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IHA Online eCourse Faculty Agreement

IHA Online eCourse Faculty Agreement

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Published by Austin de Rossi

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Published by: Austin de Rossi on Feb 25, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Institute of Healing Arts Online Content Provider Agreement
This Agreement is made effective this _______ day of ____________, 20__, between TheInstitute of Healing Arts Online Campus (“IHA Online”) and____________________________, aneCourse content provider (“Provider”).WHEREAS, the Provider has the desire to provide eCourse(s) for IHA Online; andWHEREAS, IHA Online has the desire to market and publish eCourse(s) from the Provider, NOW THEREFORE, in consideration of the mutual promises and representations contained herein, the parties execute this agreement in the spirit of love, mutual respect and integrity, and agree as follows:
Institute of Healing Arts Online Commitments
IHA Online agrees to maintain the website www.IHAOnlineCampus.com (“website”) whereProviders can publish their complete, approved eCourse(s) (“course”).2.
IHA Online reserves the right to review, edit, approve or refuse any content submitted for  publication on the website, and shall be entitled to develop, alter, edit, proof content, addgraphics, convert files, adjust formatting, capitalization, punctuation, and spelling of the course toconform to the company's style, format, and intended audience.a.
IHA Online does not have the right to change the intended message contained in thecourse. b.
To that end, it shall offer the Provider opportunity to review and approve or reject suchedits to the course prior to electronic publication and distribution of the course.3.
IHA Online commits to publish complete, approved course(s) on the website and to use its bestefforts to market and promote the Provider’s course.a.
The marketing and promotional efforts of IHA Online shall include, but are not limitedto: marketing campaigns, magazine, newspaper, radio and postcard advertisements, socialmedia, blogs, newsletters, web pages, SEO marketing, testimonials, user reviews, affiliatelinks, cross-marketing campaigns, email, ad exchanges, link exchanges, bonus gift offers,give-a-ways, and/or other online or traditional marketing efforts. b.
IHA Online will also support the Provider in their cross-marketing efforts by providingcopy, banner ads, buttons, and/or any other marketing tools developed for this purpose.IHA Online believes that engaging in cross-marketing is a matter of integrity and isnecessary for the success of the IHA Online family of educators. We trust that in love and
light we can all work together in a cooperative effort to support and honor the investmentof both Providers and IHA Online.4.
IHA Online retains the right, at its sole discretion, to distribute excerpts of the Provider’s courseto print, broadcast, and electronic publications or to the general public for marketing purposes.5.
IHA Online agrees to respect and utilize its best efforts to protect Provider’s proprietary coursecontent.6.
In consideration and compensation for the Provider’s course, IHA Online promises to payroyalties to the Provider of forty percent (40%) of all net receipts for complete, approved and published courses.a.
 Net receipts being defined as: final course sales, after refunds or credit card rejections arecalculated. b.
IHA Online shall pay royalties via check or a PayPal account within 60 (sixty) daysfollowing the end of the calendar month in which the course sale occurred.7.
IHA Online will provide access to the Provider to view the Enrollment Report for their course(s)at www.IHAOnlineCampus.com.8.
In accordance with United States federal tax law, IHA Online requires and keeps on file a W-9Tax Form for Providers who are Unites States citizens, and will only list and promote thecourse(s) after this form has been received (see Addendum A).
 9.IHA Online is responsible for processing customer's payment and making the course available tocustomers on www.IHAOnlineCampus.com.10.IHA Online retains the rights to customer data, lists and marketing information collected in thecourse of promoting or delivering Provider’s course to the public.11.IHA Online will, at its sole discretion, set the price for course(s). See Addendum B to thisagreement for current course pricing.12.IHA Online retains the right to terminate this agreement at any time, without compensation to theProvider beyond what eCourse(s) have already been sold and deemed as final, by providingwritten notice to the Provider of intended date of termination.II.
Provider Commitments
Provider agrees to provide course content to IHA Online to market, promote, sell and distributeon Provider’s behalf.a.
Provider hereby certifies that the language and contents or course are not plagiarizedfrom any other source, are not misrepresentations of facts, and do not breach privacy,libel or slander any other party. Provider assumes full responsibility for any damagesresulting from claims to the contrary.
The Provider certifies that for Work(s) previously published in whole or in part, thatProvider currently holds all copyrights and licenses to the Work and is legally permittedto enter into this Agreement.2.
While IHA Online offers services in editing and basic product development, Provider agrees tosubmit course content in reasonable condition and in a timely manner.a.
Content submitted must be proofread, grammatically sound, well formatted, and spell-checked prior to submission. b.
Provider further agrees to review and approve IHA Online edits to submitted contentwithin seven (7) days of receiving notification of revisions.c.
Provider agrees to submit complete eCourse content within sixty (60) days following theexecution of this agreement.3.
Provider hereby grants to IHA Online the non-exclusive right to electronically market and selltheir course in a digital format, and understands that IHA Online asserts no copyright or exclusivity claims to the course content.4.
Provider grants permission to IHA Online to market and promote their content as outlined abovein section I.3. (a.)(b.), and agrees to remit sixty percent (60%) of royalty net receipts to IHAOnline in exchange for said marketing efforts outlined in section I.6.(a) of this agreement.5.
Provider hereby gives IHA Online consent to use their name, pen name, photograph, personalstory, biographical material or likeness for the purpose of advertising and promoting the course,and hereby waives all claims for compensation for such use.6.
Provider agrees to cross-market their course(s) published though IHA Online.a.
Cross-marketing shall include promoting their IHA Online course(s) through: advertisingcourse(s) on Provider’s web site, blog, newsletter, to social media contacts; and/or bysending email notifications to customer lists; and/or by promoting the course throughradio, webinar or any other reasonable marketing channels the Provider is currentlyutilizing or has access to. b.
Provider agrees that it is of mutual benefit to advertise and cross-market their course(s)available through IHA Online at least four (4) times per calendar year while their course(s) are published Provider agrees to engage in cross-marketing and to notify IHAOnline when said advertising has occurred either by email atadmin@ihaonlinecampus.com, or by adding the IHA Online email address to their distribution list. Provider understands that engaging in cross-marketing is a matter of integrity and is necessary for the success of the IHA Online family of educators. We trustthat in love and light we can all work together in a cooperative effort to support andhonor the investment of both Providers and IHA Online. We expect everyone to do their  part in marketing the courses. By signing this contract, you agree to fully participate inthe cross-marketing plan.7.
Provider will not sell their own eCourse though any other channel for less than the set eCourse price offered by IHA Online.

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