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TEDTalks - A College Student’s Best Resource

TEDTalks - A College Student’s Best Resource

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Published by essaytask
TEDTalks and the ideas being shared there might be very helpful for every college students. Read more about the benefits.
TEDTalks and the ideas being shared there might be very helpful for every college students. Read more about the benefits.

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Published by: essaytask on Feb 24, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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TEDTalks: A College Student’s BestResource
College Students have a great deal to mull over during theirtime in academia, and this is especially true for freshmen.Between hammering out research papers, essays,dissertations, and settling upon a major… well, let’s just saythat navigating college can be akin to navigating the Amazonwithout a guide. While a select few students will finish their
college career without taking any detours, what is the majorityof students left with – save for their own wits?Enter TEDTalks; perhaps the finest resource for collegestudents, from Freshman year to Senior year. Students whohave never heard of TEDTalks are missing out on some of themost insightful, thought provoking, and fascinating lecturesthey’re likely to “sit in” on during their lifetimes. That beingsaid, what is it that makes TEDTalks so useful to students?
TEDTalks: A Primer
Formed by the non-profit Sapling Foundation in 1984, TED(Technology, Entertainment, and Design) originally began as aconference that focused primarily on the worlds of tech anddesign; however, in spite of its broadened spectrum of topics ithas always been devoted to the dissemination of “ideas worthspreading”. Held every year in California in the U.S., as well asvarying locales in Europe and Asia, TED has been connectingstudents with the greatest intellects the world over.
Lecturers that have given speeches at TED conferencesinclude: Jane Goodall, Richard Dawkins, and Bill Gates. As theguest list for TED conferences has grown more varied, as havethe topics of speeches. More environmentally minded studentsmight remember that Al Gore gave his speech on GlobalWarming (which became the backbone for the film
 AnInconvenient Truth
) at the 2006 TED Conference held inMonterey, CA.
TEDTalks: Their Value to Students
Given the wide variety of topics, points of views, and speakerswho participate in these annual gatherings of the minds, thereis a near-infinite wealth of information to be discovered. Topicsthat have been the focus of lectures range from starting one’sown business to philanthropic charities, awe inspiring works of art to staggering evolutions in technology, and everything thatmight fall in between (such as philosophy, quantum mechanics,and so on). Given the expansive reach of material, students can

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