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Selangor Times Feb 24

Selangor Times Feb 24

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Published by uppercaise
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Published by: uppercaise on Feb 24, 2012
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February 24 — 26, 2012
issue 62
Barrier down,fear up
12 – 14
SyabaS, you areheartleSS
Kajang stateassemblypersonLee Kim Sin, GlobalEnvironment Centredirector FaizalParish,and KualaSelangor DistrictCouncil presidentNoraini Roslan plantinga tree at the Raja Musaorest reserve lastSaturday. See page 10to fnd out i they haveturned to arming!.
looking at nukeoption
brd Ch'
kuala luMpur:
Four morerallies around the country will beheld on Sunday in solidarity withthe Anti-Lynas gathering in Kuan-tan.“Himpunan Hijau is everyone’s platorm to prevent Kuantan rombecoming uninhabitable. I Lynasis allowed to operate then the dooris open to more such plants in theuture,” said Himpunan Hijau public relations steering commit-tee member Clement Chin.Himpunan Hijau 2.0 is sched-uled to be held at the Kuantan Mu-nicipal Council (MPK) eld be-tween 9.30am and noon.Similar rallies will also be heldat Maju Junction, Jalan AR KualaLumpur (9.30am-noon), SpeakersSquare, Penang Esplanade (rom6pm), Bukit Merah in ront o ARE old site, Perak (11am) andanjung Aru Beach (near theYacht Club) in Sabah (4pm).Opponents o the controver-
More anti-Lynasrallies planned
sial RM2.5 billion Lynas AdvanceMaterial Plant (LAMP) ear thatthe plant will produce massiveamounts o radioactive waste and pose a danger to Malaysians.During an anti-Lynas press con-erence on Wednesday, NationalIndian Advancement eam(NIA) chairman Tasleem Ibra-him claimed that only a handul o Malaysians are aware o the issue.“Only one in our people out-side Kuantan has actually heard o the issue. Tis is a blatant abuse o  power and the mainstream mediahas a role in speaking the truthabout Lynas.“Are we going to welcome thedevil that is waiting to kill us slow-ly but surely?” he asked.He also pointed out that this isa national issue which will afect allMalaysians in uture.Tasleem urged the public to protest the building o LAMP andunite to stop other uture nuclear plants.Among the supporters at the press conerence were representa-tives rom Malaysian Civil Liber-ties Movement, People's GreenCoalition, Parti Rakyat Malaysiaand LLG Cultural DevelopmentCentre.o create more awareness o Ly-nas beore the rally, a orum on thedangers o the plant will be heldtomorrow (Feb 25) rom 9am-noon at Dewan Jubli Perak inShah Alam.Key speakers are Save MalaysiaStop Lynas (SMSL) chairman anBun eet, nuclear physicist AhmadBongsu and other non-govern-mental organisations representa-tives.Ahmad Bongsu had previously warned that the impact o any dis-aster at the Lynas plants could beas severe as the Fukushima nuclearcatastrophe in Japan.."When the Chernobyl disas-ter (nuclear accident in Ukraine)took place, the radioactive parti-
PakatanMBs, CMsnubbed
Shah alaM:
Datuk SeriNajib Razak is being asked toexplain why heads o PakatanRakyat-administered states were not invited to the 114thMeeting o Menteris Besar andChie Ministers in Putrajaya onuesday.“It is extremely unproes-sional or the Prime Minister toexclude Pakatan menteris besarand chie minister rom a meet-ing to discus the people’s welare,said Menteri Besar an Sri KhalidIbrahim
.Khalid, in a statement onhursday, said the move wasunair as the people o Selangor,Penang, Kedah, and Kelantancontribute more than hal o Malaysia’s economy.He said this did not relect well on the much-heralded 1Ma-laysia concept and the transor-mation process o the govern-ment."he state urges the PrimeMinister to explain to the mediathat the meeting was in act theMeeting o Barisan NasionalMenteris Besar and Chie Minis-ters," said KhalidKhalid's political secretary,Faekah Husin, said the move toexclude state leaders shouldn'thappen in a democratic country."he media portrayed thesnub as i Pakatan leaders de-clined to attend when we did notget invitations," she added.he meeting, chaired byNajib, was attended by DeputyPrime Minister an Sri Muhy-ddin Yassin, the chie secretary tothe government, cabinet minis-ters along with MBs rom Perak,Negri Sembilan, Pahang andPerlis and chie ministers romMalacca, Sarawak and Sabah.cles were carried by winds all the way to Scotland."Te rain water that was inusedby those particles ell onto eldsand livestock," said Ahmad.He said that radioactive parti-cles rom toxic dumps in Gebang,Kuantan, could be carried by winds and monsoon rains across West Malaysia."So don't think you're sae justbecause you don't live in Kuantan,"he said.Meanwhile, the state expects300 participants, including repre-sentatives rom local authorities,to attend Saturday's orum."We want councillors and coun-cil staf to be aware o Lynas andthe dangers they bring to the com-munity," said executive councillorRonnie Liu.He said at a press conerence onTursday that the rare earth plant would emit high levels o radioac-tivity and cause wide-ranging neg-ative implications or the country.
