Mauren3) President’s Report with Joanne Derby4) Vice President’s Report with Brian Aldes4) Member Spotlight with Sami Gabriel5) DRIVE Report with Ed Reynoso6) Right to Work FOR LESS in Kansaswith Gus Froemke7) Apply Now for Teamsters Scholarships
Right to WorkFOR LESS SparksBattle at the Capitol
For more information, contact your union or visit www.aflcio.org.
Lowers Wages for Everyone.
 The average worker in states withlaws like this makes more than$5,500 less each year. In thiseconomy, who can afford a $5,500pay cut?
(Bureau of Labor Statistics,October 2010)
Is Unfair to Workers WhoPlay by the Rules.
When peopleat a worksite vote to join a union,the union fights for higher wagesand better benefits for everyone.This bill lets free-riders reap thebenefits of a union contract withoutpaying their fair share of thecosts.
Is Backed by Big Business.
 The bill is backed by the samepeople who were elected withsupport from powerful specialinterests attacking workers acrossthe country with initiatives aimed atundermining our ability to negotiatefair wages and benefits.
Endangers worksite safetyand health standards.
So-called“right to work” rules weaken ourunions so we can’t bargain forbetter working conditions—resultingin more injuries and even deaths atthe worksite.
(Death on the Job: The Tollof Neglect, AFL-CIO, 2010)
For years, greedy CEOs have been trying to boost profits on the backs of workers by cutting wages, hours and benefits. Now, anti-worker politicianshold the majority in the state legislature, and they’re attacking the one thing that has protected us: our union contract. This “right to work” for less bill:
‘Right to Work’ is
Call or write your legislators today and urge them to oppose it.
For more information, go to www.teamstersjc32.org or contact your Local Union.
LocaL 320
OffIcErS & STAffSue Mauen
and Principal Ofcer
Joanne Deby
 President/Business Agent
Bian Aldes
 Vice President/Business Agent
Sami Gabiel
 Recording Secretary/ Business Agent
Maia (Maty) Lamb
 Trustee, St. Paul ISD 625
rihad Wheele
 Trustee, MNSCU
Alston Duthin
 Trustee, U of M
Paula Johnston
 General Counsel
Loal 320 Business Agents
  John AveryGregory BurnesMike CareyHalla ElrashidiCraig JohnsonLeland JohnsonMerl KingMike O’Donnell (O.D.)Vance RolfsonKari SeimeErik SkoogCurtis Swenson
communiations Dieto
 Gus Froemke
Suppot Sta 
Susan BastianRon PhillipsSuzanne Slawson Joni SpauldingMarcia TorgersonKristi ZieglerKatie Ziembo
Minneapolis, MN
Loal Union Oe
 8:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m.P: 612-378-8700F: 612-331-8948
Toll fee
 Local320@teamsterslocal320.orgPublished ByTeamsters Local 3203001 University Ave. SE#500Minneapolis, MN 55414
LocaL 320
‘Right to Work FOR LESS’ Battle Heats UpOur Minnesota Winter
By Sue Mauren
As you can see, much of thisissue is devoted to the battleover right to work – or aswe call it, right to work FORLESS. The anti-worker crowdis determined to put thequestion on the 2012 electionballot as a Constitutional amendment, somethingthey can accomplish with simple majority votes inthe House and Senate.In a nutshell, a ‘rightto work’ amendmentwould give employees ata union worksite all the
benets and protections
of a union contract,without requiring themto join the union. In otherwords, right to work isplain old union busting.Why? Because as moreand more ‘free riders’quit their union, or refuseto join, the union losesmembers, loses power, and in many cases simplygoes away.Workers in the 22 primarily southern and westernstates with right to work laws have a consistentlylower quality of life than in other states—lowerwages, higher poverty and infant mortality rates,less access to the health care they need andpoorer education for their children. The AFL-CIOsummarizes it this way:
Lowe Wages
The average worker in a right to work state makesabout $5,333 a year less than workers in otherstates ($35,500 compared with $30,167). Weeklywages are $72 greater in free-bargaining statesthan in right to work states ($621 versus $549).
fewe People with Health cae
21 percent more people lack health insurancein right to work states compared to free-bargaining states.
