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Ariah Coates Brower Mission Journal

Ariah Coates Brower Mission Journal

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Published by mkbair07
Ariah Coates Brower Mission Journal
Ariah Coates Brower Mission Journal

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Categories:Types, Research, Genealogy
Published by: mkbair07 on Feb 27, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Brower, Ariah Coates 1817-1884 Mission Journal 1869-70Ariah Coates Browerfather of John Taylor Browerfather of George Stephen Browerfather of Stephen Leon BrowerMission Journal  1869(taken from Brower Family Organization 1963-64 News Letters and from a copy of the original handwritten journal in the possession of the Daughters of the Utah Pioneers)Oct. 29, 1869  This morning I left my home for the coast to fulfill a mission, which was opened me onthe 8th of Oct. Two days was spent before I reached the railroad, on the 1st of Nov. at 3p.m. I took thecars, with between 60 and 70 Elders, when a slight collision took place between Salt Wells and Point of the Rock Station on the 2nd day of our trip, injuring two or three of the cars, and bruising Br. Rydalchsright arm and cutting a little slit in Bro. Scenas left cheek. Bro. Galloway from Tooele City was standing atthe time on the platform between the cars, and had it not been for some invisible power moving himinstantly to the ground, could not have escaped instant death.Arrived at Omaha on Friday the 5th, at 10:20 a.m. Left Omaha at 2 p.m. took the St. Jo. Ex. Train toPacific City, then took the coach to Glennwood, arrived at sundown, from thence to my sister-in-laws onfoot some time after dark.7th  Visited and talked upon the principles of the latter day work with great satisfaction to myself and Itrust to those that listened.19th  For the last 11 days I have endeavored to do all that I could for the advance of the cause of truthin visiting and preaching the gospel to my friends. Last Sabbath evening, the 14th, I had the pleasure of lecturing to a crowded house 6 miles below Glenwood in the bottom. The people seem to be veryanxious to hear the Mormon Elders preach. At the close of the meeting a very intelligent young mancome to me and gave me a dollar, he said that it was the last he had. I told him that I had not asked formoney, but he insisted that I should take it and say nothing about it to anyone. The next day he camewhere I was and spent about 5 hours in talking and asking questions about the gospel, which I hadpreached. He became convinced, and is going to be baptized and go to Utah in the spring. But onaccount of his wanting to make an outfit to go with, he wished it to be kept a secret. His name is John S.
Ferris. He thanked the Lord that he had found a Father in the gospel. These things make my heartrejoice, and is a strong testimony to the truth of the latter day work and makes me try to live closer tomy Heavenly Father. In more than one or two more cases I have sown the seed in good ground, and Ithink that it only requires time to develop the same. I can truly say that Pres. Young promises to me arebeing satisfied, yea to the very letter, yea, even more. I have not heard anyone speaking one wordagainst me. And the prospect is flattering that the Elders will do a great work this winter, and will not gohome in the spring empty, but crowned with sheaves, which I most humbly desire.21st  This evening I Preached to a full house, good attention was given. I spoke 1 1/4 hours on the firstprinciples of the gospel. My lungs are quite weak.22nd  This day as well as most of any time was spent in defending the principles of truth. Wrote a letterhome to my family and one to Bishop Merrill. There is quite a disposition among my friends to inquire.23rd  This morning I left Cordelias on my way to Pepin to visit my sister and brother-in-law. Traveledsix miles to the switch of the railroad, but being too late for the cars I went to Bens and took dinner andfrom thence to my nieces, Benjamin Gunsolleys daughter by my sister, Eliza Ann, where I spent the nightand taught her and her husband the principles of truth in my weak way.24th  Being 20 miles from Council Bluffs I started early, but again missed the cars. Not liking to bedisappointed again, I started on foot and made the Point about 2 oclock p.m. where I met the Elderswho started from Utah on the 20th and traveled with them to Rock Island, where we arrived early in themorning.25th  I started this morning north for Pepin, Wisconsin.26th  I arrived