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Feb 17 Discussion of December-Bank-Account-Statement Redacted

Feb 17 Discussion of December-Bank-Account-Statement Redacted

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Published by The Daily Caller

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Published by: The Daily Caller on Feb 27, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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December Bank Account Statement Forum summary 2/17
OWS Reform 
-reforming resource and information management from within OWS 
-tax implications of bad accounting-how the funds are received-how the bank account was set up-How did an account get opened in OWS name?-sole proprietor? Corp? Who has access to the funds?-create a template to other Occupy’s so they can set up properly-Set up a main “Occupy” in NY as a non-profit 501c3.-paying 7% of the gross income to company w/ no accounting-This 7% can pay for an accountant very easily-Let every city or occupy run piggyback on “Occupy” cert-‘occupy’ web home page, state, then city, then working group listed-funds can be made specific to a city and a cause-no need for finance and GA to decide who gets how much-Set up the finance on QuickBooks-All accounting downloading from the bank/trust company directly-Reporting at the push of a button-levels of access that can be given-every member of the GA can see what’s going on at any time-TRUE transparency-paying $12,000 a week for food-breakfast is not always served.-could all sit down in a restaurant (McDonalds) and eat cheaper!-get rid of everyone in finance and start over-volunteer in the Kitchen-a lot of donated food-ton of volunteers cooking up batches of pasta, beans, etc.-don’t know what is being purchased that costs $10-12,000 a week-would it be appropriate to get receipts from Kitchen?-also keep track of incredibly generous donations-food budget-big problem was horrific waste-close to half of the food was thrown out (which fits given the numbers)-due to lack of experience in a commercial kitchen-Someone has to be ‘head chef’, Too many cooks spoils the pasta-what to defrost and pre-prepare for an unknown number of visitors?-wackiest restaurant in the world, unlimited # seats-kitchen people sent out for food on occasion. What was up with that?-people who do Liberty Cafe’s work are great resource-not fully utilized-point person asks how many are you feeding?-answers range from uh, 250, to ummm, 500? uh?-He’s a “mover and shaker”-shuts down when OWS’s responses are so duuuhhh-“CHURCH’S possible “SELF-ENRICHMENT”, “EMBEZZLEMENT!”, “COLLUSION”, FRAUD-two accounts ant Amalgamated: and- had no withdrawals in December-balance at 12/31 of $99,549.58- went from $310,168.74 at 12/01 to $147,040.15 at 12/30-Not sure of the deposits if any-based on #’s, approximately 2 months of funding left-accounting claims NO control over who gets what money-untrue, they enforce their interpretation of GA policy-correction: $10k budget for food-expenditures up to 2/16:-donations up to 1/20:-Why not call an independent auditor and have them go over the books?

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