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Defensive Use of Firearms

Defensive Use of Firearms



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Published by Burt Gummer
I hope, in this guide, to provide you with a consistent philosophy and strategy for dealing with crime,
armed or unarmed. Again, I make no claims that the information is exhaustive, but it does at least touch
on most topics dealing with defense.
I hope, in this guide, to provide you with a consistent philosophy and strategy for dealing with crime,
armed or unarmed. Again, I make no claims that the information is exhaustive, but it does at least touch
on most topics dealing with defense.

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Published by: Burt Gummer on Nov 21, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Defensive Uses of Firearms
I. Self-Defense: Armed and Unarmed (2nd Edition)
by Shane C. Henry (shenry@umr.edu
© Copyright 1993, 1995 by Shane C. Henry. Limited permission to reproduce for personal use granted.
Neither the author, nor the author's organization, nor the distributor accepts responsibility forinjuries or damages resulting from the following information. Some actions described below may beillegal in certain localities or states, and as such, they are not supported by the author nor any associationsthereof. The reader should understand that he alone is responsible for his actions.Foreword: If you are reading this guide, you know that crime can happen to you. Neither I nor anyoneelse need waste time documenting the prevalence of violent crime. My purpose here is to provideinformation, ideas, and perhaps some persuasive arguments, not to present a single, all- encompassingtype of self-defense. Your job, as a reader, is to approach this document with an open mind; when you hita concept that you don't agree with, define the "why" of your disagreement. Nothing says I'm absolutelyright. I make no claims of being an "expert", only an inquisitive and moderately experienced practitionerwilling to share my insights. This isn't a multiple choice quiz with one answer; there is more than onepossible strategy or solution. But whatever you choose to do, think about your reasons. I don't expectanyone to agree 100% with what I have to say...but if it makes you think, I've done my job.This isn't a "gun-only" document. I am personally a proponent of gun ownership for responsible citizens,but if you don't like, don't want, or can't have a firearm, I'm not going to berate you. There is still muchvaluable information to be garnered from this document. But the emphasis is on firearm defense. Thereason for this is two-fold; first, there is plenty of good information available elsewhere on personalsecurity without a firearm. The wealth of information makes it redundant to cover here more than briefly.I trust that you can uncover information about securing your house or dealing with international terrorists,and so the information here on those topics is presented only as an introduction to make you think aboutthe topic. The other reason is that while there is much information on non-gun defense, there is very littleon defense with a weapon, particularly with firearms, and what does exist is often incomplete orcontradictory.I hope, in this guide, to provide you with a consistent philosophy and strategy for dealing with crime,armed or unarmed. Again, I make no claims that the information is exhaustive, but it does at least touchon most topics dealing with defense. This guide is aimed at the novice, the non-defensive-trained gunowner, or as a refresher/reinforcer for a more experienced defensive gun owner. I have tried to keep thedetails at a level where the novice isn't confused, and to explain the terms completely, without patronizinga more advanced audience.This is a "pro-self-defense" document, and for this I make no apologies. If you don't believe that youshould use force, and perhaps even kill, if necessary, to defend yourself, please don't waste time readingthis. Buy yourself a Nerf bat or a plastic flower, and hope that you don't ever become the target of aviolent crime. I'm not going to spend a lot of time convincing you to believe as I do--I expect that if you
are reading this, you already share the sentiment that your life is worth more than the at of your attacker--but I make no attempt to avoid displaying that sentiment. I've also tried to make the reading not too dry orpedantic. I make no promises that any piece of this information will absolutely save you--as Marc"Animal" MacYoung points out, "There ain't no guarantees in a fight,"--but I think it will equip mostreaders with enough information so they can, if they choose, become better able to defend themselves.
