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Georgia Vang

Georgia Vang

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Published by nickwedig5000
A player character for a live action RPG that I ran.
A player character for a live action RPG that I ran.

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Published by: nickwedig5000 on Feb 21, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 You are:
Georgia Vang 
All your lie you wanted to be somebody impor-tant. Somebody who could escape this stupidsmall town, you know? Tat’s why you were abeauty queen as a teenager. Tat’s why you’re alawyer now. Any day now, your career will takeo and you’ll nd a way out o Manna, Kansas.But orces keep pulling you back. Lack o expe-rience kept you rom nding a job in New York.Poverty brought you back to your home town.And your ill ated relationship with DwightDickerson has kept you here or too long.What the hell did you ever see in Dwight Dickerson? You guess it wasbecause he had big dreams, too. He wants to get rich and move out o Kansas. But Dwight’s plans are just stupid ‘get rich quick’ schemes. I they ever worked, he wouldn’t be a hotel desk clerk.You already were annoyed with Dwight’s shiless behavior beore heconvinced you to move in with him. Somehow in the moving day shue, he managed to run his truck over your tiara. Te one you gotrom winning second place in the Miss Kansas pageant. It’s stupid,right? Just a crown rom a meaningless contest judged purely on looks.But it really was special to you. Tat tiara symbolized your ambition tosucceed, your past as a champion and your uture hope to escape out o Kansas once more. And it was the last straw in the relationship.Not that Dwight understood why you were so upset. Tis was his nalailure aer a long series o second chances. You’d had enough. Youmarched right out to the truck ull o all your stu and drove away.So now Dwight got his riend into some sort o stupid mess. Dwightdidn’t explain much over the phone, but apparently Underwood is inbig trouble with Sheri Deharo over a erret? Weird. Who knows.Underwood recently inherited the Manna Hotel rom his grandparent,along with control o the Victory Electrical Cooperative. Underwoodwouldn’t get into trouble on his/her own. Tis has got to be Dwight’sault somehow.Aer dumping Dwight, you moved in with your old riend Howard.You just needed some time away rom Dwight to sort things out.Howard’s been very helpul and understanding.You’ve come to a conclusion. You’re done with Dwight. What’smore, you need to get back at him. Cause him the sort o pain thathe caused you. You need to show Dwight that you’ve moved onalready. Found somebody else. Find somebody to have a fing with,then let Dwight know that it happened.Tere’s gotta be somebody around here that will ll that role, right?Any guy will do, so long as he’s not Dwight and preerably not gay.
dwight dickersonhoward robertsDante / deedee underwoodformer beauty queen
g   o   r g  i     v  n  g  g   o   r g  i     v  n  g  g   o   r g  i     v  n  g  

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