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Hhs Mandate

Hhs Mandate

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Published by Kurt Stallings

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Published by: Kurt Stallings on Feb 21, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Te Issue
On August 1, 2011, Kathleen Sebelius, theSecretary o Health and Human Services (HHS) proposed that all employers should be requiredto provide ree contraception, sterilization andabortion-inducing drug coverage or all employees.On January 20, 2012, the oending regulation wasissued. Almost immediately, a storm o protest arose.In response, President Obama proposed that thiscost be borne by insurance companies, not directlyby employers. As we shall see, his proposal does notsolve any o the problems the mandate raises.
Problem #1
Contraceptives Are Carcinogens.
In 1999, the International Agency or Research onCancer (IARC) o the World Health Organization,concluded “[c]ombined oral contraceptives arecarcinogenic to humans” — Class I carcinogens.
Tis was rearmed in 2005. Class I carcinogens includethings like rst- and second-hand tobacco smoke,benzene, ormaldehyde, and plutonium. Hormonalcontraceptives are virtually the only drugs on the list.Despite this act, many doctors still routinely  prescribe the pill or a variety o conditions, ranging rom acne to birth control. Just as the Catholic Church does not pay or heremployees’ cigarettes, so the Church does not pay orher employees’ birth control. It is absurd that anyone would orce employers to pay or carcinogens that will injure women and kill children.
Problem #2
Contraceptives reat Pregnancy As A Disease
Medicine heals bodily deects or illnesses.echnological devices, such as crutches or wheelchairs, compensate or human weakness. Whatillness does birth control correct? What weakness is present in a woman’s correctly unctioning biology?
Birth control devices and drugs assume thatnormal women are dangerous. Women must bemechanically or chemically neutered. Birth controlassumes emale ertility is evil. Te use o birth controlis essentially misogynistic. Tis hatred o women is precisely what the Church has always ought.
Problem #3:
Contraceptives Cause Abortion
Hormonal contraceptives have several modes o action. Tey can prevent ovulation. Tey can alsothin the uterine lining.Contraceptives ofen ail to prevent ovulation. When the released egg is ertilized, it becomes anembryo in the upper one-third o the Fallopian tube.About six days later, the embryonic child reaches the womb. Upon arrival, s/he cannot implant becausethe contraceptive has destroyed the womb’s lining.Te result? Death via chemically-induced abortion.Some say pregnancy only begins at implantation.Tis is alse. For nearly 150 years, science has knownlie begins with conception, the union o sperm andegg. Tis act is the oundation o the science o embryology.
So why argue or implantation?In 1978, a biologist created and successullyimplanted the world’s rst human test-tube baby.Critics pointed out the oolishness o impregnating aPetri dish. Tus, those who intended to make moneyby creating and selling children through IVF had tochange the terminology. Tey began insisting that pregnancy only begins at implantation. oday, overthirty years later, embryologists still reuse to goalong with this money-hungry perversion o science.
Problem #4
Te Mandate Violates Federal Law 
Te HHS mandate not only circumvents the HydeAmendment, which prohibits the Department o 
Health and Human Services rom unding abortion,it also violates the Religious Freedom RestorationAct (RFRA), which specically protects individuals,including employers, rom any government mandatethat excessively burdens the exercise o religion. Teterm “exercise o religion” is dened broadly to mean“any exercise o religion, whether or not compelledby, or central to, a system o religious belie.”
Problem #5
President Obama’s Broken Promises
On Friday, Feb. 11, 2012, President Obamasaid he had accommodated Catholic institutions byshifing the burden o ree contraceptive coverageto the insurance carriers. But, scant hours
heannounced his amed “accommodation, he releasedthe actual regulations. Tey were, in act, unchanged:“Accordingly, the amendment to the interimnal rule with comment period amending 45CFR 147.130(a)(1)(iv) which was publishedin the Federal Register at 76 FR 46621-46626on August 3, 2011,
is adopted as a fnal rulewithout change
.” [Emphasis added.]
Te nal rule does contain a non-binding promise toconsider changes. Such promises are not new.Back in March, 2010, President Obama hadissued an Executive Order with which he had likewiseassured lawmakers that his new Health Care ReormAct would not und contraceptives or abortion.Neither promise seems likely to be kept.
Problem #6
Te Mandate Will Break Catholic Hospitals
25% o the nation’s hospitals are Catholic.Catholic hospitals care or 1 in 6 Americans, manyo them poor. In act, Catholic theology requires

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