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Course Outline
What Is Strategic Planning?
Writing the future«
Strategic planning is«
It¶s not a bundle of techniques«
It¶s not about forecasting«
It doesn¶t deal with future decisions«
It doesn¶t attempt to eliminate risk«
The devices of strategic planning«
Knowing Your Purpose And Mission
Mission and Vision«
Clarity about mission and vision«
The dynamic interplay«
The eyesight metaphor«
What is mission?
The ground-rules of mission«
The missions of enduring companies«
Being mission-based«
Power from ideas not people«
Mission is a balancing act«
On the flipside«
Now it¶s time to write your mission«
The mission in review«
Finally, check your mission«
Defining A Vision
What is vision?
Defining a vision«
The ground-rules of vision«
Vision-based leadership«
Vision is intrinsic«
Now lets define your vision«
Ask yourself such questions as«
Now review what you have written«
Finally, check your vision«
Having a vision is but one facet«
The formation of creative tension«
Leveraging the brutal facts of reality«
Your current reality and situation«
The purpose of goals and objectives«
Types of objectives«
What targets will you aim for?
What do you need to accomplish?
Expansive and intrinsic goals«
An expansive goal example«
Developing your goals«
Example of well-defined goals«
The Two Kinds Of Strategy
What is strategy?
Why internal and external strategy?
Thinking of the two independently«
The two kinds of strategy«
Resolving the apparent conflict«
The kind of problem you are solving«
An integrated system«
The feet metaphor«
Crafting Internal Strategy
What is internal strategy?
Strategy inside-out«
Crafting your organization«
The three acts of internal strategy«
Internal strategy is an understanding«
Good versus great«
The power of knowing one big thing«
Is your company a hedgehog?
Some sample hedgehog concepts«
Or is your company a fox?
The hedgehog¶s internal strategy«
Hedgehog questions to ask yourself«
The generic internal strategies«
Broadening and coordinating assets«
Not just hard assets, but soft ones«
Asset-based questions«
Internal strategy review«
Crafting External Strategy
What is external strategy?
The origins of positioning«
Why positioning?
The positioning strategies«
The importance of being first«
The easy way into the mind«
Positioning to a leader«
You must own your space«
Repositioning the competition«
Tylenol burst the aspirin bubble«
Repositioning Stoli¶s Competition«
Repositioning Pringles«
The United States of Columbus?
Other positioning examples«
You must begin with the customer«
To create your external strategy«
What position do you want to own?
External strategy review«
Presenting Strategy As Story
Presenting a strategy«
The importance of persuasion«
Persuasion using rhetoric«
The problem with rhetoric«
The other way to persuade«
Harnessing the imagination«
What is a story?
Dealing with opposing forces«
Humans want stories«
Telling strategic stories«
What makes a good story?
The alternative pitch«
The story continues«
The resolution«
Character versus characterization«
Business presentations and character«
Positioning your problems upfront«
The problems of a positive picture«
How to discover your strategic story«
The craft of story«
The Secrets Of Organizing Genius
The importance of execution«
The myth of the lone hero«
Consider your own perceptions«
The dark side to American ideology«
The need for organizing genius«
The secrets of great groups«
The 10 principles of great groups«
A shared dream«
They manage conflict«
Members pay a personal price«
Great Groups are usually young«
Getting the right people on the bus«
Start with who, then ask what«
The entrepreneurial leader«
The realm of facts«
The realm of emotion«
The realm of symbols«
Tipping Point Execution
The principles of strategic execution«
Bratton¶s background«
An incredible turn-around«
The tipping point«
A four-step approach«
Break through the cognitive hurdle«
Not by numbers, but face-to-face«
Sidestep the resource hurdle«
The resource trap is avoidable«
Turning to the numbers«
Better targeting resources«
Trading resources«
Jump the motivational hurdle«
Single out the key influencers«
Putting spotlights on performance«
Spotlight strategy sessions«
Tipping the culture«
Framing the challenge«
Framing goals for different levels«
Knock over the political hurdle«
Identify the negative influencers«
Anticipating opposition«
Building broad coalitions«
Handling opposition«
Isolating and silencing the opponent«
Tipping point execution at a glance«
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8. Strategic Planning and Execution (Power Point Show)

8. Strategic Planning and Execution (Power Point Show)

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Published by: Bassem Mahmoud Yahia on Feb 22, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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