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Comm Theory FINAL Essay 1

Comm Theory FINAL Essay 1

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Published by chadwick_formica

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Published by: chadwick_formica on Feb 23, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Essay #1
All three of these theories do a great job accurately capturing the influence of the mediaon us the viewers.However of the three theories I believe the agenda setting theory does the best toinfluence us. Here are the reasons why.1. Agenda-Setting hypothesis - Mass Media have ability to transfer the issues on theirnew agenda to the public agenda.2.Facts don’t lie. One of the biggest events in American presidential history (Watergate)was started because of the media agenda-setting hypothesis. In 1973 90% ofAmericans knew what Watergate was. Forced Nixon out of office because majority ofpopulation though he was guilty.3.“We judge whats important off of what the media thinks is important.4.People who set the agenda are reliable and credible sources.
New York Times,Washington Post, ABC, NBC, CNN 
We the audience have a high index of curiosity. Need for orientation motivates themto let media shape their views. Example: I love dogs, anything on dog cruelty catchesmy eye.6.There is a communitarian ethics which states there is a moral responsibility topromote community, mutuality for others and themselves.7. Interest aggregations - Clusters of people who demand center stage press. Editorshave no choice but to show events. Examples: Anti-war marches, 9/11, HurricaneKatrina. Forced to show and read about grab so much attention.8.More ways to influence people. TV, Newspapers, Internet, Twitter.Weaknesses in other theories:Cultivation Theory1.Actual odds of being involved in a violent crime are much slimmer then what TVdramas represent.2.Not everyone is a heavy viewer3.Anyone that has actual gone out into the world understands this is not true.Spiral of Silence

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