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Corporate Social Media Summit

Corporate Social Media Summit

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Published by harry_rollason
A corporate lead summit focusing on how big business can utilize the power of social media fully. Join leading brands like AMEX, Dell, Gap, Whole Foods, KLM as they tackle external engagement, customer service, monitoring and integration. It is the only summit designed exclusively to take your social media strategy to the next level.
A corporate lead summit focusing on how big business can utilize the power of social media fully. Join leading brands like AMEX, Dell, Gap, Whole Foods, KLM as they tackle external engagement, customer service, monitoring and integration. It is the only summit designed exclusively to take your social media strategy to the next level.

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Published by: harry_rollason on Feb 24, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Speakers include:Co-Sponsor:
Th 3d Aual Cpat Scial Mdia Summit
The No 1 Social Media ocussed corporate event –your One-Stop-Shop or everything you need know
Fully integrate social mediathroughout your company to engageconsumers, enhance your brandand boost your bottom line
Tw day busiss cc, Ju 13–14, 2012
The New Yorker, New York City
engagement, customersatisaction and sales via a turbo-chargedexternal social media policy and make yourbrand riends or lie 
a cohesive internal structurethat’s embedded throughout to boostcommunication whilst reducing business risk
your social media impact to showbusiness worth, inorm uture strategy andmeet your business priorities
Lay th udatis
or uture success byully understanding the changing marketissues to gain competitive advantage
A practical and interactive business conerence built or a corporate audience:
LOOK INSIDE to check out our top level corporate speakers and business-ocused agenda
…o speakers are corporatepractitioners…o sessions are designed to enhanceand improve your social media strategy…o topics have been requested by your peers and deal with themajor issues aecting your company today – and tomorrow
Da Cllagu
Hw s?
Simpl. W ly hav busisss talkig t busisss.
The Corporate Social Media Summit is back. Fast becomingTHE meeting place or the corporate social media practitioner,this is your One-Stop-Shop or all things social.
What’s changed or 2012?
, the urious paceo advancements have transormed the sociallandscape as we knew it even twelve monthsago. Facebook has surpassed 800 millionusers. Twitter 100 million. And the number oplatorms are increasing also, especially withGoogle+ and Pinterest joining the party. It allmeans that you, the social media practitioner,have an even tougher job ahead o you. And in aworld o uncertainty, you can be sure only that itwill get harder still.
, companies understand even morethan beore that social media is becoming morebusinesses-critical. 64% o companies reporttheir social media budgets are going to increasethroughout 2012. 92% o the Fortune100companies now have a Twitter account. Even70% o local businesses have a Facebookpage. It all goes to say that US corporations arenot only becoming more aware, they are alsogrowing more active through social.
, it is now acknowledged that socialmedia is not merely something or marketingteams. Social is permeating through ALLbusiness unctions. 2012 represents the Yearo Change or social media as we know it.58% o companies will use social or customerservice, 65% or reputation management,41% or employee engagement and 27% orcommerce. Companies that are not running aully integrated, grown-up social media programare being let behind in the social arms race.
Scial is  lg xpimtal.It is udamtal
.Your social media strategy needs to be part oyour long-term business plan and integratedacross the whole company.And there is only one place to learn how toachieve this: The Corporate Social Media Summit. Just like last year, you will hear only rom corporatespeakers – the Summit Agenda has once againevolved rom three months o primary research– and networking with your corporate peers isgiven an even higher priority.
THere’S More.
Because this year, we have grown even better.With more interactive and productive sessionormats, bigger brand speakers and a networkingspace no-one in the USA can beat – this is theOne & Only social media event to attend in 2012.I your company wants to take its social mediastrategy to the next level this is defnitely theonly conerence you need to attendDon’t miss the opportunity to get to theoreront o corporate social media. Reserveyour place at
Th Cpat Scial MdiaSummit
Hay rllas
Useul Social Media
Designed or you,the corporate:
Three months osolid research toensure every sessiongets to the hearto this year’s socialissues and keepsyou those vital stepsahead in an ever-changing landscape.
Best practice romyour corporatepeers:
All speakersare rom bigcorporations andhave been taskedwith deliveringpractical solutionsand inormedopinions, rather thanempty classroomtheory.
A proven trackrecord:
98% o lastyear’s delegates con-frmed they learneduseul strategiesand best practice atthe Corporate SocialMedia Summit(and we have takenthe eedback romthe other 2% frmlyon board!)
With 200+ delegates,this is the eventor successulpractitioners whowant to get onwith their socialstrategy in 2012.
High enddiscussion:
Go back to the ofcearmed with theknowledge to driveyour social mediastrategies orward– immediately. Learnhow to stay aheado the curve.
There is plenty o choice when it comes to social media summits. But theCorporate Social Media Summit is dierent – and better than all the rest.