(603) 5510 4566
(603) 5523 1188
KL Chan
Neville Spykerman
C Gunasegaran
Tang Hui Koon, Chong Loo Wah, Gan Pei Ling,Basil Foo, Alvin Yap, Gho Chee Yuan, Brenda Ch’ng
 James Ang
 Jimmy C. S. Lim, Chin Man Yen
Timothy Loh, Samantha Sim, Ivan Looi, Tony Kee,
Faekah Husin, Arfa’eza Abdul Aziz
February 24 — 26, 2012
Wong says citizens must take proactive action.
MogFriday Saturday Sundayafeoongh
Selangor WeaTHer
Malaysian meteorological department
Paradigm shift neededto achieve fair elections
 Alvin Yap
Apartment residents, whose water supply is disconnected due totheir errant developer, have hit out at Syari-kat Bekalan Air Selangor Sdn Bhd (Syabas)or being inhumane.“Your action is heartless. You want to waitor the cheques to clear rst (beore recon-necting the water supply)?” asked MohdAzam Meor, rom Pandan Utama Housing Project (Phase II), at a meeting with Syabason Monday night.Some 70 amilies have had dry taps sinceFeb 14 aer supply was disconnected whenit was discovered that the developer o the two-year-old apartment had been steal-ing rom a water main.Te water was piped into an illegal watertank beore being supplied to residents atthe ve-storey walk-up apartment in JalanCempaka 1, Pandan Utama.Mohd Azam, 55, was among residents who pleaded or water to be reconnected im-mediately to ease the plight o children, pregnant women and senior citizens whohave to carry pails o water up ights o stairs.But Syabas corporate communica-tions and public afairs manager Mohd Su-an Sahran, who met residents, deendedthe company's actions, saying the utilitycompany had to prevent water the romreoccurring.“You must understand that we have tostop the illegal connection o water,” he toldresidents during a tense 90-minute meeting  which saw consumers venting their rustra-tions on him and his team.Mohd Suan said the developer wouldhave to satisy a ra o requirements set bySyabas and the National Water ServicesCommission (Span) beore reconnectioncould take place.Te company must rst install a bulk me-ter at the apartment beore Syabas will turnthe water on again rom the illegal connec-tion.“We want to know how much water is be-ing consumed,” Mohd Suan told the crowd.However, his explanation ailed to quellthe anger o residents who wanted watersupply restored immediately.“Reconnect the water. onight, i possi-ble,” said resident Mohd Rahman Junid, 66.Another resident, Iskandar Abu Hatan,44, laid the blame squarely on Syabas or putting nancial matters above ratepayers’concerns.He said the water concessionaire shouldreconnect the water supply without delay i it had the residents’ welare in mind.Syabas, he said, could install the bulk wa-ter meter and start charging the residents ortheir usage immediately.“We will pay whatever amount that comesup. We need the water or ushing toilets,or bathing and doing our laundry,” the o-ce administrator said.Apart rom the requirement that the de- veloper install the bulk meter, Syabas also wants the company to settle RM185,000 orstealing water.Te company had issued a post-datedcheque on Feb 15 during a meeting with Syabasrepresentatives or RM40,000 and hammeredout a deal to pay the rest in our instalments.However, yesterday (Tursday), Syabasslapped the developer with an additional de-mand o a bank guarantee or RM1.9 mil-lion beore water is reconnected.Te amount is to ensure that the companycompletes the stalled water supply inra-structure, which includes building a new water tank, water pump and also laying amain pipe to a nearby reservoir.Te concessionaire wants the developerto agree in writing that the inrastructure becompleted within a year. When contacted by Selangor imes,Mohd Suan said water supply could be re-stored by 1pm tomorrow (Feb 25) provideda bulk meter is installed today (Friday).Meanwhile Cempaka state lawmaker Is-kandar Samad, who has been involved intalks to get water supply restored, said Sya-bas was only complicating matters by impos-ing new conditions on the developer.“I’m shocked that Syabas is asking or abank guarantee o RM1.9 million. Syabas iscomplicating matters. What are they trying to do?” asked the state housing executivecouncillor.Iskandar earlier pointed out that the state would blacklist the company i it ailedto act immediately.At the same time, he said Syabas shouldnot delay reconnecting the supply on hu-manitarian grounds.“Presently, residents have to carry pails o  water up ve oors, and there’s a possibilityaccidents can happen i the situation persistsany longer,” he said.
