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G325 A2 Markscheme June11

G325 A2 Markscheme June11

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Published by Julie Thrasher
G325 A2 Markscheme June11
G325 A2 Markscheme June11

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Published by: Julie Thrasher on Feb 26, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Oxford Cambridge and RSA Examinations
Advanced GCEUnit
Critical Perspectives in Media
Media StudiesMark Scheme for June 2011
 OCR (Oxford Cambridge and RSA) is a leading UK awarding body, providing a wide range of qualifications to meet the needs of pupils of all ages and abilities. OCR qualifications includeAS/A Levels, Diplomas, GCSEs, OCR Nationals, Functional Skills, Key Skills, EntryLevel qualifications, NVQs and vocational qualifications in areas such as IT, business,languages, teaching/training, administration and secretarial skills.It is also responsible for developing new specifications to meet national requirements and theneeds of students and teachers. OCR is a not-for-profit organisation; any surplus made isinvested back into the establishment to help towards the development of qualifications andsupport which keep pace with the changing needs of today’s society.
This mark scheme is published as an aid to teachers and students, to indicate the requirementsof the examination. It shows the basis on which marks were awarded by Examiners. It does notindicate the details of the discussions which took place at an Examiners’ meeting before markingcommenced.All Examiners are instructed that alternative correct answers and unexpected approaches incandidates’ scripts must be given marks that fairly reflect the relevant knowledge and skillsdemonstrated.Mark schemes should be read in conjunction with the published question papers and the Reporton the Examination.OCR will not enter into any discussion or correspondence in connection with this mark scheme.© OCR 2011Any enquiries about publications should be addressed to:OCR PublicationsPO Box 5050AnnesleyNOTTINGHAMNG15 0DLTelephone: 0870 770 6622Facsimile: 01223 552610E-mail: publications@ocr.org.uk
G325 Mark Scheme June 2011
The maximum mark for this paper is 100.Section A: Theoretical Evaluation of Production
1 (a) Explain how far your understanding of the conventions of existing mediainfluenced the way you created your own media products. Refer to a range of examples in your answer to show how this understanding developed over time. [25]
Candidates will need to refer to their work for the Foundation Portfolio
Advanced Portfolio.Additionally, they
make reference to other media production work but this is
Level 1 (0-9 marks)
The answer is descriptive and may offer limited clarity. There is little, if any, evaluation of progress. Examples are partly relevant and their significance in relation to existing media andoutcomes is partly clear. The answer offers minimal use of relevant media terminology.Some simple ideas have been expressed. There will be some errors of spelling, punctuation andgrammar which will be noticeable and intrusive. Writing may also lack legibility.
Level 2 (10-15 marks)
Candidates offer a mostly clear, partly relevant and narrow range of examples of research andplanning and the importance of the examples in relation to existing media. The account of progress made is limited. Examples are described with some discussion of their significance inrelation to decisions and outcomes. The answer makes basic use of relevant media terminology.Some simple ideas have been expressed in an appropriate context. There are likely to be someerrors of spelling, punctuation and grammar of which some may be noticeable and intrusive.
Level 3 (16-20 marks)
There is some sense of progression and of how examples have been selected, and some usefuldescriptions of media conventions. Progress made is described and evaluated with clarity.Candidates offer a mostly clear, mostly relevant and reasonable range of examples of mediaconventions in relation to decisions and outcomes. The answer makes proficient use of mediaterminology throughout, with research, planning and production terms handled very well.Relatively straightforward ideas have been expressed with some clarity and fluency. Argumentsare generally relevant, though may stray from the point of the question. There will be someerrors of spelling, punctuation and grammar but these are unlikely to be intrusive or obscuremeaning.
Level 4 (21-25 marks)
There is a clear sense of progression and of how examples have been selected, and a range of articulate reflections on media conventions. There is a fluent evaluation of progress made over time. Candidates offer a broad range of specific, relevant and clear examples of mediaconventions in relation to decisions and outcomes. The use of media terminology and research,planning and production terms is excellent.

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