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Museum Property 3

Museum Property 3

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Published by melaniel_co

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Published by: melaniel_co on Feb 21, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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rank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper. Dec. 4, 1869.
"Negro Boys Playing
Circus, Richmond, VA." Sketch of black children and adults.
arpers's Weekly. May 28, 1859.
"Ye Abolistionists in Council —Ye" Orator
of Ye Day Denouncing Ye Union, May 1859. Sketch of whites and blacks in a large
room. 14" x 16" ?
rank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper. May
"The Wellington
Rescuers". At bottom of paper is a sketch of the Oberlin Slave Kidnapping Case —
Portraits of the Wellington Rescuers.
14 Harpers's Weekly. July 11, 1891.
Four sketches "On The Roll of Honor—
Drawn by R. F. Zogbaum". On verso of paper are sketches of three cavalry men two
white and one black, James Settlers, of Troop E., Ninth Cavalry.
15 Harper's Weekly, Dec. 21, 1878.
"Poor ignorant black Man" Wants to know,
and you noble white gentleman do tell. Black Question: "Whom do you mean by the
people?" White Answer: "How dare you wave the bloody shirt again?" Echo From a
Naturalized Foreigner: "If Misther Lamar lived up our way, I would be afther showinghim that I am one of the People!" Sketch of two white men and one black man with hat
in hand.
rank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper. Feb. 26, 1881.
"Washington, D. C. —
Character Sketches at the National Capital During the Session of Congress" from
sketches by Joseph Becker.
arper's Weekly. Dec. 14, 1872.
"The Coon Hunt — Telling Stories Round the
Camp Fire.". and "Seeing the Circus Pass — A Virginia Sketch" Drawn by R. N. Brooks.
arper's Weekly. June
27, 1874. "Exterior of the Church", "The Rev. JamesHolmes", "A Baptizing", and "Interior of the Church from the western wing." The First
African Church, Richmond, VA — drawn by W. L. Sheppard.
rank Leslie's Newspaper (In German),
Dec. 17, 1864. A sketch of black
soldiers with weapons.
arper's Weekly. July 23, 1881.
"Around a bulletin board, Richmond, VA —drawn by W. L. Sheppard.
an. 5, 1884.
"Virginia.- Method of removing snow from the streets of
Richmond." Drawn by C. Upham.
Case 11-36013-DOT Doc 21 Filed 11/21/11 Entered 11/21/11 22:27:54 Desc MainDocument Page 1 of 25
he Graphic. Jan.
"The East African Slave Trade." A British slave
cruising yachts ordered on special service to the coast of Zanzibar.
arper's Weekly. Jul. 14, 1866.
"View of the Residence of Mrs. John Van Lew,
on Church Hill, Richmond, VA. Elizabeth Van Lew was a staunch abolitionist and
heavily involved in espionage for the Union Army. Another sketch of a "Negro in stocks
– a scene in Florida".
arper's Weekly. Jul. 12, 1902.
"Down South". By F. Ray, Asheville, N.C.
rank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper.
Oct. 20, 1866. "Plowing in South
Carolina" from a sketch by Jas. E. Taylor.
116 Frank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper. April 25, 1868.
"The Ku Klux Klan at
work –The Assassination of the Hon. G. W. Ashburn, in Columbus, Georgia, on the 31St
upplement to Frank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper, Nov. 28, 1874.
Scott- photographed by Fitgibbon, of St. Louis". This portrait appeared in Vol. iv, June27, 1857, and illustrated the most celebrated slave case ever tried. The case was
concerning the freedom of a Negro who had gone to a free state and returned to a slave
state. It was carried to the Supreme Court, where Chief Justice Taney said the southern
belief was that a Negro had no rights which a white man was bound to respect.