Residents lash out at Syabas
Lee Choon Fai
A collectivechange in mindset about allowing  politicians to have ree rein isneeded beore Malaysia can everget ree and air elections, says anelection rights pressure group.“indak Malaysia ounder Wong Piang Yow said on Wednes-day that politicians are also alsohuman, driven primarily by greedand ear.“I we let the politicians takecare o our lives, they will take careo it, 'good and proper',” he quippedat the launch o indak Malaysia'seducation programme or voters as well as election polling, counting and booth agents (Pacaga) at Sun- way University. Wong pointed out that politi-cians, let unchecked, could be-come corrupt, citing the saying “power corrupts, absolute powercorrupts absolutely”.But he admitted that changing the public mindset is an uphill taskas many have grown too comort-able with the status quo, especially youngsters who treat the politicalsituation in Malaysia with apathy.“he majority o the populationlike to remain the way they are,change is painul, but we will stilldo whatever we can to help,” hesaid.He lamented the indierencetowards the political situation,claiming that laws have been dis-torted so much that the countrycould ace bankruptcy soon.“We cannot violate the laws o economics and reuse to pay the price or it,” said Wong.He likened the people's en-trenchment in the system to themovie he Matrix where peoplelive in virtual reality, orming arat-race-like situation where noth-ing is achieved.he sel-unded non-govern-mental organisation, which com- prises volunteers, hopes to pro-mote ree and air elections, en-courage a two-party system, em- power Malaysians to assert their political rights, encourage proac-tive action and reduce corruptionthrough their educational pro-grammes.he programmes include basictheoretical lectures that educate people on election laws. For exam- ple, the public will learn the 31 ways that their ballot papers can bedisputed and voided in the Elec-tions Act.Participants will also be taught practical ways to ensure that their vote is not wasted, like requesting a random piece o ballot to ensurethe voter's anonymity.“Basically we want everyone tohave a chance to win the election,a ree and air election,” said Wong.he next Pacaba programme will be held at the Petaling JayaMunicipal Council headquartersat 9am on Sunday (Feb 26). hereare also similar programmes inother states like Penang, Malacca, Johor, Sabah and Sarawak.Although not part o the Bersih2.0 coalition, indak Malaysia has worked with them to come up with proposals or amendments to theFederal Constitution and the Elec-tions Act to ensure ree and airelections.indak Malaysia has also beenattending the Parliamentary SelectCommittee on electoral reorms,and is currently working on a pro- posal to address gerrymandering and disproportionate distributiono voters in Selangor.He cited the discrepancy be-tween Putrajaya and Kapar, wherethere is a vast dierence between voter numbers, with Kapar having 112,224 and Putrajaya having only6,608. he average number o vot-ers per constituency in Malaysia is49,199.his would mean that a membero Parliament elected in Kapar would be equal to 17 MPs electedin Putrajaya, eectively diluting the worth o a person's vote in Ka- par.“By design, you only need 1.85million out o 10.9 million votes,or 15 percent o votes, to secure a51 percent simple majority in Par-liament,” said Wong.He also said the Election Com-mission (EC) is ar rom independ-ent as it is illed with retired civilservants, raising ears o conlict o interest.He compared the situation tohaving a reeree preside a matchinvolving a team which he sup- ports.But he said the EC itsel is notto blame or the current situationas it is only ollowing the law thathas been amended many times tosuit the ruling government's needs.For the EC to be independent, thelaw must irst change.
 ⁄ February 24 – 26, 2012

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