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Campus Carrier Feb. 23, 2012

Campus Carrier Feb. 23, 2012

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Published by Austiz Sumter

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Published by: Austiz Sumter on Feb 23, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Page 10
Page 6-7
Volume 103 ∙ February 23, 2012 ∙ Number 18
Please recycle our paper.
Page 8
Fact of the Week:
Your stomach has toproduce a new layerof mucus every twoweeks otherwise itwill digest itself.
Fire and Ice Late Night
christian turner,
Assistant Photo Editor
eg ddg f ppp fdd
Kristen sellers
Deputy News Editor
At Scholarship Night FridayFeb. 17, President Stephen R.Briggs announced the donationof a generous sum of money toBerry for the Gate of OpportunityScholarship program.With the new $10 million DonorOpportunity Fund, the donor hasallowed the addition of 80 studentpositions for the scholarship.The goal of this donation is tohelp more students work throughcollege with the prospect of grad-uating debt free and to inspiresupport from Berry alumni andfriends for the Gate Scholars.In his campus-wide email,President Stephen R. Briggs saidthis “…remarkable gift is meantto inspire support among alumniand friends by matching dona-tions from individuals and groupswishing to establish new Gate of Opportunity Scholarships.” Junior Mary Castro said sheenjoyed Scholarship Night andgetting the opportunity to meetdonors to Berry.“It was a wonderful eventthat helped us put faces to thepeople that are helping us pay forschool,” Castro said.Castro said she thinks thedonation will mean a lot in thefuture.“We know that there will beopportunities for future stu-dents,” Castro said. “I’m excitedthat deserving future studentswill have the opportunity to cometo Berry. Its great that people aregenerous enough to donate thatkind of money and desire to helpstudents afford college.”Gate of Opportunity Scholarsare required to participate in thestudent work program the sum-mer before enrolling and mustwork a total of 4,500 hours dur-ing their four years at Berry. Thisworks out to 16-20 hours a week and 40 hours a week each sum-mer. If Gate Scholars completeless than the required hours, theyare responsible for paying back the difference.
 ‘Technology classroom’ opens in Memorial Library
cm f Pd, tV m, pj d wbd w
Kelly DicKerson
News Editor
Memorial Library renovated the second foor classroom
over winter break and transformed it into a technologyclassroom.The newly renovated classroom in Memorial Libraryfeatures 30 iPads, two TV screens, a projector and white board wall.Director of Memorial Library Harrington said the$54,000 grant paid for 90 percent of the classroom, cover-ing things like the iPads and new furniture. Berry fundedthings like new paint for the walls and new carpet.Instructional Services Librarian Elizabeth Andrejasichsaid the room is open to students for individual or groupstudy when the room is not being used by a class; however,students will not be able to use the iPads unless they arethere with a professor for class. Students can ask a workerat the circulation desk to unlock the room.Harrington said most of the construction was done overwinter break so that students’ use of the library would not be interrupted. The classroom became available for use atthe beginning of February.
christian turner,
Assistant Photo Editor
The Memorial Library rennovated
the second oor classroom over winter break. The classroom is now available forprofessors to reserve for their classes. The room features 30 iPads, two Apple TV monitors, one projector and a white
board wall. The room also has new paint, carpet and furniture.
P. 2
The Fire and Ice Late Night Edition sponsored
by the Mountain Campus residence life featured are performer, ice cream and dancing. wall. The room also has new paint, carpet and furniture. For morephotos see pg 12.
PAGe 2, CAMPUs CARRIeRFebRUARy 23, 2012
- O F. 18victim rportd $110i cah tak fromhr vhicl hilparkd i th CagCtr parkig lot forth Half maratho.
“b cociou of oururroudig o adoff campu.”
conTinued from pg. 1
Harrigto aid th pla a to uild
a new area on the rst oor to house the
tcholog claroom ad a  writigCtr ut aftr th torm i April 2011, th udgt rqut to uild a  room aot approvd. Itad th dciio amad to rovat th xitig room o th
second oor.