IntroductionI. AttitudeII. The BasicsA. What kind of weapon should I select for self-defense?B. Types of weaponsC. Responsibility in gun ownershipD. Use of lethal forceE. Types of firearmsF. Selection of caliber/ammunitionG. Purchasing the firearmH. AccessoriesIII. TrainingA. Basic gun training and handlingB. Know your gunC. Mental preparationD. Basic marksmanshipE. Defensive TrainingF. Melee and "empty hand" defenseG. Armed melee defenseIV. Strategy and TacticsA. General strategyB. Cover and ConcealmentC. Predator TypesD. Concealed carryE. Defense in the homeF. Defense while travelingG. Defense for the store ownerH. Defense against stalkingI. Defense in a riot/looter situationJ. Defense in hostage situationV. AftermathA. If you capture your attackerB. Altering/leaving the sceneC. When the police comeD. Legal consequences/Demanding legal counselE. Civil liabilityF. Social consequencesG. What if you get shotVI. AppendicesAppendix A: A true story of "defense" with a fake firearm by Tom FallerAppendix B: Dan's Pepper Spray Challenge by Dan DayAppendix C: Jeff Cooper's Rules of Gun SafetyAppendix D: Suggested Reading
Violent crime is not only pervasive in today's society, but it is also becoming increasingly random. If itwas ever true that a particular social position, occupation, or selection of domicile guaranteed you safety,it certainly is not true today. One need not quote statistics; simply by examining the daily paper, one candetermining that violent crime is alive and well, and that criminals don't restrict their targets to the poor orunvirtuous. Some blame this upon the courts and the police, on their ineffectiveness at keeping violentpredators "off the streets". Others argue that the lack of "family values" or "social mores" is responsiblefor the current predicament. Some even blame the proliferation of weapons for the actions of criminalsand call for restrictions and bans upon these tools. The masses scream for "those politicians inWashington and elsewhere" to solve these problems through legislation.While laws may be enacted prohibiting this and restricting that, by definition, it is the habit of criminals toignore these laws and perpetrate crimes. A law that prohibits stalking isn't much comfort to the victimwho can't identify her stalker. Similarly, there is little comfort for the rape victim that her attacker mightface longer sentences if she is unable to stop the rapist. The arguable deterrent value aside, laws are onlywords on paper, with no physical manifestation except for the actions of police and authorities whotypically aren't around when a crime is committed and who aren't responsible for your personal safety inany case.Anybody can be a victim...but being a victim is a choice; you don't have to acquiesce. You can fight back and defend yourself, though admittedly at risk to your tender hide. Some people will argue that this is afoolish attitude; that if you fight back, a criminal might hurt you. This line or reasoning ignores the factthat what criminals do is hurt their victims. Even when they don't perform physical injury, the theft of possessions is synonymous with the deprivation of the time required to purchase those possessions. Also,criminals aren't likely to acknowledge, nor abide by, the unspoken contract, "If you give me what youwant, I won't hurt you." Police files are replete with instances where victims gave in and got a knife in theribs or a bullet in the head.The goal of this guide is not to convince you to purchase a firearm, or indeed, any weapon. It is, rather,intended to give you the information you need in order to make informed, judicious decisions aboutpersonal defense. After reading this, you may decide that you don't want a weapon; so long as youunderstand the consequences of your decision, no one has any right to argue with it. But you'll have madea decision, rather than default by indecision, and you'll know the risks. For some people, this might beundesirable, but the rational, intelligent person, will welcome the addition of more information andopinions.The topic of self-defense could fill volume after volume with opinions, ideas, case studies, and so forth.This guide is intended to give the user a basic familiarity with self-defense, and specifically the tools of that act, particularly the firearm. Others may have differing ideas or opinions. This doesn't mean thateither is wrong. The bottom line is that you have to select the opinions and the tactics that work best foryou and you are the best person to make that decision.It is not my intention that you should do anything illegal. Quite the contrary, it should be stressed that it isin your best interests to avoid any illegal act, particularly since all actions will be questioned in adefensive shooting. In some areas, the very actions you may take to defend yourself effectively are illegal.

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