at Madison, the junction, and started again at 9:20 p.m. for Prairie du Chien.27th  Arrived at P. du C. at 6 ½ in the a.m. breakfasted, when I found that I was yet 200 miles off frommy friends. I became discouraged, as my money was getting short, went to the ticket office andprocured a ticket to go back to Rock Island, went into the car and took a seat, when I was impressedupon not to go back. I then left the car, gave up my ticket, crossed the river, and 9 ½ p.m. again took thecar for the upper country.28th  I arrived at Oruatonna, Minnesota, from thence I took the car to Caslon. There I was about 60miles from my brother-in-laws, and as there was no railroad from this place to Pepin, so I started on footand traveled 18 miles after 10 oclock p.m., when I landed at Pine Island, a small town, where I got goodaccommodations at an inn.29th  I started this morning soon after 7 oclock, and traveled hard all day, but on account of my feetbeing sore I was not able to go only about 20 miles when I put up for the night.30th  About 2 p.m. I reached the long sought for spot, met with my sister. She was greatly rejoiced atmy presence, the not having seen me for 34 years before. On leaving my boots, I found that my feetwere very sore after which I was obliged to stay in the house for 6 days before I could again get on my
boots. Which time I spent very agreeable in preaching the gospel and expounding the scriptures to myfriends and I sincerely hope that the time has not been spent in vain. Since arriving here I have writtentwo letters, one home and the other to Cordelia.Dec. 6th  I have again got on my boots, and am about, but not without pain. I hope soon to be able toget around and go to preaching again among the people and my desires are that I may, through theblessing of the Lord, be enabled to do much good before returning to my home in Utah.Dec. 7, 8, 9, 10, 11th  My time was mostly occupied in preaching to my friends and expounding thescriptures to them; they do not gainsay anything that I have as yet taught to them.12th  I attended the Methodist Church in Pepin and heard an old fashion sermon the like I had notheard before for over 34 years, but such folly. I was led to explain; my sister is a member of the church.In the evening I visited at Mr. Lockwoods, who lives about 1 ¼ miles from my sister. They seem to bevery much interested, and I had great liberty and before it was over was solicited to make anappointment for Wednesday evening the 15th. At which time they told me they would invite some of their friends to hear also. Mr. L. is using his influence to procure a place in Pepin for me to speakpublicly. I think there is some wheat in this place.Dec 13  This day was mostly spent in studying the scriptures, for I find that I am very deficient in them,because I have not applied myself in the past as faithfully as I might have done. The balance of the timewas spent in teaching.14 - This day I spent as most of the time has been since I arrived, with the exception of helping mybrother-in-law a little. I feel to acknowledge that the Lord is with me all the time, and that is help, on theaccount of which, up to the present time, there has no one been able to successfully compete with meon the scriptures. The power by which I teach is a mystery to them all; some begin to believe.15  The day was spent in reading. In the evening I attended an invitation at Mr. Lockwoods, who hadinvited a few of his friends to listen to my instruction. We had a very pleasant time, and when weparted it was 11 oclock p.m. and I am satisfied that good will yet be done in this place.16  Today my sister an myself went across the river to my nieces where I had a good time in talking toMr. White, my nieces husband. Called in some friends in the evening to hear me. We talked till 10oclock, when a good impression was made upon their minds and much prejudice removed. It isastonishing the amount of falsehood that is in circulation concerning the Latter-day Saints. I have hadquestions asked me that I never had dreamed of before. I learned since I have been in the States that Ihad 16 wives at the time I left Nauvoo, 23 years ago. This is quite as correct as most of their knowledgeabout us as a people. We tarried all night, and spent part of the 17th giving instructions to my friends,and got back home in the p.m.18  Was spent in reading and counseling with my friends upon the general principles of the gospel andwriting letters for my sister to her friends in Illinois and Nebraska.

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