Th room a origiall goig to  alaptop room. Adrjaich aid iPad rcho itad cau of thir ailit tofotr mor collaoratio ad giv throom a mor op fl.“studt ittig at th tal ca turaroud ith thir iPad ad ork ithothr tudt at aothr tal vr a-il,” Adrjaich aid. “Th crat a mormoil ad op larig xpric.”sior sarah Laro aid h lik thida of th claroom ut thik it too ooto maur it’ ucc.“It’ a cool cocpt,” Laro aid. “I caol hop th brr commuit ill gtout hat th put ito it.”Harrigto aid v tudt ho ca-
not use the iPads may still nd the room
uful.“Th room a digd ith a particu-larl rout irl coctio ad thrar outlt o vr tal, o tudt ca rig thir laptop ad tud,” Harrigtoaid.Harrigto aid th tcholog cla-room i availal for rrvatio. Thchdul i potd outid th door o tu-dt ill ko h it ca  utilizd.Adrjaich aid th iPad ar all cdtogthr ut a o iPad ha th capail-it of projctig to o of TV moitor.“If a profor at vro to hat o tudt i doig or hat th’vpulld up o thir cr, th ca lik thatiPad to th TV moitor,” Adrjaich aid.“It rall facilitat itractivit ad had-o larig.”Adrjaich aid th lirar at tohar hat tudt thik of th  iPad.“wr lookig for fdack from thtudt o ho th fl aout th icor-poratio of iPad ad if th hav a idafor othr a th lirar could icorpo-rat iPad ito hat it offr tudt,”Adrjaich aid.Adrjaich aid thr r ot amajor prolm i th rovatio proc.Th projct did tak logr tha xpctdhovr du to dlad dlivr of th furitur.A op hou a hld wdda toallo tudt ad profor a chac toviit th claroom ad  ho th iPad,TV moitor, projctor ad hitoardall orkd.Th lirar ill alo  holdig a ophou for it l orgaizd muic lirari Ford.Th am compa that gav MmorialLirar thi grat alo fudd a la ara forth Kiiolog dpartmt.
Death row survivor to speak 
KrisTen sellers
Deputy News Editor
Rom ridt bill Moor illpak at brr Tuda F. 28 tohar hi uiqu tor of ig thol lf-cofd ad covictdmurdrr to vr  rlad fromdath ro.Moor rturd from hi mili-tar dplomt i Grma i1974 ad a facd ith hardtim. To rliv vral homprolm ad to mak d mt,h plad to ro th ucl of aacquaitac ith o harm i thproc. Cotrar to th pla of o ijuri, Moor hot ad killd77-ar-old Frd staplto, co-
sequently pleading guilty to rst
dgr murdr.Aftr ig chargd, Moora tcd to dath  lc-trocutio. I a 10-ar priodhi xcutio a potpod 13tim. Amog tho ptitioig tocovrt Moor’ tc to lif i
prison were ve members of Sta
-plto’ famil, Rv. J Jackoad Mothr Tra. Ultimatl ita t for Ma 24, 1984 ut vhour for th plad xcu-tio h rcivd a ta of xcu-tio from th U.s. 11th CircuitCourt of Appal.sic h a frd from prioi novmr 1991, Moor hatravld aroud th orld har-ig hi pat hich h focuaroud grac ad th por of forgiv.Moor i o a ordaidmiitr i th Chrit Amlevaglitic Miitri.Moor ill alo  attdiga io of th hoor Pr-ial Qutio cour “La, Ju-tic, Mrc ad Grac” taught Aociat Profor bria Carroll.
The Chaplain’s Ofce will be co-
poorig th vig lctur.
conTribuTed by The guardian
Hunger is closer than you think. Reach out to your local food bankfor ways to do your part. VisitFeedingAmerica.orgtoday.
Covictd murdrr bill Moor ill har ho h a rlad from dath ro
February 23, 2012CaMPus CarrIer, PaGe 3
Gospel of Mark
wtch nd litn to th livpfomnc of th goplof Mk Thd F. 23t 7 p.m. t bnll Ch-pl. Ce cdit offd.
 Jaali Afrika
H thntic aficndmming ith tditionlpiitl nd ock-ggngmnt stdF. 25 t 8 p.m. in thFod Dining Hll.
