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2011 Annual Parish Reports

2011 Annual Parish Reports

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Published by Norris Battin
Reports to the parish by our rector, wardens, commissions and staff for 2011
Reports to the parish by our rector, wardens, commissions and staff for 2011

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Published by: Norris Battin on Feb 24, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Rector’sAnnualReport for 2011
He not busy being born is busydying.
Bob Dylan, “It’sAlright,Ma“Where is Don going tocollege?” and “WhenwillPeter retire?”are the two mostfrequently asked questionsof the Haynes’family these days.Our most common answer is, “Don doesn’t yet knowwhichuniversity hewillattend, butbecausehe is going tocollegePeter won’t retire for at least four years.”A more completeanswer isthatDon has appliedto severaluniversities and hopesto attend onethathas an excellent film programsincethatishis love, interest and skill.I reflecta lot about retirement and think aboutitsmeaning, nottiming.I regularly check with trusted friends and colleaguesasto whetheror not I continue to be creative and productiveinministryand am gratified by responseslike, “You’re sixty-five?” and “You are avery young sixty-five!My physician tellsmethatphysically Iam relatively fit and abishop/friend saidinresponse to my usual question, “I can’t imagine you not beingcreative and productive, energetic and childlike.”The “ah-ha” moment on this for me happened shortly after mysixty-fifthbirthdayon July30, 2011, whenBishopBruno (wholater celebrated his sixty-fifthbirthdayon November17, 2011)asked, “Peter, when are you going to retire?”; without thinkingI immediately responded “Fourmonthsbefore you do, Jon, myfriend!”I have celebratedtheirretirement with contemporariesin2011:The Reverends Lynn Jay fromSaintStephensinSantaClarita, Reese Riley fromSaintPaul’sinTustin, Brad Kareliusfrom theChurchof theMessiahinSanta Ana and Ann Coburn fromtheChurchDivinitySchoolof the Pacific (CDSP)inBerkeley.Likethese beloveds, Ianticipateliving many yearsafter retiring andwillretire when I am no longer beingcreative and productiveinministry, or whenCanonLaw saysI must.Until then Iwillhope and praythatI am busy beingborn.”
“Long-termpastorate” is the professional term for my havingbeenyourrectorsincethe First Sunday of Advent 1987, andthereis much helpful materialinprofessional resources about makingsuchministryproductive and creative.For me the mostdifficultministryis burying those I have loved for almosttwenty-five years;in2011these included Gretchen Holland,Barbara Hoff, Bob Sattler, Carol Berg, John Reed, Bette Moses,Madonna Freyling, Janet Johnson,Bill Rowerdink and RussellRees.Theircontinuing presence,alongsidethatof friends andcolleagues George McClaren, Gordon Yeaton and John Davis, makeourParishChurch, and particularly our Memorial Garden justoutside myofficewindow, a most precious place.An advantage of “long-termpastorate” is trust.After yearstogether you knowwhoI am and I knowwhoyou are.We trustedsufficientlymore thana decade ago to accomplish “BuildingOurFaith” and havea first-rateParishCenter with classrooms,multi-purpose space, places foryouth, andstate-of-the-artkitchen, nursery and offices.Formore thana decade we haveknownthatchange was neededinour sanctuary:Wouldwe repair,or restore, or renovate, or remodel?While I yearn to implement the full vision of “BuildingOurFaith II”,I sincerely hopethatsoon wewillclean and bringthatfacility upto code, fix what is broken, paint, andre-carpet (while eliminating carpetingwhereverpossible).Gladlyit seems to methatthe challenge is of finances, not one oftrust.2011 was a year of significant transitions:my friend andcolleague, ourAssociatePriest, relocated at the end ofJanuary, I chose to replace our wonderful InterimMinisterofMusic, and our belovedMinisterof Religious Education retiredon June30.I understoodTeri Corbet’s decision to retire and The Rev’dMartha Korienek’s acceptance of a call to theEpiscopal Churchof OurSaviourinherhometownChicagos Lincoln Parkneighborhood.The guidance of thecommittee(Pat Albers, MaryBailey, Norris Battin, Chris Hane, Steve Morris, John Stahr,Louise Stover) searching for our newMinisterofMusicencouragedmethatmy choiceon January18 when we observed the ConfessionofSaintPeter the Apostle of StephenBlackwas right.This hasprovedtrueasStephen continues wonderfully ourcherished heritage ofministrywithmusicherewell-led during
my tenure by David Clemensen, Tim Getz, Rodger Whitten, andour
, Burton Karson.“A Busy Place:SaintMichael&All Angels” was the title ofCindy Christenson’s “On Faith: Newport’s CongregationsinAction” columnintheJanuary 21issue of theNewport BeachIndependent.We were busy throughout 2011!OnJanuary 23, Murry McClaren hosted a “Greeter’sLunch.Thosewhoare our “Greeters”/“Hosts”on Sundaymornings visitedlocalchurches, synagogues and mosques to learn how other faithcommunities welcome visitors and newcomers.While we discoveredhow we can greet more hospitably, I was impressed by howwellour faithful already do thisministryamongus.BishopDiane Jardine Bruce and The Rev’d Martha Korienek led“Expressive Spirituality” for women of Deaneries Nine andTenhereon January29.Lynn Headley, Corinne Stover, Louise Stover,Melinda Rader, Beth Bianchi, Mary Ellen Sindt, AnnWatt, AdelleYeaton and Rusty Vail Delafkaran wereamongattendees.What aprivilegeit was to be able to host this day for directionindiscovering spiritualityinlife.With Mike Ortt’s direction and supervision, Sean-PatrickHarrison replaced thirty-four feet of wood benches withconcretebenchesaround ourbarbequeintheParishPatioon February4-5.This involvedtwenty-five donors and sixty-one volunteersworkingtwo hundred and fifty-five hours!On mywrittenmaterialinthe search process throughwhichyoucalled me to be yourrector, I saidthatI was “a child of the60’s.”By this I meantthatI understood change to be life’scharacteristic; someherehad other associations with thel960s.So when Frances and I took Don to see “Hair” at theOrangeCountyPerforming Arts Centeron February6, I was veryinterested to learn his response.Don had two questions:thefirst was “Did you dothat,Dad?And the second was “Did youreally think you could change the world?”My answers were “no”and “yes”.It was agoodrevival and we were delightedto find ourselves seated with The Rev’dDr.Sarah Halverson ofnearby Fairview CommunityChurch.My spiritual director and mentorsincel975, The Very Rev’dWilliam Power Clancey, Jr., diedon January26.So I especiallywelcomedthe retreat of CDSP’sBoard of Trusteesat TheBishop’sRanchinHealdsburginearly February before beingprivilegedtopreach at the two celebrations of Bill’s life:February 13at

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