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Clutching at a Straw

Clutching at a Straw

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Published by Lidiana Burlacu

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Published by: Lidiana Burlacu on Feb 24, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Coach for Happiness Clutching at a Straw
 Making change possible
Copyright © 2012 www.coachforhappiness.eu/blog
Clutching at a Straw
This is an old Japanese story I heard many years ago; yesterday, speaking with oneof my friends about chances and luck, I remembered it and wanted to share it withyou.
 Once upon a time, in a village, there lived a poor man. He was not a lazyperson, but no matter what, he could not gather a coin to have for hisliving. After struggling and struggling to make ends meet, somebodyadvised him to go to the temples and implore the grace of Kannon Bosatsu.They say that the Goddess was so compassionate she always answered thefervent prayers and was quick in helping people.So our lad said farewell to his native place andwent walking to the closest great temple ofKannon. He reached there and started to pray,but he got no sign.He ran out of food, but he refused to leave. Hegot so skinny he could barely move, so themonks from the temple fed him, still he wouldspend all day in the temple, praying over andover again. So went by a whole month.In the 30th night, he fell asleep right before dawn and he had a strangedream. He dreamed the Goddess herself coming to him in the temple,speaking furiously"Listen you, I've had enough of your whining! I am sick and tired oflistening to your complaints! Your poverty is a consequence of your badkarma from past lives. Still, since I am the Goddess of Compassion, I cangive you one little chance - just this once! The first thing you'll grab
Coach for Happiness Clutching at a Straw
 Making change possible
Copyright © 2012 www.coachforhappiness.eu/blog
tomorrow morning will be your luck. Waste it - and you will get no other inthis life! Understand?"And she vanished. The man woke up instantly, because the dream was sovivid that it felt real. He could no longer rest - he had to run and meet hisluck!So he got up and ran out of the temple, but he was in such a hurry he didnot pay attention to his steps, so he tripped over the threshold and fell flaton his belly, with the face in the mud. When he got up, he saw that he washolding tight in his hand... a straw.Bitter and disappointed, he first wanted to throw it away: "Is that all thatthe mighty and compassionate Kannon can give me???" But then hereconsidered and kept it, thinking he might just as well give it a try. Hedecided he would go find some place he could work, and since there was ahuge bumblebee buzzing around him, he captured it and tied it to thestraw, to keep him company.As he was walking down the road, the little son of a rich lady who wastravelling in the same direction, saw him and cried for the buzzing toy. Hewould not want anything else instead, so his mum called the man andasked if he would be willing to give the straw and bumblebee."This is no ordinary straw," said the man, "it was given to me by Kannon.But... well, your son is so young... ok he can have it." The woman thankedhim and gave him five oranges in return.The man continued his trip happily: "Not even an hour went by and thestraw turned into oranges!"Further, he reached a very dry and arid plain. You could see no water andno trees in there, no fruits or plants growing. There, in the middle of the

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