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McKinsey Telecoms. RECALL No. 18, 2011 - Boosting performance in B2B: More opportunities, new challenges

McKinsey Telecoms. RECALL No. 18, 2011 - Boosting performance in B2B: More opportunities, new challenges

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Published by: kentselve on Feb 22, 2012
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Boosting performance in B2B:More opportunities, new challenges
Telecommunications, Media, and Technology 
Boosting performance in B2B:More opportunities, new challenges
 Welcome ...
Julie Avrane-Chopard
Leader o McKinsey’s EMEA TMTB2B Service Line
Homayoun Hatami
Leader o McKinsey’s EMEA TMTMarketing and Sales Service Line
Jürgen Meffert
Leader o McKinsey’s EMEA Telecommunications, Media, and Technology Practice
Rene Langen
Leader o McKinsey’s EMEA TMTB2B Service Line
RECALL No 18 – Boosting performance in B2B
… to the 18th issue of RECALL, a publication for lead-ers in the high-tech, media, and telecommunicationssectors. The TMT B2B space is expected to continueits rapid growth. In fact, the trajectory foreseen for thecoming five years would mean B2B would surpass B2Cglobally for the first time. This trend is an industry-widegame-changer, and for this very reason we are dedicat-ing an entire issue of RECALL to the subject.Powering this latest rise in B2B activity are cloud andmobile enterprise services. Even though these solutionsare leveling the playing field, giving smaller businessesunprecedented competitive opportunities, questionsremain: Are they a disruptive force? Are cloud services athreat to major software providers and ICT players whohave, up to now, built their business models on licensefees? Or is cloud an opportunity for these same provid-ers to reach new customer segments with dedicatedsolutions that have historically been cost-prohibitive?The opportunity question is just as real for telcos as it isfor software players. The software business in general isglobal, and cloud services solidify this fact, making soft- ware even easier to access anytime and from anywhere.But telcos tend to be local and regional players. Will they have a role to play or will software players dominate?The picture is similar for mobile enterprise where telcos,end-user device manufacturers, and software providersare fighting to capture the most value. Another challenge in this changing environment isthe level of customer interaction. Many ICT offeringsare commoditizing, but many others remain highly sophisticated. On the telco side in particular, there isa proliferation of service offerings. Providers are con-stantly broadening their portfolios, but not necessarily managing the end of life for existing solutions. Thesetrends put a major burden on the sales force, who areoften not up to speed on the latest offerings, employingold portfolio capabilities as they try to sell customers onthe newest solutions.These are the operational issues that complement thestrategic challenges mentioned above. Industry lead-ers, however, are managing to create a targeted servicesportfolio, build and sustain superior skills within their workforces, and provide superior customer experience.This is the triple play that is enabling them to capturethe growth opportunities ahead.It is highly unlikely that all players in each realm of theecosystem will get equal pieces of the B2B pie. Some willfare better than others, but opportunities exist for all who play their cards right. In this issue of RECALL, wedescribe the trends and opportunities in the TMT B2Bspace while looking through different lenses – from theperspectives of the various players at the table – strate-gic and operational. We hope these articles give you anidea of which opportunities are best suited to your busi-ness and how to take full advantage of them. As always, we welcome your feedback on these articles and ideasfor topics you would like to see covered in future issues.To download a PDF copy of the articles or the entire bro-chure, please register at http://telecoms.mckinsey.com.

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