Highe Povety and Inant Motality rates
Right to work states have a poverty rate of 12.5percent, compared with 10.2 percent in otherstates. Moreover, the infant mortality rate is 16percent higher in right to work states.
Lower Workers’ Compensation Benets for
Workers Injured on the Job
Maximum weekly worker compensation benets
are $30 higher in free states - $609 versus $579in right to work states.
Moe Wokplae Deathsand Injuies
According to the federalBureau of Labor Statistics,the rate of workplace deathsis 51 percent higher instates with right to work,where unions can’t speakup on behalf of workers.
In the ght to kill ‘right to
work for less,’ it’s importantfor you to do two things:First, visit our website atwww.teamsterslocal320.org often, and sign up foraction alerts.And second, call, email or write to your legislatorsand urge them to oppose ‘right to work for less’ in
Minnesota. You can nd all the information you
need to do that at http://www.house.leg.state.mn.us/ (Minnesota House) and http://www.senate.leg.state.mn.us/ (Minnesota Senate).Together we’ll either keep this anti-unionamendment off the fall election ballot, or we’lldefeat it in November. Stay tuned.Page 2
Togethe we'll eithekeep this anti-unionamendment o the alleletion ballot, o we'lldeeat it in Novembe.Stay tuned.
In a nutshell, a ‘ight towok’ amendment wouldgive employees at a unionwoksite all the benetsand potetions o a unionontat, without equiingthem to join the union.
LocaL 320
Page 3
Why Are We Teamsters? Let's Count the Benefts
By JoanneDerby,
Pesident/Business Agent
The anti-union,‘right to work forLESS’ crowd wouldlike us to believeour union dues are just a waste of money. Of course we know better. Next time someoneasks, “What are you doing in a union?” showthem this list:
Teamste Benets:
• Right to help negotiate your contract• Guaranteed wages and benets• Seniority rights• Employers can’t change your conditions
of employment without union consent
• Lobbyists ghting hard for you at the
Teamste Pivilege Benets
As Teamsters with great strength in numbers,
we have a wide range of benets available.
Visit www.teamster.org for more information.
• Life and accident insurance• Auto, homeowner and renters
• Retiree health insurance and discounts• Teamsters credit card and Union SAFE• Every day savings on computers,checks, interstate moving, owers, car
rentals, legal services and more
• Mortgage and real estate assistance• Credit counseling• Vacations• AT&T wireless
Teamste Sevie Bueau
1-612-676-3748 or 1-800-979-9725www.mntsb.orgThe Service Bureau, located on UniversityAvenue near the University of Minnesota,offers members and their families free,
condential assistance in a variety of human
service areas. Whether called upon to assistin a crisis or help in long-term planning, theService Bureau provides a safe and non- judgmental place for you to turn when youneed help in areas such as alcohol and drug
abuse, personal/family counseling, nances,
suicide prevention, social security, literacyand other areas you and your counselormay identify.
Teamstes cedit Union
The Credit Union is a full service nancial
institution offering:
• No fee checking• Savings accounts• Consolidation loans• FHA Title 1 Home Improvement• Home equity loans• Financial counseling• IRAs• New and used car loans• And more at competitive rates
Teamstes food Shel 
Teamster Building (parking level)3001 University AvenueMinneapolis, MN1-612-378-0487The Teamsters Helping Teamsters Food Shelf (Teamsters Joint Council 32 Food Shelf) assistsTeamster members and their families whenthey are out of work, sick or on strike.With the help of the Minnesota TeamstersRetirees Club and other volunteers, ChairmanDave Laxen and Food Shelf Manager JoeKabacinski distribute food to dozens of Teamster families each month.Truly a "Team" effort, Teamster employersdonate food and personal care products tothe Food Shelf, which is also generouslysupported by Joint Council 32 and its
afliated Local unions and members.
The Teamsters Food Shelf is the only labor-runfood shelf in the state of Minnesota. We takepride in offering this service to our memberswho are in need.
Tuesday and Wednesday9:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.Members should contact their Local
Union business agent or ofcers for prior
authorization or any questions.
Loation and Phone
The Food Shelf is located on the main levelof the Minnesota Teamster Building on thecorner of 30th and University Avenues (3001University Avenue SE), Minneapolis, MN.612-378-0446
Next time someone asks, “What aeyou doing in a union?” show themthis list.

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