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20120221 En

20120221 En

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Published by npmanuel
February 21, 2012 issue of Ang Bayan, published by the Central Committee of the Comunist Party of the Philippines
February 21, 2012 issue of Ang Bayan, published by the Central Committee of the Comunist Party of the Philippines

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Published by: npmanuel on Feb 24, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Pahayagan ng Partido Komunista ng PilipinasPinapatnubayan ng Marxismo-Leninismo-Maoismo
English EditionVol. XLIII No. 4February 21, 2012www.philippinerevolution.net
t has been more than a year since formalpeace talks between the National DemocraticFront of the Philippines (NDFP) and the Gov-ernment of the Philippines (GPH) resumed onFebruary 15-21 in Oslo, Norway. But the negoti-ations have not progressed because of the out-standing issue of the arrest and continued deten-tion by the GPH of key NDFP peace talks consult-ants and staff in violation of previous agree-ments.The possibility of any significant advance hasbecome even more remote under the US-Aquinoregime in the face of the GPH's refusal to respectprevious accords and the utter lack of interest ithas shown in addressing the issues that are atthe roots of the armed conflict and in resolving
The US-Aquino regime is keepingthe peace talks in a quagmire
 In this issue...
Detention of Alan Jazmineset al
NPA in Abraand Kalingahailed
Superprofitsof oilindustries
these through negotiations.From the beginning, it has been clear that theGPH is not genuinely interested in talking withthe NDFP. On February 14, 2011, the very eve of the resumption of formal negotiations, it treach-erously arrested Alan Jazmines, a valued con-sultant of the NDFP and a key figure in its nego-tiations for a Comprehensive Agreement on So-cio-Economic Reforms. Despite ComradeJazmines' undeniable identity as an NDFP con-sultant, the GPH outrightly refused to recognizehis rights under the Joint Agreement on Safetyand Immunity Guarantees (JASIG). The JASIG isan agreement signed in 1995 that guarantees thesafety of persons involved in the negotiations.At the conclusion of the first round of formaltalks in February 2011, the GPH pledged to un-dertake steps to release 17 NDFP consultantsthen under detention, aside from 349 politicaldetainees. After a year, 13 NDFP consultants re-main in prison, including Jazmines. The GPH con-tinuously refuses to comply with its obligationsunder the JASIG to free Jazmines and 12 other
2ANG BAYAN February 21, 2012
NDFP consultants.Lately, the GPH has evenhad the gall to accuse theNDFP of using the JASIG as ameans of securing the releaseof CPP officials. It stubbornlydeclared that it would only rec-ognize NDFP consultants if theNDFP could show the originallist of consultants along withtheir true names and photo-graphs.The GPH has been exploit-ing the issue of JASIG verifica-tion to justify its refusal toabide by the agreement, pro-long the detention of NDFPconsultants it has capturedand cover up their persecution.This also serves to obscure theGPH's responsibility for tram-pling on the JASIG by abduct-ing and forcibly disappearingNDFP leaders in the past.The GPH claims that theJASIG is merely a side issue.On the contrary, the JASIG isone of the key agreements de-signed to create favorableconditions for negotiations.Without its guarantees, nego-tiators will constantly fear fortheir safety and the talkswould not be able to proceedsmoothly, Respect for theJASIG is crucial to the continu-ation of the peace negotia-tions.The more than 12 formalagreements—including theComprehensive Agreement onRespect for Human Rights andInternational HumanitarianLaw (CARHRIHL) that wassigned in 1998—were all forgedwithin the framework of inter-national laws and rules. As bel-ligerent forces in a civil war,the NDFP and GPH are obligedto respect them. The GPH'scompliance or non-compliancewith its obligations under theJASIG is indicative of its readi-ness to implement any futureagreements it may enter into.It is a matter of 
palabra de honor 
.Instead of complying withits obligations and keeping itspromises, the GPH has been re-lentlessly maligning the NDFPand concocting one lie afteranother. Its chief negotiatorAlexander Padilla has demon-strated his utterly reactionarycharacter by endlessly spewingcounterrevolutionary venomagainst the NDFP. The NDFPhas nothing but profound dis-appointment for Padilla, a for-mer human rights advocate, forthe contempt he has beenshowing for the peace negotia-tions.After a year, the peacetalks are caught in a quagmiredue to the GPH's complete lackof interest in fulfilling its obli-gations. It has become plain asday that the GPH does not val-ue its peace talks with theNDFP at all and its catchwordsof peace and human rights areall empty blabber.The NDFP and the entirerevolutionary movement areacutely aware that the GPH'spriority lies in crushing theNew People's Army and sup-pressing the people's massstruggles through armed re-pression, psywar and intelli-gence operations. This priorityis in line with the 2009 Coun-terinsurgency Guide laid downby the US-Aquino regime's im-perialist master. Under thisframework, the peace talks on-ly serve to camouflage the all-out war it is unleashing againstthe people.The Aquino regime has beenfurther emboldened to cast thepeace talks aside in the face of intensifying US imperialist in-tervention in the country, thegrowing presence of Americantroops and bigger military as-sistance to the puppet govern-ment. US intervention in thePhilippines' internal affairs iscurrently one of the biggest ob-stacles to the advance of thepeace negotiations. Internsify-ing US intervention and theAquino regime's puppetrystand in the way of forgingagreements to resolve the peo-ple's fundamental problems.
