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Newton Waterproofing Systems

Newton Waterproofing Systems

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Published by Aneeta Hari
Newton System 100 is a comprehensive portfolio of cementitious products which have been introduced into our structural waterproofing range to complement and complete our basement waterproofing designs in areas where the Newton System 500 would not be suitable.
Newton System 100 is a comprehensive portfolio of cementitious products which have been introduced into our structural waterproofing range to complement and complete our basement waterproofing designs in areas where the Newton System 500 would not be suitable.

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Categories:Types, Brochures
Published by: Aneeta Hari on Feb 22, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Product Catalogue
100 - Cementitious Products
200 - Deck And Roong300 - Waterproong of Concrete Structures400 - External Waterproong500 - Cavity Drain Waterproong600 - Flooring Membranes700 - Liquid Applied Floor Coatings800 - Damp Proong900 - Liquid Primers & SealersFlexProof Construction Joint WaterproongDiathonite Insulating PlasterSump and PumpMulti-Use
© John Newton & Co. Ltd.Issue Date: February 2012
Protecting buildings, since 1848
Newton System 100 is a comprehensive portfolioof cementitious products which have been
introduced into our structural waterproong range
 to complement and complete our basement
waterproong designs in areas where the Newton
System 500 would not be suitable. Such details
include - lift shafts, at softs and externally toretained slabs and ring beams.Newton 101 F (CW 101), Page 4
Cementitious Flexible Waterproong Membrane
Newton 102 WaterPlug (CW 102), Page 5
Fast Setting Polymer Compound To Seal Leaks
Newton 103 SBR (CW 103), Page 5
Waterproof Additive
Newton 106 Lime Inhibitor (LC1), Page 5
Lime Inhibitor for Application to Concrete Surfaces
Newton 107 QuickFillet (CW 107), Page 6
Fast Setting Pre-Mix Mortar for Angle Fillets
A complete range of externally applied elastomerichigh performance liquid membranes and ancillariesfor balconies, terraces, at and inverted roofs,
podium decks, car parks and reservoirs. This new
portfolio of seamless and robust liquid membranesgives speciers and specialist waterproong contractors a quick and cost effective solution toprotect external areas from water ingress.Newton RubberFlex System, Page 7
Podium Deck and Flat Roof Waterproong System
Newton 204 Thinner (RF 204), Page 8
Polyurethane Thinning & Cleaning Agent
Newton 205 ColorSeal (LM 205), Page 8
UV Colour Stable Polyurethane Coating 
Newton 207 DeckDrain (M30), Page 9
Drainage Membrane for Decks and Flat Roofs
Newton 209 Root Barrier (M32), Page 9
Puncture Resistant Root Barrier Membrane
Newton 210 FlexProof-NV (FP4), Page 10
Waterproong of Podium Decks and Flat Roofs
Newton 220 Reservoir (M31), Page 10
Extensive Green Roof Drainage Membrane
Newton System 300 is a range of products, someunique to John Newton, used to waterproof con
-struction joints and movement joints of retained
concrete structures so that they become integrally
waterproof without the need of additional water-
proong products, dened within BS8102:2009 asType B waterproong.Newton 301 AquaProof, Page 11
Metal Construction Joint Water Bar 
Newton 302 InjectionHose, Page 11
Maintainable Injection Water Bar System
Newton 303 PolyProof, Page 12
High Grade Hydrophilic Water Bar 
Newton 304 PolyProof Inject, Page 12
High Grade Hydrophilic Water Bar 
Newton 305 ActiveJoint, Page 12
Physical Movement Joint Water Bar 
Newton 306 SwellMastic, Page 13
Swelling Adhesive
Newton 307 PipeSeal, Page 13
Pipe Collar 
Newton 308 Stopaq (SX 108), Page 13
Unique Hydrophilic Polymer Sealant
System 400 is a range of products for thewaterproong of the outside of earth retained
structures. Products include sheet membranes for the complete envelopment of the raft and walls,
exible liquid products for the waterproong of retained walls and composite drainage membranesfor preventing the build up of ground water to thewalls or below the raft. Newton System 400 productscan provide Type A and Type B waterproong toGrades 2 & 3 as dened within BS8102:2009Newton 401 FlexProof-X1, Page 14
Flexible Membrane for Retaining Walls
Newton 402 Aquabit, Page 15
Flexible Membrane for Retaining Walls
Newton 403 HydroBond, Page 15
Hydrophilic and Bonding Membrane for Raft andWall Waterproong 
Newton 410 Geodrain, Page 16
Externally Applied Drainage Membrane
