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Published by nickwedig5000

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Published by: nickwedig5000 on Feb 21, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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uring the Dawn War,
the gods created theabominations to use as weapons against the primor-dials. Tough modern theologians usually ocustheir attention on the acts o the good aligned godslike Pelor and Corellon during that war, the entirepantheon worked to ght o the monsters rom theElemental Chaos. Gruumsh ought eagerly againstany opponent he was aimed at, and iamat owes her very existence to the Dawn War. And Nerull, thenow deceased god o the dead, assisted in creatingthe most disturbing and powerul o the abomina-tions. Nerull created many living weapons o divinepower to battle against the primordials, the stron-gest o which was called
Te Phane King.
he Phane King 
was the most powerul o thePhanes, a group o time controlling abominations.Troughout the war, the it was an eager combatant.oo eager, in act. When the primal spirits declaredthe Dawn War over, the Phane King reused to ceaseghting. It instead turned on the primal spiritsand any other creatures that came near. Te godsattempted to kill the Phane King, but it was able touse its time manipulation powers to come back timeand again. Aer many battles, the Phane King waseventually subdued by a coalition o gods and pow-erul primal spirits and trapped in a pocket dimen-sion where time did not fow. Tat way, the godsreasoned, the Phane King could not use its ability tocontrol time to escape.
ut since the Phane King had a genius level o intelligence and a control over time, it oresaw itsinevitable deeat at the hands o the gods. So it es-tablished its escape plan ahead o time.
 is that escape plan. Te Phane King broke a shardo its own sentience o into a separate being, thentransormed the being into a tool: a weapon thatwould collect soul power. I the weapon absorbedenough souls, it could use that power to break thePhane King ree o its prison.Te Phane King new that it would need to killmany. But the Phane King is an immortal being,and endlessly patient. So it has waited or millenniaor Blackrazor to kill hundreds, then thousands o beings. And soon, Blackrazor will have absorbedenough souls to achieve its purpose. All it needs is aew more...
Paragon Tier Artiact
Tis looks to be a sword made o pure, starry night.Blackrazor looks like nothing else except a swordshaped hole in reality looking onto a world o black-ness and stars. As you li it in your hands, it shisslightly in shape, adjusting to your grip. And youeel a powerul yet oreign intellect reaching out toyours. It hungers, and wishes or you to eed it thesouls o the living.
: Attack rolls and damage rolls
+3d6 necrotic damage and target is dazedand weakened (
save ends both
: When you reduce a creature to 0 HPs orless, you gain temporary HPs equal to that creature’slevel. Creatures killed by Blackrazor or a characterkilled while wielding Blackrazor cannot be restoredto lie by the
Raise Dead 
ritual, though Epic Destiny eatures and similarly powerul magics would stillwork.
: (
) Minor action. Blackrazor trans-orms into a longsword, bastard sword, greatswordor ullblade (
 Adventurer’s Vault 
) until you next use aminor action to transorm Blackrazor.
: (
) Free action.
: You reduce a creature to 0 HPs or less.
: You gain +2 to hit with Blackrazor until theend o your next turn.
Goals o Blackrazor
Owner gains a level +1d10Owner kills at least one sentient being +1(
maximum 1/day
)Owner spends a week without killing -2any sentient beingsOwner is a primal or divine character -2Owner chooses violence when it could +1be avoided (
maximum 1/day
)Owner completes a quest that contributes +3to the release o the Phane Kingrom his imprisonment.
Roleplaying Blackrazor
Blackrazor can communicate telepathically with itswielder, but usually preers to be less specic anddirect in its communications. Sometimes whenthe wielder is alone, Blackrazor will whisper to itsowner secrets and plans, but it will always be silentwhen another character is around to hear. Blackra-zor usually preers to act as a tempting thought inthe back o its wielder’s mind: suggesting courses o action that lead to violence or expressing pleasureand displeasure at its owner’s actions.Blackrazor always pushes its wielder toward more violence and death. Tough it would preer actionsin the direction o reeing the Phane King, Blackra-zor is not picky. Any death the character causes willadd souls to its power, and as an immortal beingBlackrazor can aord to be patient. But Blackrazoralways unctions as the voice o temptation, lur-ing the wielder on to more and more unnecessary bloodshed.
Concordance TablePleased (16-20)
Blackrazor is pleased with me, and promises that  great things will come. Only one more soul is re-quired before great power will be mine. Will it be yours? 
You are very close to achieving Blackrazor’sgoal, and the weapon becomes excited and irritable.Any delay or attempt at nonviolent solutions willrustrate the weapon. But when violence is happen-ing, the wielder can eel the sword’s manic glee atevery death.
: Blackrazor’s enhancement bonus in-creases to be a +4 bastard sword, which does +4d8necrotic damage on a critical hit.
: When you spend an Action Point, yougain an extra Move action and a Minor action aswell as a Standard action.
: (
Free only during your turn; Daily
) ake anextra Standard action.

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