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New in the Apple iBookstores

New in the Apple iBookstores

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Published by Beau to Beau Books
The latest in the Apple iBookstores from Beau to Beau Books. Our website is http://www.beautobeau.com
The latest in the Apple iBookstores from Beau to Beau Books. Our website is http://www.beautobeau.com

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Published by: Beau to Beau Books on Feb 26, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The latest in the Apple iBookstores from Beau to Beau Books as well as Romancing EroticaBooks:
Leo has eagerly awaited his first real world job for years and opening the door to J Men’s Designs is a sure ticket to a longand lucrative future. The owners are wealthy, egotistical, and have contacts the world over. When asked to meet with aninfluential client, Leo escorts one of the J men to a penthouse suite. The man who holds his future in his hands has made plans for many evenings, to be sure, but not with clients. The sexy man known as Pierre is determined to show Leo that‘variety is the spice of life’, and he leaves him with a wink. But Leo is engaged to be married, and straight as an arrow, or so he thought.The sexy Artie Eaton whose legal name is R 2 D-Two (courtesy of his Star Wars obsessed parents) did not have atraditional childhood. Left mainly to his own devices, he never knew love until he met Randy. The two men, each with acomplicated past, give each other what is missing in their lives as they build a dream life together. When the dark sides of their lives collide, trouble begins. Secrets from their pasts, coupled with harsh and hurtful words, tear them apart.Moving on, each man tries to find happiness but deep down they both feel unworthy of true happiness. Randy, who had been lovingly nicknamed “Panda”, seems to have found happiness without Artie, but has he? Is Artie, the man who gaveRandy the endearing nickname, happy without him or does he have no other choice but to live with a Panda heart andwithout his Panda?
The reclusive Wolf family live deep in the woods and Maddy has been hired as nanny to their two boys while the Wolf couple are away. According to rumor they are leaving for their yearly feeding frenzy but knowing that Wolf is their lastname and not what they are, Maddy pays no attention to idle hearsay. When she arrives at the secluded house, she isstunned to find that the two boys are grown men. Instructed to satisfy their needs, she has been strongly cautioned never to follow them when they retreat into the woods for extended periods of time. Maddy makes herself comfortable in thehuge stone mansion in the woods not expecting the brothers to demand the unthinkable of her, each drawn to her by hisown primal instinct.April and her husband have an agreement. Each is free to do whatever he or she pleases as long as they never share thehorny details of their extramarital conquests. When her husband is called to duty overseas for a year, April takes aninterest in her sexy neighbor. But the man is no fool. He has known a lot of married women like April who use andabuse, and the little vixen has obviously heard the stories about him. Rumor has it that the sexy man is packing more thanmost women can handle. All April wants to do is separate fact from fiction. What harm can come from that?
The man with whom Whitney will spend the day is new to her and she is urged to quicken her pace as she is led to theusual place and provided the usual instructions. The man welcomes her though he remains hidden from her. His deep baritone voice is sexy and as he paints her, Whitney daydreams of the two of them together. In her dream he is touchingher and making love to her. When she opens her eyes he is real. The man with the deep sultry voice is naked, as is she,and he is coming toward her. This day is unlike any she has spent here and she wonders if the agency may have made amistake but she has been cautioned never to question the artist.On the fast track to the top rung of the corporate ladder, Nathan is a junkie and money is his drug. Sent to Appalachia tothin out the herd and rid the company of coal miners and close mines where productivity has fallen short of expectations, Nathan poses as one of their own in an effort to win the trust of the miners. With his fake Southern drawl and coal miner attire he is easily accepted as a fellow miner. Assumed to be new to the industry he is quickly taken under the wing of theson of a proud mining family. As his identity becomes divided, Nathan feels as if he has been split down the middle. Ishe Nathan, the money hungry executive, or is he Nathan, the coal miner who is falling hard for a man whose way of life isin jeopardy?

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