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Howard Roberts

Howard Roberts

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Published by nickwedig5000

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Published by: nickwedig5000 on Feb 21, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 You are:
Howard Roberts
For too long time now, you’ve been work-ing or the local “news program
. Te show is a hotbed o willul dis-tortion, lies, hypocrisy, greed and politicalpandering. Worst o all, the people makingit act as i they’re the moral compass orManna, Kansas.Well, you’re about to expose their corrup-tion, hypocrisy and lies. And you’re gonnamake some money doing it.anner Cross is the host o 
Cross Words
, and he’s the biggest hypocriteo all. He crusades against “social ills” and the spread o the “homo-sexual agenda”. But you know that he’s a closeted homosexual himsel.With anner’s conservative audience and the bigoted things he’s saidabout homosexuals, this secret could destroy him.You know this because he tried to seduce you while you were togetherlming a segment on the local Civil War reenactment. He got youalone in a tent and started making drunken passes at you. You tried tostop him, but when he started taking o his pants, you ed the scene.It was only later that you realized, while reviewing some ootage, thatyou had lef the camera rolling the entire time. And you’re gonna usethat tape to blackmail anner. Get him to pay you a couple hundredthousand, then release the tape anyway.
 o   w  r  d   r  o   r  s 
 o   w  r  d   r  o   r  s 
You knew that the real brains o 
Cross Words
was anner’s wie and theshow’s producer, Candice Cross. So when you decided to blackmail theCross amily and
Cross Words
the show, you went to her.She knew he was gay, o course. Tat’s why she married him. But youwanted it to be clear that you had evidence o his hidden behaviors.Candice knew exactly what that video would do or anners career...and or hers, since she literally married her career to his.You told her that you wanted our hundred thousand dollars, or you’dtake the tape over to News Channel Tree in Rush County. She’d really hate or her old rival station to destroy anner’s “good name”.O course, you’ll give them the tape even i she does pay you the ourhundred thousand. Pure win-win as ar as you’re concerned.One minor complication to your blackmail scheme is that your oldriend Georgia. She has decided to move into your apartment. Georgia just broke up with her boyriend, and she’s eeling vulnerable. She justneeds a decent person on hand to be supportive and protective. Keepher rom doing anything regrettable, keep her dumb ex-boyriend romcausing her any grie. Tat sort o thing.You care about Georgia, but you and she have always been just riends.Once you may have had some eeling or her (she’s smart and very goodlooking, afer all). But she wants to become a bigshot in the largerworld. You’ve been content to make do here in Manna, Kansas. Up un-til now, anyway. Once this blackmail business is done, you might needto leave town in a hurry. I guess Georgia can have your apartment onceyou blow town. Until then, though, keep an eye out or her, okay?
Tanner CrossGeorgia VangCandice Crossfull time cameraman, part-time blackmailer
 o   w  r  d   r  o   r  s 
hi my name is:
Howard Roberts
And I’m growingtired o my job.
Tanner Cross
action six news team:
On-Air talent and support
Civil War reenactment
Georgia Vang 
Odd couple roommates
To get out... o a bad relationship
Candice Cross
up to no good:
Blackmailer and victim
To settle things... by getting the big time news anchor red.
 o   w  r  d   r  o   r  s  o   w  r  d   r  o   r  s  o   w  r  d   r  o   r  s 
Cameraman from News Channel Six
object:video camera
News Channel Six property 
Proessional quality recordingequipment. Still surprisingly portable.
You know that the local sheri, Nelson Deharo, is as crooked as they come. And you want to stay out o legal troubles yoursel, so you’vemade sure that you’re the sheri’s best buddy. You make sure thathe gts the incriminating evidence that he needs. Sometimes you getthe evidence while lming stories. Sometimes you orge the evidencewholesale.Right now, Nelson has some crazy plan to steal control o the Victory Electrical Co-op. He had you make up some ake papers as part o theplot. All you asked in return was that he help you out i the blackmailscheme goes south. Afer you get your money, you can blow town.Until then, you want to keep this shady sheri happy, or else he mightmanuacture a reason to throw you in jail.
sheriff Nelson Deharo
object:A USB stick
See a GM to see what’s on it.
 o   w  r  d   r  o   r  s 

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