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What is Fear of Public Speaking

What is Fear of Public Speaking

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Published by Taskeen-Rubab
An article about What is Fear of Public Speaking.
An article about What is Fear of Public Speaking.

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Published by: Taskeen-Rubab on Feb 23, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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What Is Fear Of Public Speaking?
Are your nails chewed up, because you were biting them, while waiting for your turn forspeech giving in college? Does your hand trembles, when you have a big presentationcoming up and you have to deliver it ALONE? Do you send silent prayers to God sitting ina class, that the teacher doesn’t call on you to answer a question or to read aloud? Doyou get emotionally distraught before going for a job interview? If the answer to it is yes,then my friend you are suffering from Glossophobia or what may be called as fear of public speaking in lay man’s language. Don’t worry, it is not something that makes yousome kind of weirdo or freak, even the most sought after people in the world have thisdisease, if not at magnitude, then at smaller amount, but world’s 73% population issuffering from fear of public speaking. Be it, Julia Roberts, the famous star, or BarbaraStreisand the famous academy award winner singer, world’s famous star singer legendElvis Presley. They all at some point of their life have had stage fright and fear of publicspeaking, though they may have different reasons for it, be it stutter, traumaticexperience or inferiority complex. They have been there and have overcome it. So canyou.Fear of public speaking can be identified easily, but for record, its symptoms areclassified into three categories:
Non- VerbalPhysical Symptoms that a man with fear of public speaking has are:
Trembling of legs, hands or body
Shortness of breath
Rapid heartbeat
Panic attack
Increased / decreased blood pressure
Perspiration and Oxygen intake
Sensitive hearing
Tight Neck and upper back muscles
Enlargement of pupils
Dry mouth and knots in stomach
Frequent urinationVerbal Symptoms include:
Quivering and tensed voice.
Vocal cord tightening
Getting stuck in between of sentences and repeating words like ahm... aaah
Sweaty palms
Getting on too fast with the speech
Hoarse voiceNon-Verbal Symptoms include:
Fight or flight response
Feeling of butterflies in stomach
The feeling to flee
Black outs
Getting freezeFear of public speaking can be conquered, if right measures are taken. Speech is a formof communication without which the world would stop working, and if you have fear of public speaking, then that might create hindrance in the way of your success. Withsupport from family, friends, therapists, you can control your anxieties and be a goodorator. The problem and the solution, both are you only.

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