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The Top 12 House Votes Against the Middle Class

The Top 12 House Votes Against the Middle Class

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A rundown of the worst votes in the House of Representatives against American middle-class families during the first session of the 112th Congress.
A rundown of the worst votes in the House of Representatives against American middle-class families during the first session of the 112th Congress.

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Categories:Types, Research
Published by: Center for American Progress on Feb 27, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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1Center for American Progress |  The Top 12 House Votes Against the Middle Class
 The Top 12 House VotesAgainst the Middle Class
Conservative Leaders Put the 1 PercentBefore the 99 Percent Time and Again
February 2012
 A deailed examinaion o he voes cas in he House o Represenaives during he rssession o he 112h Congress reveals ha he conservaive leadership o he cham- ber and heir backbench ea Pary rebrands voed 279 imes agains he ineress o  American middle-class amilies. We can’ lis all 279 o he voes, bu we composed a lis below o he mos egregious ones.Tese voes are emblemaic o he scan concerns conservaives in he House have orour embatled middle class. Unorunaely or hem he public is beginning o noice.Te American people have begun o expressincreased dissaisacionwih HouseRepublicans. Here’s why.
Repealing the Affordable Care Act
Repeal of the Affordable Care Act (H.R. 2):
House Voe14. Adoped 245–189:Republicans 242–0; Democras 3–189 on January 19, 2011
Tis bill called or repealing he Aordable Care Ac, which ensures ha 32 millionpeople will gain insurance coverage, addresses rising healh care coss, and includesimporan consumer proecions agains discriminaory insurance pracices such asdenying coverage o hose wih pre-exising condiions or charging higher raes basedon a paien’s sex, race, or age. Te proposed House bill would resore he provisions o he law amended or repealed by he Aordable Care Ac and repeals cerain provisionso he healh care reconciliaion law wihou oering an alernaive o help he middle
2Center for American Progress |  The Top 12 House Votes Against the Middle Class
class cope wih ever-rising healh care coss. (see he Cener or American Progressanalysis on heconsequences o repealinghe Aordable Care Ac) Te DemocraicSenae has vowed o proec he Aordable Care Ac.
Repeal of Essential Health Care Benefits Section of the Affordable Care Act (H.R. 1Amendment 430):
House Voe141. Adoped 239–183: Republicans 235–2; Democras4–181 on February 19, 2011
Tis amendmen would have barred unds made available in he Aordable Care Acrom being used by he deparmens o Healh and Human Services, Labor, or reasury or issuing regulaions or guidelines dening “essenial benes” as direced by he Aordable Care Ac. According o he law, all healh plans oered in individual andsmall-group markes, including Medicaid sae plans, mus include iems and services wihin a leas 10 caegories—known as essenial healh benes—by 2014.Te caegories are: ambulaory paien services; emergency services; hospializa-ion; maerniy and newborn care; menal healh and subsance use disorder services,including behavioral healh reamen; prescripion drugs; rehabiliaive and habiliaiveservices and devices; laboraory services; prevenive and wellness services, and chronicdisease managemen; and pediaric services, including oral and vision care.I repealed, middle-class amilies in need o aordable insurance coverage would onceagain be a he mercy o insurance companies, which could srucure bene plans oatrac only he healhies paiens—leaving hose who need medical coverage wihounecessary insurance.
Gutting Medicare and Medicaid
Adoption of the Ryan Budget (House Concurrent Resolution 34):
House Voe277. Adoped 235–193: Republicans 235–4; Democras 0–189 on April 15, 2011
Te budge proposed by Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) would have convered Medicaid inoa block-gran program run by individual saes and would have urned Medicare ino a“premium suppor sysem” or hose younger han 55—boh moves ha would sharply raise healh care coss or middle-class amilies. (see he Cener or American Progressanalysis on heRyan Budge) Te legislaion also called or consolidaing he curren six ax brackes o bene he wealhy a he expense o he middle class.
3Center for American Progress |  The Top 12 House Votes Against the Middle Class
 According o he nonparisanCongressional Budge Oce , he Ryan voucher planor Medicare would orce a ypical 65-year-old o pay 68 percen o his or her oalcos o coverage, including premiums, deducibles, and oher ou-o-pocke coss.(see he Cener or American Progress analysis onproposals o urn Medicareino apremium suppor sysem)Similarly, he Ryan plan or Medicaid would have drasic consequences. According ohe CBO, “saes would ace signican challenges in achieving sucien cos savingshrough eciencies o miigae he loss o ederal unding.” Indeed, he CBO said ha“o mainain curren service levels in he Medicaid program, saes would probably needo consider addiional changes, such as reducing heir spending on oher programs orraising addiional revenues. Alernaively, saes could reduce he size o heir Medicaidprograms by cuting paymen raes or docors, hospials, or nursing homes; reducinghe scope o benes covered; or limiing eligibiliy.House Republicans considered all o hese changes so ha conservaives in Congresscould cu corporae axes and lower he op individual ax rae o 25 percen rom hecurren 35 percen level or he wealhies Americans. Te ax cus or he wealhy wereso large ha even wih he massive spending cus in he Ryan budge, i would almoscerainly have caused axes o go up on he middle class o make he numbers add up.(see he Cener or American Progress analysis o heRyan Budge) Tis voe wassoundly deeaedin he Democraic Senae.
Scrapping consumer product safety
Fiscal 2011 Continuing Appropriations, Consumer Product Safety Database (H.R. 1):
House Voe137. Adoped in Commitee o he Whole: 234–187, Republicans 227–10;Democras 7–177 on February 19, 2011
Tis amendmen would have barred he use o unds made available o implemenhe consumer produc saey inormaion daabase esablished under he ConsumerProduc Saey Ac. In March 2011 he Consumer Produc Saey Commission esab-lished he SaerProducs.gov daabase o provide all Americans wih saey inormaionon producs hey have bough or will consider buying. Rachel Weinraub, direcor o produc saey or he Consumer Federaion o America,arguedRepublicans were “ry-ing o pull he plug on a vial consumer resource.”

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