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My Introduction to Perfect Science and the Aquatron Device

My Introduction to Perfect Science and the Aquatron Device

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Published by Terry Welch
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Published by: Terry Welch on Feb 22, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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My Introduction to Perfect Science and the Aquatron Device
By Sue Mount
I first met the people behind Perfect Science in 2001 here in the Chicago area for aconference on the Ayterion Agua™ Perfect Science line of products. I had no idea what toexpect, and came away from the conference with an incredible need to know more.
In about the year 2000, I received information on the new miracle “water.” I was fascinated.What was this product? How did it heal so effectively? Was water the answer? Or was it morethan that?
I should go more into my background. For at least fifteen years, I had health issues. I hadchronic infections, suffered fatigue, body aches and pains and memory loss. I had been todoctors for years. I was told it was stress (I’m sure stress was a factor, but not entirely). Iwould ask to have every test run on me to determine what was going on, with no significantresults as to what was wrong. I should probably have had an inkling when, after giving birth tomy daughter, my eye doctor’s assistant gave me a thimerasol preserved contact solution toput on my new contacts. At that time, around 1983-84, thimerasol-free contact solution hadbecome available, and I was using it regularly.
Within seconds of putting the solution soaked contacts in my eyes, they began to burn, itchand swell. I rinsed the solution out, but to little avail. I was having a tremendous reaction to it.This had not happened a year earlier when I was examined and bought new contacts. Theonly difference was that I had switched to thimerasol free, and now was reacting to athimerasol (mercury based) solution which I had used previously for years. Only later did Ilearn that I was toxic with mercury, and this was my body screaming out that it could tolerateno more.
I came to that Perfect Science conference, with Bob Bunn, my business partner (our companyis Perfect Waters, LLC), in April of 2001, with little expectation other than to be educated. Imet Joann and Bill Spreitzer, who hosted the conference, and later Dr. Laara Londir, GerryWelch, and Dr. Doug Leber. Terry Welch and Ayhan Doyuk were at the conference, but wedid not have the opportunity to meet them at that time. After watching a short video on PerfectScience and its incredible ability to clean the environment, the speakers told their stories of their involvement with the company and the formulas.
I scheduled a footbath with the Aqua-Chi, and also an evaluation on the Aquatron with Dr.Doug Leber. Doug was testing people all day, into the night, and into the following day. Dougwas so detailed in his evaluations, that he became backlogged and I was not tested until lateinto the night.The Aquatron is a computerized electrodermal screening device. It uses a probe which ispressed against the acupuncture points of the body, in particular on the finger tips and toes. Itmeasures the degree of electrical resistance of these acupuncture points which reflectsimbalances in the organs and systems of the body, even slight imbalances. The meridiansystem, according to Chinese medicine, flows throughout the body, and connects all theorgans and systems of the body, with certain points (acupuncture meridian points) relatingdirectly to specific organs and systems. The Aquatron can test for blockages andinflammation in the meridians. It also acts as a biofeedback device, and can pinpoint thecause of the blockage or inflammation at that point, and also what specific remedy will bringbalance to the organ or system.
After many years of not knowing what was causing my health issues, I finally receivedanswers. Mercury, aluminum and nickel appeared to be the culprits. Mercury and nickel camefrom the fillings in my teeth; aluminum was from a variety of sources.
I was ecstatic, to say the least. Doug recommended Perfect Science formulas, and I followedthe protocol as directed. Within several weeks, my energy level increased. Soon, I beganexperiencing a clarity I had not known in many years. The aches and pains began todisappear, and eventually pain in my feet (which I had for years) went away.Once I began to get well, I wanted to spread the word. There was a testing procedure thatcould evaluate the whole body, accurately and without invasion. In addition, there was asolution to many of our illnesses. I began to read more and more on toxicity, heavy metalsand their connection to the myriad disorders out there. I went to classes and seminars andbecame educated in natural health.
Bob Bunn and I became distributors under our company, Perfect Waters. Our secondconference took place in 2002 in Sarasota, Florida, and introduced us to more knowledgeablepeople. There we met Dr. Silvia Tomic, Jim Trider, Joe Savage, David Morse (Jim, Joe andDavid are with Full Circle Technologies of Sarasota), Dr. Lisa Weinrib, Dr. Richard Drucker,Randall Miller, Terry Welch and again, Joann and Bill Spreitzer. Dr. Tomic gave apresentation on physics and its connection to the formulas. We again were introduced to theAquatron via the people of Full Circle Technologies. Evaluations took place over theweekend, and the Aquatron was demonstrated to those present. Joe Savage gave a speech
on Full Circle Technologies and their work with the Aquatron device. Dr. Drucker spoke aboutNanomins, a mineral supplement made with the Ayterion Agua™ Perfect Science formulas.Randall Miller gave an exciting lecture on Blossom, an agricultural product made with theenvironmental formulas. Dr. Lisa Weinrib spoke of her own results in using the formulas.Joann gave a talk on using the formulas (specific animal formulas) on pets, and even larger animals as her experience has been working with horses.
After that conference, we wanted to take it a step further. W
e became certified to test usingthe Aquatron and acquired a device to begin testing. We have used the Aquatron since thattime, along with other energetically based t
esting devices.
Time and time again, we have seen incredible results with the formulas, and by utilizing adevice such as the Aquatron we can track, and allow our clients to track their healthimbalances. The Aquatron can detect imbalances in the body before they become full blownhealth issues, and because it screens the whole body, can many times find what Westernmedical tests fail to pick up. The evaluations can be passed on to health practitioners toclarify a remedy protocol for their patients.
By tracking our meridian imbalances, Bob and I have a good head start on any potential
health issues. We take the formulas daily. A
lso, considering the toxic nature of our food andwater, there is not a day that passes that I don’t use the formulas. Everything I cook istreated. Fresh fruits and vegetables get cleaned in water treated with formula. My coffee andtea get dosed also.
Bob and I have been fans of colloidal silver for years. Knowing that the colloid particles canbe too large at times to penetrate the cell structures of the body, we began to experiment withtreating colloidal silver with the formula. We have personally found the resulting p
roduct to bemore stable, with no particulate fallout of silver. Per previous research done with the formulas,we have been told that we are no longer working with silver; by introducing Ayterion Agua™into the solution, the metal has been transformed into a new element. Arrangements arebeing made at the moment to begin a research project with our “silver” solution.
Our vision has been to create a healing center utilizing Ayterion Agua™ Perfect Scienceproducts. We have been approved for funding for such a project in Arizona, and to duplicatethat center here in the Chicago area. Clients can enjoy a relaxing spa experience, get
evaluated, use Ayterion Agua™ skin products, internal products and even enjoy dips in
Perfect Science treated hot tubs and pools.

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