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Published by nickwedig5000
A player character for a live action RPG that I ran.
A player character for a live action RPG that I ran.

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Published by: nickwedig5000 on Feb 21, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 You are:
Dante / Deedee Underwood
Your rich grandather recently passedaway, leaving you ownership o the Mannahotel and a controlling interest in the localVictory Electrical Co-op. Your newoundwealth was supposed to make lie easier,right? But it’s just brought you a world o problems.You thought that owning the hotel would make you wealthy. But inact, the hotel is deep in debt, and you inherited those debts. Andthat’s where Dwight’s bizarre plan came in. Dwight always has thesecrazy, get-rich-quick schemes that never amount to anything. But thistime, it sounded like it may work. Te electrical co-op owns a tiny zooout back, and in it is an extremely rare albino chinese erret-badger“King Kong”. Te amous rockstar Roxie Heart is gonna be in townsoon, and she wants it as an exotic pet. Dwight thought that you couldget it, since you now own a controlling share in the co-op. But theresweird regulations about the zoo. Te best that you could do was getthe key to the zoo and help Dwight break into there and steal it.I the plan had worked, you’d have gotten enough to get the hotel outo debt. But instead, you accidentally tripped the alar system and pan-icked. In the end, you wound up tangled in some laundry lines behindthe hotel. Tat’s where the cops ound you. You just hope that Dwightstill has the erret thing.Sheri Deharo is a corrupt cop and a control reak. He wants to knoweverything that happens in Manna, Kansas. You’ve learned to keep away rom him. Which is why it was a bad thing that he ound you, tangled insome laundry lines near the electrical co-op’s tiny zoo while the alarmswere going o.Tey took you down to the station and interrogated you. You don’tknow i you’ve been ormally charged or i they have any evidenceagainst you. But the sheri seems to know that you know about themissing badger.Sheri Deharo made you a deal that you couldn’t reuse: you’d reportto him about anything suspicious happening in the Manna Hotel andin exchange he wouldn’t lock you up... or the moment. You know thatSheri Deharo would fnd some excuse to imprison you, even i he can’tpin the erretknapping on you. So you agreed to his demands.Dwight’s ex-girlriend is a deense attorney. Te cops stonewalled onletting you calla lawyer, saying that you hadn’t been charged yet andwere just being questioned as a witness. But the moment you got out,Dwight was calling her or help. You hope she can help clear all this up.You also know that she and Dwight recently broke up. Hopeully, thatwon’t cause any problems. You don’t want his personal problems lead-ing to you being thrown int he slammer. A distracted lawyer might bethe dierence between reedom and jailtime. You defnitely don’t wantany jailtime, so you don’t want Dwight pestering her when it counts.
Dwight DickersonGeorgia VangSheriff Nelson DeharoNervous young inheritor
 D   n   /   D   d   u   n   d   r  w  o   o   d   D   n   /   D   d   u   n   d   r  w  o   o   d   D   n   /   D   d   u   n   d   r  w  o   o   d  
hi my name is:
Dante / Deedee Underwood
And I’m out o my league.
Dwight Dickerson
Together executed a daring drunkenthe o a badger rom the electricalco-op’s tiny zoo
To Get the Truth...about what happened to the loot
Georgia Vang 
Lawyer and client
Out back... tangled in a laundry line
Sheri Nelson Deharo
Police ofcer and unwilling inormant
A tiny zoo, no larger than a city block, or some reason owned by theVictory Electrical Co-op
 D   n   /   D   d   u   n   d   r  w  o   o   d  
Newfound owner of the Manna Hotel
 D   n   /   D   d   u   n   d   r  w  o   o   d   D   n   /   D   d   u   n   d   r  w  o   o   d  
You thought that owning the hotel would make you wealthy. But in act,the hotel is deep in debt, and you inherited those debts. A week ago, yougot a phone call rom the amous Roxie Heart. Over the bad cellphonereception, it was hard to make out apparently she wanted you to covertly obtain or her “King Kong” the exotic albino Chinese erret-badger romthe tiny local zoo. I guess she wants an exotic pet? Anyway, she prom-ised you a million reaking dollars or this badger thing. Tat’s the sorto money that will get the hotel out o debt. You just inherited a control-ling share in the electrical co-op that owns the zoo. Which should havemade this easy, but there are bylaws preventing the sale. So you decidedto just steal the badger and cover it up.Tat didn’t really go as planned. You accidentally tripped the alarm,panicked and ran. You wound up entangled int he laundry line outback, and you have no idea where the badger has gotten to. You betterfnd it ast. You’re supposed to meet in the laundry room to deliver itsoon. Rockstars won’t pay i you don’t deliver the goods.
roxie heart
 D   n   /   D   d   u   n   d   r  w  o   o   d  

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