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SIRE Inspection Guidlines VIQ Combined Master Rev 2 Jan 2012

SIRE Inspection Guidlines VIQ Combined Master Rev 2 Jan 2012

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Published by Wirote Archeepkosol

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Published by: Wirote Archeepkosol on Feb 22, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Ship Inspection Report (SIRE)Programme
Vessel Inspection Questionnaires for Oil Tankers,Combination Carriers, Shuttle Tankers, ChemicalTankers and Gas Tankers.(VIQ 5)
2012 Edition
Rev 215th January, 2012Oil Companies International Marine Forum
2 © Copyright OCIMF 2011. All rights reserved.2
3 © Copyright OCIMF 2011. All rights reserved.3
Record of Revisions to Draft
Rev No and Date VIQ No Revision
6th May 2011 Rev 1 1.14 Inclusion of guidance note for operations such as gassing up,inerting etc.6th May 2011 Rev 1
1.16 Guidance updated for accuracy.6th May 2011 Rev 1
2.1.14 Amended guidance as to the P&I club certificate specificallyrelating to STOPIA and TOPIA.6th May 2011 Rev 1
2.7 Amended guidance in third paragraph as the word 'Postponed'was missing.6th May 2011 Rev 1
2.14 First two lines of the 'note' amended.6th May 2011 Rev 1
2.15.2 Edition of publication updated6th May 2011 Rev 1
2.15.13 Edition of publication updated6th May 2011 Rev 1
2.15.16 Publication deleted, awaiting new edition, question number retained.6th May 2011 Rev 1
4.10 Question deleted. - text to read 'No question assigned'.6th May 2011 Rev 1
4.36.46 Question amended, as currently 'X' band whereas it should be 'S'band.6th May 2011 Rev 1
8.61(LNG)Guidance amended to correct grammar.6th May 2011 Rev 1
11.21 Question amended to indicate that valves are 'regularly tested'as well as being in good order.6th May 2011 Rev 1
11.27 Question amended for grammar purposes, word 'allowing'changed to 'allows'.6th May 2011 Rev 1
Ch13IntroIntroduction to chapter 13 modified to remove ambiguity as towhen chapter 13 should be completed.15th January 2012 Rev 2 Section4 introNew January 2012 Rev 2
1.17 Type of LPG ships changed.2.15 Guidance amended to allow for the provision of 'E-Books'.15th January 2012 Rev 2
2.15.2 Edition number changed.2.15.41 Inclusion of new publication for Gas Tankers.15th January 2012 Rev 2
3.2, 3,3& 3.11Guidance modified to take into account Manila amendments ofSTCW convention.15th January 2012 Rev 2
4.6 Edition date corrected.15th January 2012 Rev 2
4.14 Guidance amended to take into account Transmitting Magneticcompass repeater when fitted to the magnetic compass.15th January 2012 Rev 2
4.27 Guidance amended for block corrections.15th January 2012 Rev 2
5.7 Typo corrected.15th January 2012 Rev 2
5.62 Assembly resolution for ships built after 1st Jan 2004 included15th January 2012 Rev 2
5.75 MSC resolution corrected as previous one superseded.15th January 2012 Rev 2
6.2 Amended to include reference to Part A of IOPP15th January 2012 Rev 2
6.20 Questions 6.20 and 6.21 amalgamated to one new question 6.20relating to spill containers15th January 2012 Rev 2
6.21 New question relating to Pipeline testing of Bunker lines, plusassociated guidance.15th January 2012 Rev 2
8.41 (C) Guidance deleted.15th January 2012 Rev 2
8.35(LPG)Question amended to remove ambiguity with respect to testingand guidance note added.15th January 2012 Rev 2
8.109(LPG)Amended guidance.15th January 2012 Rev 2
8.26(LNG)Question amended to remove ambiguity with respect to testingof pipelines and guidance note added15th January 2012 Rev 2
8.57 Question reworded to remove ambiguity

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