Film ad Discussio
wtch “Th Cing Gm” th nxt movi in thIih Film si to lnmo on Iih hito ndclt snd F. 26 t 7p.m. in blckton 200. Cecdit offd.
Ieraioal Sudies
aod Infomtion TlLn mo ot optionfo tdi, intnhip ndvic ond th oldt th infomtion tlMond F. 27 fom 11:50.m. to 12:30 p.m. in Kn-nt Lo.
Egagig Pover hroughDelieraio
wtch th docmnt“Th Motl Kid of OngCont” to ln moot homln mongchildn Mond F. 27 t7 p.m. in th evn adito-im. Ce cdit offd.
Life of Araham
H  mlti-fith con-vtion ot th lif of ahm fting Jih,Chitin nd Ilmic p-pctiv Mond F. 27t 7:30 p.m. in th IntfithCnt. Ce cdit offd.
Africa-America Read-I
Clt aficn ami-cn Litt  dingnd litning to xcptfom om fvoit aficnamicn it TdF. 28 t 7 p.m. in Mmo-il Li. Ce cditoffd.
H th pnl xploingxpinc fom ilingof childn ith diilitiTd F. 28 t 7 p.m. inth evn aditoim. Cecdit offd.
Wier Cocer
H th b Collg
Wind Ensemble’s rst con
-ct of th ping mtTd F. 28 t 7:30p.m. in th Fod adito-im. Ce cdit offd.
Texting cuts students’ sleep, study says
Staff Writer
som tdnt choo txting ov lp-ing ccoding to  td  s K. adm,n itnt pofo of hmn dvlopmntnd fmil tdi t th univit of rhodIlnd.Th n tnd,  fond in th td, itht tdnt  chooing txting ov lp-ing. sh id tht th hvio occ mot f-qntl hn tdnt hv thi phon nthi d hil th  ting to lp. shid tdnt go to lp t  contntl ing knd   n txt mg ndthn fling th g to pond to th m-g, nd o loing pcio mint ndomtim vn ho tht cold hv npnt lping.In  2006 td condctd  th univ-it of Michign kd 82 tdnt to giv pthi cll phon fo 48 ho. Onl 12 tdntmd it th fll 48 ho.scott w. Cmpll, ocit pofoof commniction tdi ho condctd td t th univit of Michign, id h liv cll phon hv plcd th tdi-
tional rst date and has become the way that
mn ong popl kp  ltionhip goingno.Cmpll nd gint th ddictingnt of cllphon t lo id h livtht om tdnt ll cn ffctivl mlti-tk.adm nt on to xplin tht c t-dnt flt th nd to txt ck intd of lptht on vg th lot 45 mint of lp night hich h id   hg polm c mot collg tdnt nd nin nd qt ho of lp  night. sh lo fondtht th lck of lp cd  th nd to txt ck ld to nxit nd dpion.adm fond om tdnt ho  oddictd to thi phon tht th lpt iththm ndnth thi pillo    tohv i cc to thm in c  n txtivd. Th mot common thing tht admkpt hing ov nd ov gin  tht t-dnt flt “nkd” ithot thi phon. Jnio ann rdn id hil h dofl “nkd” ithot h phon, h knohn to tn h phon off nd not pondto mg. sh lo id h liv tht thdpion nd th dpndnc tht th tdtlk ot i ltd mo to th ltionhipith th pon ho o  txting ththn th ctl txt mg thmlv.adm id h i continll fcintd thi n hvio mong collg tdnt ndi highl inttd in collg tdnt’ inil-it to “diconnct.” sh i cntl contin-
ing her research in this eld of study and ishoping to nd out just how much technology
i ffcting tdnt’ liv, lp qlit nd intn thi cdmic pfomnc.adm long ith noth ch, Tif-fni Kil, lo of rhod Ilnd,  hoping togt  gnt fom th Ntionl Intitt of ChildHlth nd Hmn Dvlopmnt to td thi hvio mo.
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there once wasa time when all “gay” meant was “happy.” then it meant“homosexual.” now, peopleare saying “that’s so gay”to mean dumb and stupid. which is pretty insultingto gay people (and we don’tmean the “happy” people).
so please, knock it off.
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