Please check individual product sheets for advice on appropriate xings and ancillary products. Contact our TechnicalDepartment for further information on 020 7237 1217. Copies of our BBA Certicates, Brochures and Data Sheets can bedownloaded from www.newton-membranes.co.uk. Products and their specications can be changed or modied withoutprior notice. All copy, diagrams, images and Newton trade names/logos and designs used in this catalogue remain theintellectual property of John Newton and Company Ltd. and may not be reproduced without the written permission of theDirectors of John Newton and Company Ltd. Any party who exploits this property may be subject to prosecution.
John Newton & Co. Ltd. 12 Verney Road, London SE16 3DH - 020 7237 1217www.newton-membranes.co.uk - info@newton-membranes.co.uk 
The professional’s “
waterproong system of choice
”, Newton System 500 is an internally
applied waterproong system based upon our rangeof cavity drain membranes, drainage conduits andsophisticated pumping and control systems. Unlikeconventional ‘tanking’, Newton System 500 is notattempting the almost impossible and trying tohold water back, but places designed maintainable
depressurisation voids at known weaknesses in
 the structure so that ingressing water is simply
captured and diverted out of the property.
Wall Membranes
Newton 503 (M5), Page 17Newton 503 Mesh (M11 & M12), Page 17Newton 508 (M1 & M2), Page 18Newton 508 Mesh (M3), Page 18Newton 520 (M4 & M13), Page 18
Drainage System
Newton Basedrain (D1), Page 18
Newton System 600 is a range of HDPE andHDPP ooring membranes offering a complete
damp proof solution for both commercial and
domestic ooring applications. As well asproviding protection from dampness within theoor, our membranes ‘de-couple’ the oor nishfrom the substrate preventing damage due tosubstrate movement and cracking. Newton dampproof membranes can be installed over existing and ‘green’ concrete. In addition, our ooring membranes are a popular solution for dealing withinherent hydrocarbons or ground gas problems.Newton ooring membranes can accommodate avariety of nishes including timber oors, screeds
and direct tiles.
Flooring Membranes
Newton 601 Slimline (M6), Page 19Newton 603 (M23), Page 19Newton 603 Mesh (M24 & M25), Page 20
System 700 is a range of liquid applied protectiveand decorative internal ooring products. Theseproducts are fast curing and available in a
variety of colours, and are typically used for therefurbishment and protection of commercial and
domestic oors.Newton 701 HB (LM 701), Page 21
High Build Epoxy Floor Coating 
Newton 702 EcoSeal (LM 702), Page 21
Highly Resistant Polyurethane Floor Coating 
Newton System 800 is a range of BBA approved
damp proof membranes and ancillaries which are
quick and clean to install and offer a permanentsolution for damp proong walls. The meshedmembranes provide a rm key and impermeablebarrier on any damp or deteriorating surface ready
for plaster, render or dot & dab plasterboard. The
un-meshed Newton 803 is used where insulationrequirements dictate the use of a timber or steel
frame ready for plasterboard. Quick, clean andproven to work, Newton damp proof membranesoffer a permanent and cost effective damp
proong solution.
Damp Proong Membranes
Newton 805 Newlath (M9 & M10), Page 22Newton 803 (M19 & M20), Page 23Newton 803 Newtonite (M16, M21, M22), Page 23Newton 801 FlexProof-X1 Wet Room Waterproong,Page 23
Damp Proong Ancillaries
Newton 800 Mesh Plug (A16), Page 24Newton MultiPlug (A1), Page 24Newton 800 Cob Plug (A17), Page 24Newton 800 Newtonite Plugs (A20), Page 24Newton 800 Mastic (A18), Page 25Newton Mesh Tape (A25), Page 25Newton Overtape (A8), Page 25Newton 800 Prole (A19), Page 25
Newton’s high performance range of liquid applied
products are used in conjunction with System 200
and 700 liquid membranes. They act as priming agents for a variety of substrates prior to theapplication of our specialist waterproong andooring membranes.Newton 901 Humidity Primer (PS 901), Page 26
Epoxy Primer Suitable for High Humidity Substrate
Newton 902 (PS 902), Page 26
Liquid Applied Radon, Gas & Vapour Barrier 
Newton 903 PU Primer (PS 903), Page 27
Epoxy Primer for Nonporous Substrate
Newton 904 HP Accelerant (PS 904), Page 27
Humidity Primer Accelerant
Newton 906 Mould Stop (PS 906), Page 27
Mould Steriliser & Killer 
John Newton & Co. Ltd. 12 Verney Road, London SE16 3DH - 020 7237 1217www.newton-membranes.co.uk - info@newton-membranes.co.uk 

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