A bold claim. But one we make rom a position o strength.
Improve your consumer engagementby way o a more advanced socialmedia strategy to inspire even betterbrand interaction
 As social media evolves, the number of fans engagingwith your brand online is rocketing. It’s now common forbrands to have large numbers of Fans and Followers –but to what extent do they truly engage with your brand?90% of Facebook users don’t return to the brand pageafter the ‘Like’. The reality is that brands now not onlyface the problem creating new fans – but keepingexisting fans engaged.In this session our distinguished panel of corporateexperts will spell out on how to make true Friendsthrough REAL relationships:
image into something approachable and engaging,and boost consumer interaction
lasting relationships to future-proof your businessfor the new economic situation
content strategy to a conversation strategy and
 brand appreciation
Part One
Amica expss
Laura Fink
Rachel Tipograph
Director, Global Digital
H&r Blck
Scott Gulbransen
Part Two
Jill Hunley 
Michelle Klein
Smirnoff Vice
Todd Blecher
Global versus Local: Manage multipleidentities whilst maintaining brandidentity on a universal scale
It’s essential to maintain a clear brand identity for social
especially when your brand’s presence makes itself felt in different geographical markets through multipleplatforms. Today’s average company has six different Twitter accounts, so it’s clear segmentation is happening.
when the communication landscape is so disjointed?
content that also meets local demands
remains consistent – rather than confused - evenwhen it’s spread across many different social medialocations
• Training,equippingandsynergizingmultipleteamsin
different regions to truly create a ‘glocal’ social mediafunction
BAe Systms
Steve Field
Gal elctic
 Andy Markowitz
Director,Global Digital Strategy
Incorporate commerce into yourbroader social media strategy todirectly impact your bottom line
Gone are the days where social media was just‘experimental’. It must now deliver genuine worth to
fans increase, your ability to move from followers to
social media part of the sales process? Adding commerce to the social mix remains tough. Talking in the right voice and making the right soundshas never been more crucial. Get it wrong and you
as followers become alienated through a bullish sales
excellence as social commerce early adopters. In thissession they will demonstrate how to develop realrelationships that work for you.
programs into your existing websites and campaigns
of overselling to your brand loyalists by deploying
an environment where your customers are actuallyeager to help sell your products for you
Whl Fds
Bill Tolany 
Ai Fac KLM
 Viktor Van-der-Wijk
Reputation preservation andenhancement: Use social media tomaximize the impact o your brand
Social media has changed the way brands communicateonce and for all. Traditional barriers between brands andstakeholders are now almost non-existent – which bringsboth opportunities and dangers.Use social correctly and you can manage your onlinereputation far more effectively than before. Look atSouthwest Airlines, who told the world about their
than traditional media and emerged from a crisis withits reputation enhanced, rather than damaged. Thissession shows you the do’s and don’ts of reputationmanagement via social media from three of the US’s
identify escalating situations on social networks anddeal with them appropriately
good news stories, build brand advocates andspread positive impact
sheer speed and spread of social news to keepseveral steps ahead
Heather Oldani
Director, U.S.
Jonathan Young
, Assistant Vice President
Suthwst Ailis
Brandy King
Create a more robust and responsivecustomer service unction: Turn yourcustomers – and your critics – intobrand ambassadors
Good customer service leads to positive sentiment, andthe advance of social media has changed customerservice beyond recognition. Already, 42% of companiesuse social media as a customer service tool, and this ispredicted to increase to 59% by the end of the year.Good customer service has the power to create betterbrand reputation, increase retention rates and boostcompetitive advantage. Social customer service isbecoming the norm for any company that wants tocommunicate proactively with their customers, so timeto get with the program.In this session Frank Eliason, who is wrote to book on social
will demonstrate how to build a successful social mediacustomer service function at your company.
effectively to the rapidly increasing number of customer
-makers – and know when it’s time to cut them loose
that can’t be answered in 140 characters or less
• Achieveseamlessintegrationbyensuringwhat’ssaidonsocialplatformstsinwithexistingCRMsystems
Frank Eliason
Morgan Johnston
Creating marketing synergy: Boostyour external impact by developinga ully-integrated marketing mix
Gone are the days when social sat at its own table.
to be part of the broader marketing and communications
adverts, the majority contained a hashtag and were
was the unknown 12 months ago is now becoming mainstream marketing practice.
marketing work harder? Or are you still keepingmarketing and social at separate tables –and limiting your potential impact?
spell out precisely how social media impacts on yourtraditional marketing communications – and the necessarysteps to create synergy across your entire marketing mix.
your storylines and brand messages through social
consumers to shift their conversations about yourbrand online
properly integrate your marketing mix in 2012
Amica eagl
Jessica Berlin
Mcds-Bz USA
Melissa Newell
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