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Published by The Guillotine

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Published by: The Guillotine on Feb 25, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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(3) B. Beyer D;5-1(3) B. Beyer D;5-1(1) M. Lundeen F;6:00(1) M. Lundeen F;2:27(4) A. Nissen D;18-12(3) B. Beyer F;2:29(2) W. Becker F;0:36(2) W. BeckerT. Hopen(6) M. Bisek F;3:05(3) B. Beyer(4) A. Nissen(5) S. Tibbets F;4:50C. Greenley(1) M. Lundeen(1) Mitchell Lundeen (FB) So [30-5]BYEBYECamron Greenley (DGF) Fr [3-13](5) Spencer Tibbets (DR) Fr [16-18]Austin Bacon (UNC) 7 [6-24]BYE(4) Andrew Nissen (BCLB) Fr [27-10](3) Byron Beyer (FRA) Fr [20-10]BYEHunter Roller (WM) 7 [2-18](6) Mike Bisek (MW) 8 [12-22]Tristen Hopen (WHAN) 8 [2-24]BYEBYE(2) Wyatt Becker (GBMR) Fr [31-7](2) W. Becker M;17-6(6) M. Bisek M;11-2(4) A. Nissen F;0:47(5) S. Tibbets F;3:45(2) Wyatt Becker (GBMR)(2) W. Becker F;6:00(6) M. Bisek D;6-4(5) S. Tibbets(6) M. BisekC. Greenley(5) S. Tibbets F;2:10(6) M. Bisek M;14-2T. HopenBYETristen Hopen (WHAN)A. Bacon(6) Mike Bisek (MW)H. Roller(5) Spencer Tibbets (DR)BYECamron Greenley (DGF)BYEBYEHunter Roller (WM)BYEBYEAustin Bacon (UNC)BYEBYE
106  2012 MN Section 8a Individual 
 1 2 141517168081175Third PlaceFifth Place 6768 1618283134133176Champion
 Loser ofLoser of1 Loser of17 16 Loser of 15 Loser of 14 Loser of 80 Loser of 81Loser of 133 Loser of 134 Loser of 
(4) Andrew Nissen (BCLB)
February 24 & 25, 2012
Kreider PC Tournaments, LLC - InTournament www.pctournaments.com 
S. Neisen(4) Tommy Tellers (UNC)(3) Hunter Olson (FB)BYE(1) D. Dostal D;7-5(2) A. Skillings D;3-2(1) D. Dostal D;13-6(1) D. Dostal F;0:29(4) T. Tellers F;0:24(3) H. Olson(2) A. Skillings F;2:32(2) Austin Skillings (FRA) Fr [22-16]Shawn Neisen (MW) 8 [6-17]BYE(3) Hunter Olson (FB) Fr [25-5](4) Tommy Tellers (UNC) 8 [27-9]Spencer Kaufman (WHAN) Fr [2-22]Chris Morlan (DR) Fr [4-18](1) Devin Dostal (GBMR) 8 [30-7]Chris Morlan (DR)S. Kaufman
113 2012 MN Section 8a Individual 
181920 8485177Third PlaceFifth Place
S. Neisen D;12-5Shawn Neisen (MW)Spencer Kaufman (WHAN)S. NeisenS. Kaufman F;1:41(3) H. Olson F;0:39(4) T. Tellers F;6:00(4) T. Tellers D;2-0
16286 136135178Champion
Loser of1Loser of1 Loser of2Loser of8Loser of8Loser of135 Loser of136 
February 24 & 25, 2012
Kreider PC Tournaments, LLC - InTournament www.pctournaments.com 
(6) K. Michalek(4) Grant Jepson (FRA)(3) Steven Henderson (FB)(6) Kyle Michalek (BCLB)(1) I. Novacek F;4:20(2) K. Lefebvre D;9-2(1) I. Novacek F;6:00(1) I. Novacek F;1:48(4) G. Jepson M;8-0(3) S. Henderson D;7-2(2) K. Lefebvre F;5:30(2) Kole Lefebvre (MW) So [33-4](7) Micah Aho (UNC) So [14-15](6) Kyle Michalek (BCLB) Fr [18-15](3) Steven Henderson (FB) So [16-11](4) Grant Jepson (FRA) 8 [28-10](5) Wyatt Whiteaker (DGF) So [12-15]Ben Kolling (RLCC) 8 [5-21](1) Isaac Novacek (GBMR) Sr [36-0]Ben Kolling (RLCC)(3) S. Henderson
120 2012 MN Section 8a Individual 
212224238788179Third PlaceFifth Place
(6) K. Michalek D;7-5(7) Micah Aho (UNC)(5) Wyatt Whiteaker (DGF)(6) K. Michalek D;8-4(5) W. Whiteaker F;0:29(5) W. Whiteaker D;3-1(4) G. Jepson M;18-6(4) G. Jepson D;4-2
Loser of21Loser of2Loser of2Loser of2Loser of8Loser of8Loser of137 Loser of138 
February 24 & 25, 2012
Kreider PC Tournaments, LLC - InTournament www.pctournaments.com 

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