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Manifesto Extended

Manifesto Extended

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Published by Jasper Vaillancourt

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Published by: Jasper Vaillancourt on Feb 22, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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“Wn I startd at Univrsit tr ars ago I bcam involvd in mLGBT socit to loo for frinds wilst at Univrsit. Altoug trwr social vnts, tr wr no polical aspcts of t socit andtat’s wn I startd t LGBT socit as co-prsidnt. It was latr tatar tat I andd a Donaon Not Discriminaon campaign and at-tndd t SABTO mng wit NUS LGBT and discovrd t valu andstrngt in numbrs and solidarit. From tat point on, I nw I wantdto do tis for a long, long m.” –
08/09 - Prsidnt of Univrsit of Wstminstr’s LGBT socit09-11 - Co-Cair of Univrsit of Wstminstr’s LGBT socit09-11 - Cair of London LGBT Studnt Ntwor09-11 - NUS LGBT Commi (Opn plac)2010 – Naonal Dmo in London2010 – Rclaim T Nigt marc in London10/11 - LGBTQ Ocr of Univrsit of Wstminstr’s Studnts’ Union2011 – Fm’11 in London2011 – TUC marc and Naonal Dmo in LondonORGANISeD LONDON LGBT NeTWORk’S LARGeST FReSheRS FAyRe!
Full Support of Fe and he instuions at a
gRaSSRootS lEvEl
EduCatIoN dEMoS
campus:Supporng our
evnts & socis!
Acv commi mmbr
Conductd tr ATD
Uk Fminista ‘11
   R   E   C   O   R   D
“S is a fantasc NUS LGBT Commi mmbr, and on of tmost inspiraonal popl I’v vr mt. hr support and ntusi-asm ncourags studnts from across t countr to gt involvdwit t campaign. evn from t far awa cornr of Abrdn Ialwas now S is onl a pon call awa”
 – Jsene Bjris, abereen uniersiy Sa
wn mre? Cec  syyre.cm
S as bn a brat of frs air and an asst to our commi.hr ddicaon and passion for tis campaign is at t forfront of r tining. I av full condnc in r abilit to ta tis cam-paign wr it nds to go b larning from our past and maingstrids into our futur.
 – an Biey, NuS lgBt ocer (open pce)
It is ssnal tat w, as a communit, loo to bac on ouristor to rcognis ow far w av com, and ow farw sll nd to go for tru libraon. Tis ar w will bmarcing in solidarit wit World Prid 2012 in London, r-mmbring tat wilst w can lgall marc in our townsand cis, man LGBT popl in otr countris cannot.
I i:
Connu t pldg to st up nw prids in towns andcis across t countr b supporng and mobilisingtousands of studnts from up and down t Uk to po-licall marc in solidarit World Prid 2012 in London.Promot World Prid 2012 as an awarnss raising vntand will s to rais mon for intrnaonal LGBT groupsaround t glob.
In t last ar, w’v sn a ugaac on Trans popl, from fund-ing cuts to Gndr Idnt Clinics,to forcd strilisaon in Swdn,to t rcnt cangs in higreducaon Stascs Agnc (heSA).
I i:
• ensur tat Trans studnts across t countrav accss and an opportunit to b involvd int heSA consultaon to advis tm on t fun-damntal aws wit tis potnal nw wa of col-lcng tir data on he studnts.Launc a naonal awarnss raising campaign:“M Idnt is Not for Sal” tat spcicall focus-s on t ralit of Trans popl’s and t issustat t fac in t mdia and on our campuss.
Pride without borders
   2   1  s   t   C  e  n   t  u  r  y
21st Cntur tcnolog as impactd avil on studnt acvism int past dcad or so. W av sn tousands upon tousands of stu-dnts ngag wit social mdia and tcnolog tat av mobilisd usacross t countr. To p up tis lvl of ngagmnt, communica-on and acvism.
Trasparet campaig
I i:
St up an onlin forum for studnts and acvists to rgularl com-municat and updat ac otr on currnt issus, vnts and strat-gis in tir local ara and unions.Ma t LGBT Ocr mor accountabl and transparnt b allowingou to s actl wr I am troug “ccing in”, “pindropping” or“foursquaring” m journs and acvis.Arrang for a training da for t LGBT Commi on using socialmdia so t ar wll quippd to tn train our socis on t bstwas of communicang wit our mmbrs.
Traiig Activists
T Acvist Training Das av bn a ug succss for LGBTand non-LGBT studnts to larn about t campaign, gain nwsills and rsourcs of running cv and succssful cam-paigns and socis. Wilst tis is a valuabl vnt for tosfrs and nwl lctd LGBT studnts, w nd to nsur tatscond, tird and vn fourt ar acvists ar sll gng asmuc out of t campaign as possibl.
I i:
Launc a training cours of ATDs across t countr, rangingfrom introductor lvl to advancd, allowing studnts to at-tnd an ATD tat rcts tir nowldg of t campaign andallows tm to b callngd furtr – nsuring tat our cam-paign is constantl acv and progrssiv.
Tis public consultaon as bn and gonin Scotland and at last alf of t rspon-dnts ar in favour of qual marriag. InMarc w will s it com to england. Tisis a crucial m for us to unit togtrand mobilis support for t qual rigtsof LGBT popl in t Uk and win!
I i:
• ensur NUS LGBT stands at t front of tis campaign, larning from our NUS Scot-land countr-parts and woring wit tSocit and Ciznsip campaign to mobil-is studnts’ vots• empasis t impact tis campaign willav on Trans popl’s qualit b rinforc-ing t issus around gndr idnt andcurrnt marriag/civil partnrsip laws.
NUS LGBT, along wit otr LGBT organisaons, as bn gt-ing for t past 5 ars to li t ban for lif on ga and bisualmn giving blood. Wilst our voics av bn ard and tban is now rducd to a ar, tis sll inrntl omopobicand w nd to p gng.
I i:
• Connu tis campaign b nsuring tat LGBT socis arsll updatd wit rcnt cangs to t situaon and t arquippd wit t nowldg and rsourcs to p tir dm-onstraons acv and informav wn t Naonal Blood Sr-vic com onto campuss
I mt ou last ar at NUS Uk LGBT confrnc and w wordtogtr tis ar at Uk Blac Prid vnt on t Lov Music hathomopobia stall. S yarl is dnitl m #1 coic for NUSLGBT Ocr (Opn plac)!
Zi Rj,NuS wes NEC member - Bc Sens’ ocer.
wn mre? Cec  syyre.cm

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