 Ang Bayan
is published fortnightly by the Central Committeeof the Communist Party of the Philippines
Ang Bayan 
is published inPilipino, Bisaya, Iloko, Hiligay-non, Waray and English editions.It is available for downloadingat the Philippine Revolution WebCentral located at:
www.philippinerevolution.net Ang Bayan 
welcomes contribu-tions in the form of articles andnews. Readers are likewiseenjoined to send in their com-ments and suggestions for thebetterment of our publication.You can reach us by email at:
Vol. XLIII No. 4 February 21, 2012
Editorial:The US-Aquino regime iskeeping the peace talks in a quagmire1Detention of Jazmines et al3GPH wants to junk THJD32 hunters killed by soldiers4Anti-militarization in Panay5AFP-bandit collusion5NPA in Abra and Kalinga hailed6Aquino regime to set up “new Subic”7US intervention slammed8Oil superprofits8
3ANG BAYAN February 21, 2012
Statements by the GPH thatit has abided by the JASIG arecomplete falsehoods. The GPHhas exaggerated the importanceof verifying the identities of NDFP consultants andclaims that theproblem lies withthe NDFP and itsfailure to pro-vide proof thatthe detainedconsultants arethe personswhose names arecontained in a list of JASIG-protected person-nel.The GPH is merely trying tocover up its brazen violations of the JASIG, especially in the out-standing case of Jazmines' de-tention and arrest. WhenJazmines was arrest-ed, he presented hisDocument of Iden-tification that hadthe reference num-ber ND 978213 andthe name DodiLapida. He insistedon his rights as anNDFP Peace Panel con-sultant enjoying immunity
The GPH wants to do away with The Hague Joint DeclarationDetention of Jazmines et al is acontinuing violation of the JASIG
he arrest by the Government of the Philippines (GPH) of AlanJazmines on February 14, 2011 is a grave violation of the JointAgreement on Safety and Immunity Guarantees (JASIG). His contin-ued detention and that of 12 other consultants of the National Demo-cratic Front of the Philippines (NDFP) aggravate GPH violations of the JASIG and do not help create conditions for the resumption of formal peace negotiations between the NDFP and the GPH.
t is not only the JASIG that the GPH wants to setaside. Also under attack are other key agree-ments like The Hague Joint Declaration (THJD)which was signed by the NDFP and GPH in 1992.In February 2011, the GPH feigned recognitionof the 12 previously signed agreements with theNDFP that were the fruits of decades of negotia-tions. At the same time, however, it dismissedTHJD as a mere mechanism, and refused to see itas the foundation document that defined the char-acter of the entire talks.The GPH's stand is contrary to the actual roleof THJD. All agreements signed by the NDFP andthe GPH in close to 20 years of talks were forgedon the basis of THJD. THJD is a key agreement be-cause it sets the framework on how two partiesrepresenting diametrically opposed interests couldengage in talks. THJD avers that peace negotia-tions must be conducted in accordance with mutu-ally acceptable principles, among them nationalsovereignty, democracy and social justice and thatno conditions should be set that would contradictthe character and objective of the peace talks.In refusing to recognize THJD as a fundamen-tal agreement, the GPH has deviously invalidatedall previous agreements forged on this basis, in-cluding the JASIG and the CARHRIHL. It wants tonegate all the victories attained in the peace nego-tiations in the past two decades and set new basesfor the talks, with the aim of having the revolution-ary forces surrender their weapons and submit tothe reactionaries.
from arrest and detention.The military and police per-sonnel dismissed the JASIG andJazmines' rights as a JASIGholder. He was immediately de-tained at the PNP CustodialCenter and slapped withtrumped-up criminal charges.This serious violation becomesgraver the longer he is kept indetention. His prolonged incar-ceration is in violation of JASIGprovisions calling for the sus-pension of all legal proceedingsagainst persons covered by theagreement. On top of all this,Jazmines likewise faces perse-cution from abusive police offi-cials.The GPH must be held ac-countable for its refusal to freethe consultants it has illegally ar-rested and continues to detain.It should also be held responsiblefor the abduction and forced dis-appearance of Leo Velasco, Pru-dencio Calubid, Rogelio Calubadand other key consultants of theNDFP.

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