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Pumpkin Patch

Pumpkin Patch

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Published by nickwedig5000

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Published by: nickwedig5000 on Feb 21, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Halloween is coming soon. You need 12 pumpkins to make jack-o-lanterns.So you have come to the arm to nd some. Whenever the player gets a pump-kin, say “
Congratulations! you found pumpkin [number] out of twelve! 
Ten you should make a noise like a Halloween monster, like a zombie orghost or vampire.
Farmer’s Gate
 you start here
)Tis is the entrance to the arm.
Exits are:
Te Farm
You’re on a arm. A
sits near the gate.
Exits are:
Pumpkin Patch
Lots o pumpkin vines grow out o a
huge mound o dirt
, but you don’t seeany pumpkins!
Exits are:
EAS and WESDIG IN MOUND WIH SHOVEL: You dig away at the mound and nd insidea
You stand outside a red barn. Tere is a
Exits are:
SOUH, EAS and WES
In the Barn
Now you’re inside the barn. You can see the haylof above you. Tere’s aladder on the ground here. Tere’s a bucket o corn here. Tere is a
Exits are:
SOUH and EAS(
and UP if they stand up the ladder.
Birthing Area
Tis is where the armer takes animals so that they can give birth to new ani-mals. A
sits on a
, as i trying to hatch an egg. Lots o eggsare scattered around.
Exits are:
NORHAKE PUMPKIN: Te chicken pecks at your hand. Ouch!FEED CHICKEN: You scatter the corn on the ground, and the chicken hopsdown rom the pumpkin to peck at the ground. (
Te player now has an emptybucket. And they can now take the pumpkin without problem.
Tere’s a whole lot o hay up here.(
If the player takes the hay, they uncover 
another pumpkin
Exits are:
Tis is where the horses live. A
is running around really quick with
a pumpkin
in its saddle.
Exits are:
NORH and SOUHAKE PUMPKIN: Te horse is running too ast or you to grab hold.GIVE HAY O HORSE: Te horse doesn’t seem interested in the hay.GIVE PEPPERS O HORSE: Te horse stops running to eat the pepper. (
Nowthe player can take the pumpkin.
It’s a big building made o glass, ull o vegetables. You can see that the
 is up on top o the greenhouse, xing a broken windowpane. Tere are
two pumpkins
here! Tere are some peppers here.
Exits are:
WES (
and UP if the players bring the ladder here and set it up.
)ALK O FARMER: “What’s that? I can’t hear you down there!”
Greenhouse Roo 
is up here, xing a broken pane on the greenhouse. Tere are
two pumpkins
here.AKE PUMPKINS: Te armer says “You can have one o those pumpkins, butI need the other one as snack.”HELP FARMER FIX ROOF: He says “Tanks, but I have this under control.Sure is thirsty work, though.”GIVE APPLE CIDER O FARMER: Te armer thankully takes the applecider and drinks, then give you the pumpkin.
Farmhouse Kitchen
Farmer’s Wie
is here, preparing some pumpkin pancakes. She is about tocut up a
. Tere is also apple cider here.
Exits are:
NORHAKE PUMPKIN: Te Farmer’s Wie says that she needs that or the pumpkinpancakes… even though she doesn’t like pumpkin pancakes.ASK ABOU PUMPKIN: Te Farmer’s Wie says that she could give you thepumpkin i you gave her something else or breakast, like maybe some milk and some eggs. (
Once the player gives her milk and eggs, then she’ll give themthe pumpkin.
Cow PastureLots o cows
stand around in the cow pasture. A
stands in a corner, jeal-ously guarding
a pumpkin
. A
sits in a mud puddle. A shovel sticks out o the mud puddle.
Exits are:
NORHAKE PUMPKIN: Te bull won’t let you anywhere near the pumpkin.GIVE HAY O BULL: Te bull happily eats the hay and becomes your riend.(
Now you can take the pumpkin.
)MILK COW: Te cows don’t seem to like you enough to let you milk them.GIVE HAY O COW: Te cow becomes your riend.MILK COW: (
If you don’t have an empty bucket.
) What would you do with themilk once you got it out o the cow? (
If you do have the empty bucket 
) You milk the cow until your bucket is ull o milk.ANY ACIONS INVOLVING HE PIG: Te pig splashes you with mud andthen oinks at you in amusement. (
Te pig is just there to entertain the Parser inimagining the player covered in mud.
Farmer’sGateTeFarmPumpkinPatchGreen-houseKitchenBarnBirthingAreaIn theBarnHaylofGreen-houseRoo StablesCowPasture
A Parsely game
Designed by
Madeline Wedig(age 5)Scribed byNick Wedig(age more than 5)Parsely is © 2010 Jared A. Sorensen

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