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Daniel Pillis Portfolio

Daniel Pillis Portfolio

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Published by Daniel Pillis

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Published by: Daniel Pillis on Feb 24, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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it was a pleasure to burn 
found suitcase with converted center, embedded copyof "the sun also rises", gorilla glue, cardboard12” X 16“20102.
it was a pleasure to burn 
interior: a deck of playing cards, a broken modelairplane attached to the string of a music boxconnected to an inserted wire coat hanger, a framedportrait of queen elizabeth covered with a found photoof a young couple kissing, roses and pinecones12” X 16“20103.
short but to the point 
a four-pane glass future novel: a metal hinged frameattached to a wooden case which contains four slidingpanes of glass that transpose a narrative when viewedtogether. Collaged paper from Uncle Scrooge comics,sheet music, pages of "The Decline and Fall of theRoman Empire", parts of a clock layered throughout,rope, candle wicks and foam.11” X 11“20104.
inserts from "short but to the point": 
three panes of glass with a narrative transposedthroughout. Wallpaper, fragments of a children'sedition of Abraham Lincolns biography, tracing paper,paint and clock parts.11” X 11“20105.
shrine to bette davis (my milkshake is better than yours)
tacks, a coin underneath a lucite circle, springs, a musicbox, fragment of 17th-c ivory Netsuke, images formcyclopedia the body, wood, medical stickers, bette davisstamp8 1/2” X 12”2011Daniel Gene Pillis
Inventory ListGraduate ApplicationParsonsJanuary 10th 2012
6.shrine to Judy Garland (you don't own me)
three plastic panels, a wizard of oz plastic cut out, amusic box that spins a twirling candy striped disk,advertisements from comic books, plastic camels, aplastic ballerina6” X 3 1/2”20117.
shrine to Elizabeth Taylor (my boyfriends back)
three lucite panels, a drawer from a jewelry boxcollaged with medical diagrams, the spine of a bookabout King Arthur, lucite bars with circle segments,medical stickers, rubber bands, crazy glue, a pictureof Elizabeth Taylor, scotch tape9 1/2” X 14”20118.
smiley face 
refurbished found object, G.E. amp gauge with plasticcomponents6 1/2” X 7”20119.
converted chemistry set, medical diagrams, two testtubes containing a bee and a fly, 35mm film, a spacerace pinball game, fragments of a french music box,lucite panes, glass panes, collage materials15” X 13”
(work in progress)
a birthday party 
still photograph from a live performance- installationof static grass, balloons, assorted costume materialand performance featuring myself, Tuna Vegas, Figs& Flaherty
dimensions variable 
experiments in the revival of organisms 
stage 2 
still photograph of a performance at Theatre forthe New City. Performance featuring myself,Tuna Vegas, Figs & Flaherty. One channel digitalprojection of animation featured in 12-13.Inventory of objects listed in caption 14.dimensions variable201012.
experiments in the revival of organisms 
animation, bricolage. Digital animation com-posed of found footage from a 1940 documentaryon Soviet research into the reanimation of deadmatter, composited green screen captures of theartist and actors.dimensions variable201013.
experiments in the revival of organisms 
still frame from digital animationdimensions variable
"experiments in the revival of organisms" installation 
projector screen wrapped in rope, phonographconsole, small plastic television, tie booth, largemetal letters from an abandoned shoe store inNewark, NJ, white shag, foam walkways coveredin static grass, egg crate bed pad, red and blueMac Engine parts cleaner, 1929 iron scale, 35mmprojector reel, yarn, plastic legs covered in redsilk, converted singer sewing machineattached to a cabinet, a picnic table and tablecloth, one pianodimensions variable201015.
detail of "experiments…“ 
easel, typewriter, yarn, metal frame lawn chair, adetail of a rot iron fence, green ottoman, vials ochemicals, plastic legs and a pianodimensions variable2010

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