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Bloom Berg Exam 1

Bloom Berg Exam 1

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Published by islandguy19

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Published by: islandguy19 on Feb 22, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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If you would like spot check the values for a data field- where can you verify this data?1)
Field search tool in excel2)
Import data wizard3)
FLDS, go4)
All of the above5)
2 and 3 onlyWhat is the lowest tick size that you can select in the historical intraday bars wizard?1)
1 second2)
1 minute3)
30 seconds4)
2 minutesIf one knows the ticker for an equity, the syntax would be:1)
Security ticker, equity, go2)
Equity, security ticker, go3)
Security ticker, go4)
Security ticker, helpWhere can I view all the optional parameters available for the formulas?1)
Bloomberg drop down, help file2)
Function builder3)
Flds, go4)
All of the above5)
1 and 2 onlyWhat is the shortcut to locating a field within excel?1)
Field range2)
Field finder3)
Field search4)
Enter any keyword of your choice in the cellWhat is the optional parameter to consolidate all data into one cell when using an =bds formula to bringin bulk data?1.
None of the aboveLaunchpad allows a user to customize their desktop with any security that has a ticker on Bloomberg
FalseWhere can I find a cheatsheet on Bloomberg?1.
Chea, go2.
Bu, go, 13, go3.
Docs sheatsheet, go4.
All of the above=BDS (goog us equity, Px Last) is an example of what kind of formula?1.
Historical formula2.
Cell reference formula3.
Bulk formula4.
Literal reference formulaA white box around a news story on top, go indicates that the story was1.
Added to top in the last 5 minutes2.
Added to top in the last 15 minutes3.
Has already been read4.
A Bloomberg exclusive news storyWhich Bloomberg excel tool would you select to download historical weekly data on a rolling basis of asecurity?1.
Import data wizard, market, reference, analytical, data sets2.
Import data wizard, historical end of day3.
Import data wizard, historical intraday ticks4.
Import data wizard, historical intraday barsWhat is the syntax for getting current data into excel without using the Bloomberg import data wizard?1.
=bdp (security, field)]2.
=bdh (security, field, start date)3.
=bds security, field4.
=bdh security fieldThe logic that Bloomberg uses to organize our functionality is that of a menu driven system wherefunctions are located on menus such as the yellow market sector menus on the keyboard1.
FalseBDP stands for:
Bloomberg data pair2.
Bloomberg data point3.
None of the aboveWhich one of the following formulas requires at least a start date as a mandatory parameter?1.
BDPHow does one acces the Bloomberg help desk for any questions one may have regarding Bloomberg 24hours a day 7 days a week?1.
Help help3.
IbWhich key will allow you to go back from a function and see related functionality?1.
GovtBloomberg data can be downloaded via api and/or viewed on machines that do not have Bloomberginstalled?1.
FalseIn TOP GO, you have the ability to customize the screen to display market moving news for a selectedtopic. If a story has a b located to the left of the headline, what does that tell us about this story?1.
Specific to bond news2.
Story broke in the last 15 minuets3.
The story is a Bloomberg exclusive story4.
None of the aboveHow can one look up the ticker for Microsoft?1.
Microsoft, help, 10, go from this menu2.
Microsoft go3.
Typing Microsoft in command line if autocomplete is enabled4.
Microsoft help 1 go from this menu

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