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What You Don't Know About Testosterone Could Be Costing You More Than You Think

What You Don't Know About Testosterone Could Be Costing You More Than You Think

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Published by uniquegreatness
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For More Information About Testosterone...

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Categories:Types, Reviews
Published by: uniquegreatness on Feb 24, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Dangers Affecting Testosterone Levels
New Discovery on Natural Testosterone Formulahttp://sacrededen.go2cloud.org/SHM It is no surprise that testosterone levels in males are dropping significantly. Many maleshave no idea why this happens, and some have accepted it as part of life. It may be partof life to some but to others it is premature aging at its best, or rather a death sentence.Low testosterone levels can put a damper on life by affecting various areas of a man’slife. When levels of this male hormone drop, you won't just have sexual problems. It canalso affect your mood, weight, and concentration.Testosterone plays a big role throughout a man's life. The hormone is the prime driver of puberty, responsible for the deepening of the voice, the development of muscles, andthe growth of pubic hair. Without testosterone, there would be no beards or mustaches,since it regulates facial hair. Sperm production falls under testosterone's control. In sum,it's the hormone that makes a man a man, and it is what gives men their appetite for sex.While a decline in blood testosterone may be a normal part of aging and the mostcommon cause of low testosterone, it is not the only one. Testicular cancer, as well asthe chemo and radiation used to treat it, can deplete a man's levels of the hormone.Pituitary and thyroid diseases, as well as injuries to the testes, can also drain your testosterone.
Low Testosterone Severely Affects The Body
Testosterone is more than just fuel for a sex machine. Low testosterone levels can alsocause: Decreases in bone density, which can lead to osteoporosis.Diminishing ability to concentrate, as well as irritability and depression.Increases in body fat, particularly in the midsection, where the buildup puts them atheightened risk for type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and certain cancers.
The Everyday Dangers
The # 1 dangerous habit that nobody talks about is cell phones. A 2010 interphonestudy in yahoo health concluded “people who chatted via cell for just 30 minutes a dayfor just 10 years saw the risk of glioma(the type of brain tumor that killed Ted Kennedy)rise 40 percent.”According to Tim Ferriss in his book
the 4 hour body 
…”more than a handful of studiesshowed significant decreases in serum testosterone in rats following even moderateexposure (30 minutes per day, 5 days per week, for 4 weeks) to 900 megahertz radiofrequency electro-magnetic fields (EMF), which is what most GSM cell phonesproduce.” Tim continues “ of the dozens of studies that I found, most done in Europe,more than 70% concluded the same thing: cell phone radiation impairs sperm function.”Carrying a cell phone in your pocket near your penis can dramatically reduce spermcount. In fact Ferriss tripled his own sperm count when he simply stopped carrying a cellphone in his pocket. So please keep the phone away from your pockets!
The second danger identified is the increase in stress levels. Eighty percent of Americans stated that the economy is a significant cause of stress with 50% beingincreasingly stressed about their ability to provide for their family’s basic needs.But there’s more than financial stress and job stress…There’s also emotional stress andinformation stress. We live in a constant state of information bombardment andpermanent noise form every screen in the room, including our can’t live without cellphones…and that the brain has trouble blocking. This generates anxiety because of allthese stimuli competing for our attention, and even guilt from unfinished tasks, goals,and promises…Stress is the root cause of over 80% of all disease.Stress contributes to heart disease, high blood pressure, strokes…it lowers your digestive function, immune system and decreases your testosterone levels. You cannotfeel confident and perform at your best when you are stressed…Keep in mind thatstress increases your level of cortisol, the death hormone, and decreases your testosterone. Testosterone levels rises as you sleep, particularly during dreams. Somake sure you get enough sleep. Also 5 to 10 minutes of silence per day should help tolower your stress level.
The third dangerous trend is estrogen -promoting toxins, especially plastics. Strengthand performance coach Charles Poloquin believes high levels of plastics can lower testosterone levels. Apparently people who drink out of plastic bottles a lot have highplastic level readings and lower testosterone levels. Plastics are the #1 pollutants of thehuman species. They are everywhere…from plastic forks and knives, to plastic bottles.Even the global water supply is contaminated by them.The foreign estrogens in plastics and pesticides act like ‘environmental hormones’, anddisrupt the natural hormones in both humans and wildlife! This is a seriousenvironmental hazard! Estrogen is typically a female hormone and high levels in malesare responsible for excess fat and lower test levels.In fact, too many estrogens without the right level of testosterone to oppose them willmost certainly result in cancer…according to some health experts such as David Wolfe.The situation is so severe that the average level of estrogen in 54 year old males, ishigher than the level of estrogen in 59 year old women…and men are losing their prostates from it.The good news is that high test levels will automatically lower estrogen levels…and youwill soon find out how to naturally increase your testosterone levels. Meanwhile pleaseremember that heat makes plastics unstable; therefore do not microwave your food inplastic containers or let your water bottle stay out in the sun for long periods of time.Plastic will leak into your food and drinks.Also avoiding bottled water for the very same reason…Plastic bottles are blown fromplastic tubes, at very high temperatures and then immediately filled with water withoutwaiting for the plastic molecules to stabilize.
Diet and Nutrition
The forth trend is and probably the most is your diet and nutrition. We have given up onthe real foods we used to eat…compare our modern diet based on cereals and sugarswith our ancestor’s diet…Our primal ancestors ate the fattest animal they could hunt.

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