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Published by Jasper
Sanctuary - experience the magnificent aura of Heaven.
Author: Jasper 'Jappy' G. Suarez
Released: Feb. 26, 2012
Sanctuary - experience the magnificent aura of Heaven.
Author: Jasper 'Jappy' G. Suarez
Released: Feb. 26, 2012

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Published by: Jasper on Feb 26, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 By Jasper ³Jappy´ G. Suarez
Peace is still unknown in a war« freedom still cannot be prevailed in a war.Angels and demons have no peace to be declared. This war has gone endless; an eternalconflict between angels and demons headed by the archangels and Foremost Evils and itsdemon minions. Zadkiel, an archangel who rules Tall Heaven and stands in the presenceof God sent the Tall Heaven archangels to the world of asylum where never-ending war is situated.Decades ago, Yerachmiel, the younger brother of Zadkiel, an archangel createdthe world of asylum which was aided by Zadkiel to provide as an extension of TallHeaven. Yerachmiel created the asylum to place a locality of the civilian of the TallHeaven. Lord Zadkiel has agreed with Yerachmiel wanted to do and it was to make aworld of their people. He agreed whereas the Tall Heaven will be permanently the sacredworld of archangels and angel warriors. He left Yerachmiel and allowed him to build hisown world beyond Tall Heaven. Twenty years later, the world of asylum became amagnificent, serene place where angels live.In the underworld called the Blazing Hell, ruled by the head of the Foremost EvilsMalphas, the Lord of Hatred banished his daughter Nevar for disobeying him. Nevar hasgone hopeless as what she knew but when she goes through her unknown path she washeading, she found the world of freedom, known as the world of asylum. She turned into be a buoyant demon but when she saw an archangel, she used her shape shifting abilityand finally she totally looks like a human. Yerachmiel did not notice the evil sense thathas entered his world. Nevar worked at Yerachmiel¶s palace. As time goes by, she¶sgetting the archangel¶s full attention until one sweet day, they found love.Years later, on the middle term of a year, Nevar was about to give birth to aninnocent child when everybody heard a blasting voice of a demon. That time she knewthat his father Malphas was already awakened and began to open the demonic portal to a
forbidden gate that serves as the boundary of Tall Heaven and Blazing Hell that wascreated by Lord Zadkiel. Yerachmiel knows that having an affair between angels anddemons was an abomination to each side yet he could not resist the temptation brought by Nevar. Malphas has blown and sent the terror to the world of asylum. He raised thedemon warriors and began to unleash the power of the Foremost Evils.Phanuel, Zadkiel¶s nephew, an angel who foresees the future dreamed about theincident two days before it happened. Zadkiel rapidly opened the Heaven¶s Gate andcalled the Heroes of Light to send to the world of asylum. Gabriel, the archangel head of the Heroes of Light, was told to protect his brother Yerachmiel whenever Malphas triesto make his brother vanished and deport him to the world of lost souls. Nevar tried tosave her daughter but it was too late. A blood raven arrived in the world of asylum blazing at the clouds and blew a rage of fire onto the city. The blood raven appeared intois an eerie, devastating, and huge demon ± it was the Lord of Hatred, Malphas.It was not too late for the Heroes of Light but the asylum was totally damagedwhen they arrived. Gabriel saw Yerachmiel unconscious at the same time as he saw ademon kills a woman carrying a baby. He casted an angelic portal and broughtYerachmiel back to the Tall Heaven. Archangel Laoth, who has the ability to thwartdemons remain to restore the world of asylum with the aid of Azrael, the archangel of death.Weeks later, Yerachmiel remained unconscious whereas Phanuel had a nightmareregarding about the destruction of the world though it was still unclear. He has to tell it toZadkiel when suddenly Ouriel, an archangel whose mind was corrupted by Malphashastily vanished him. Zadkiel had to know about Phanuel¶s dream that the world will betotally nowhere to be found when the Foremost Evils perform a demonic ritual giving allthe destructing power to Malphas¶ granddaughter ± to be the Goddess of Destruction thatno one can stop. Hours later, an angry outburst has shaken the Tall Heaven. Metatron sawthe demonic portal. He wondered how it happened; he swiftly warped to the HeavenlyTower and told Zadkiel what happened in the Tall Heaven palace. That time Zadkielknew that Malphas wanted to destroy the Tall Heaven and create an extension of theBlazing Hell.
After the angry outburst caused by Ouriel, Yerachmiel has awaken. Metatron feltguilty about the incident. He decided to go beyond the Tall Heaven and tried to get thechild and face Malphas. He was not strong enough to do that thing and was unfortunate ata time that he was fallen and cursed by the petty demon Adramelech with an aid of Semiazas, an arch demon and the right hand of Buer who is one of the Foremost Evils.Zadkiel was afraid from Malphas¶ intention so he decided to destroy the world of asylum.He was about to perform an offensive and dangerous move when suddenly Yerachmielrapidly forced to break the ritual. This made other archangels unconscious.Two days later, Buer planned to attack the Tall Heaven together with the strongdukes of Blazing Hell Haures, Astaroth, and Balam. Furfur, one of the counts of hell,younger brother of Malphas, and one of the Foremost Evils commanded the demonwarriors to bring terror at the world of asylum instantaneously. In the middle of the night,Belial, Lord of all counts of hell told Malphas to begin the ultimate demonic ritual assoon as possible before Zadkiel use the ultimate and the strongest power of the HeavenlyTower that it might enclose the Blazing Hell with a permanent lightning fury that couldkill with just a touch.Zadkiel imprisoned Yerachmiel for breaking the ritual. He immediately calledRaphael to save the other archangels left in the world of asylum. He was still puzzled bythe things happened; he has no idea about what to do next. Suddenly, a strike of lightning passed through his body and made him unconscious. Hours later, clouds were about tocover to entire world of asylum. Raphael found Laoth and Azrael standing and looks likethey were about to prepare to attack him. Laoth was about to throw a deadly raging swordonto Raphael when suddenly a huge and thick clouds with magnetic force blocked hisway at the same time as Gabriel arrived and told Raphael that he has to restore the sanityof the both corrupted archangels.As Gabriel fought to protect Raphael whereas he was performing a ritual, Sabraelfound the demonic portal in the Tall Heaven catacombs. He saw a huge demon minions preparing for an attack to the Tall Heaven. He immediately told about it to Haniel andtried to call the Goddess of Light to surround and protect the world of archangels. Whenthe guardians have completely casted the magical circle, a ray of luminous light covers

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