rank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper, Nov. 12, 1869.
The Way in which Fred.
Douglass fights wise of Virginia. "I have always been more distinguished for running
than fighting." Fred. Douglass' letter to the Rochester Papers. The sketch is of Fred.
Douglass with trunk on shoulder running.
rank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper, Jan. 20, 1877.
"South Carolina-Members of the Republican Legislature securing lodgings in a second-class railroad cargoing to Columbia" Sketch by Harry Ogden.
120 Frank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper, Mar. 4, 1865.
"Seacoast operations
against Charleston—Brilliant dash and capture of rebel rifle-pits and prisoners by the
U.S. Troops on James Island, S. C. Feb. 9 –" Drawn by W. T. Crane in color.
rank Leslie's..., Sept. 25, 1880.
"N. Y. City.-Incidents of the water-melon
trade in the metropolis." Sketched by Joseph Becker.
rank Leslie's ..., May 21, 1864.
"The Provost Guard in New Orleans taking up
vagrant Negroes". Sketched by V. H. Schell.
rank Leslie's .. ., Oct. 20, 1877. (In German).
Sketch of black men diggingand laboring in Charleston, S. C.
Case 11-36013-DOT Doc 21 Filed 11/21/11 Entered 11/21/11 22:27:54 Desc MainDocument Page 2 of 25
Puck" n.d. "Back to the Old Home: A few notes about the Proposed
Colonization of our Negros in Africa."
Color sketches of stereotypical drawings of
blacks in the following depictions: 1. Rev. Mr. Peters (formerly pastor of the FirstColored Methodist Church, of Darkville, Miss.), 2. Introducing an American Game, 3.The Landing of the Colored Pilgrims, 4. Brilliant Idea of Uncle Jeff, of Richmond, VA.– He inaugurates a New Fashion in the Dark Continent, 5. Cut Out; or, the razor ismightier than the Assegai, 6. Central Africa as a field for Republican Election Tactics –
Colored Floaters in Blocks of Five."
arper's Weekly. Dec. 31, 1898.
Photographs in color of "President
McKinley's southern trip –scenes during his visits to Tuskegee and Atlanta."
126 Harper's Weekly. Oct. 21, 1876.
"Of Course He Wants To Vote The
Democratic Ticket!" Democratic "Reformer" "You're as free as air, ain't you? Say youare, or I'll blow yer black head off!" Sketch by B. Frost. Two white men both holding
guns at a scared black man who wants to vote.
rank's Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper. Sept. 14, 1872.
"Too Thin, Massa
Grant." U.S.G. (as a manipulator of Ku-Klux figures)—"Look here, Sambo; if you don'tvote for Grant, these Ku-Klux fellows will put you back into slavery." Sambo—"Massa,it am no use to get up dem horrid figgers. Sambo knows dat he's free, and dat neider yunor any oder man can make him a slave again. I vote for Greeley, dat good man who
helped make me free."
rank's Leslie's... May 14, 1881.
"Aesthetic culture in the south. –ThePeripathetic Chromo-dealer. Sketched by Moser.
rank's Leslie's ... Feb. 2, 1889.
"Africa.—The Slave-Trade of the EastCoast—view of the island and town of Zanzibar."
rank's Leslie's ... ? 1862.
"Prince," The Negro pilot of the Ottawa, up the St.
Mary's River" Sketched by Mr. Crane.
rank's Leslie's ... June 19, 1880.
"Illinois.—Opening of the Presidential
Campaign incidents of the National Republican Convention at Chicago. Sketches by W.
Parker Bodfish.
arper's Weekly, Mar. 16, 1867.
"The Georgetown Election – The Negro at
the Ballot Box." Sketched by Th. Nast.
arper's Weekly, July
"The Escaped Slave by T. B. Bishop." "TheEscaped Slave in the Union Army" and "Gen'l. Sherman's Campaign-GeneralWilliams's division of Hooker's Corps driving the rebels through the woods" sketched by
Theodore R. Davis.
Case 11-36013-DOT Doc 21 Filed 11/21/11 Entered 11/21/11 22:27:54 Desc MainDocument Page 3 of 25

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