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Published by: Adams County Library System on Feb 27, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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ARTICLE I - DUTIES OF THE BOARDA. The Board is responsible for establishing policies andplans for the System, for its operation, and for generaloversight of the staff.B. The Board approves the annual budget, the payment of allbills, and the incurring of debt for developmentalpurposes.C. The Board is responsible for the staffing of the Systemat a wage scale commensurate with that of the communityand other Public Libraries in the state and to the degreethat available funds permit.D. The Board shall make certain that new Board members areproperly informed with respect to the various financialmatters of the System such as sources of income,operational costs, debts and mortgages, insurance, budget,salaries and endowment.E. The Board shall manage its affairs so as to take maximumadvantage of those resources and services which maybe made available by the federal, state and local governments,by foundations or by any other source.F. In its various deliberations the long-range development of the System shall be an important factor.G. The Board shall endeavor to secure funding to meetapproved budget expenses by initiating and implementingvarious fund raising efforts.H. The Board shall conduct its affairs in accordance with the provisions of theConstitution and By-laws of the System and Robert's Rules of Order.ARTICLE II - DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES OF OFFICERS
The President shall:
 1. Preside at General Membership and Board Meetings.2. Administer in accordance with the provisions of theConstitution and By-Laws of the System and Robert'sRules of Order.3. Appoint the following standing committees:Executive/Finance, Administration/Operations, andPlanning and Development.The President shall endeavor to appoint amajority of the members of a committee who shallhave at least one year of prior membership on thecommittee. In order to preserve continuity of experienced members on each committee in successiveyears, it is essential that appointments be made inrelation to members' terms of office on the Board,as well as their prior committee experience.4. Appoint ad hoc committees as necessary to fulfill Board responsibilities.5. Shall serve as a non-voting member of the Board of the Friends of the Library, or designate a member of the System Board to so serve.6. Serve as an ex officio member of all committees withfull voting rights.7. Act for the Board in maintaining liaison with theDirector except where other Board members are sospecifically charged.8. Co-sign with the Treasurer checks and notes for theSystem.9. Review the arrangements for an independent annual audit of all accounts.The auditor's report shall be completed no later than March 15 unless otherwiseauthorized by the Board.B.
The Vice President shall:
 1. Preside at meetings when the President is absent.2. Carry out the duties and responsibilities of thePresident should the President, because of absence,incapacitation or other reasons, be unable to performthe President's usual role.
3. Be responsible for advising the Board when a Boardmember is in non-compliance with Article IV, SectionB, Sub-Section 1 of the Constitution and By-Laws.4. Be responsible for the preparation of Executive/Finance Committeeand Board meeting agendas.5. Sign checks as authorized by the President.C.
The Secretary shall:
 1. Be responsible for the minutes of the GeneralMembership, Board and Executive/Finance CommitteeMeetings.2. Act as corresponding officer of the Board whenrequested by the President.3. Serve as presiding officer at regular meetings of theBoard in the absence of both the President and Vice President.4. Sign checks as authorized by the President.D.
The Treasurer shall:
 1. Assist in the preparation of the annual budgetand in the management of the finances of thesystem, other than the endowment.2. At each monthly meeting present to the Board andanalysis of the finances with regard to income and expenditures in relation to thebudget to date and as projected.3. Prepare a summary of the year's audited finances forpresentation at the Annual Meeting.4. Together with the Board President, arrange for loans as necessary forthe operation of the System with Executive Committee authorization.5. The President and Treasurer co-sign all notes andcontracts for the System. Should the Treasurer notbe available for a protracted period the VicePresident shall sign.6. The Treasurer, in consultation with the Executive/FinanceCommittee and the System Director, is empowered to invest temporary surplusfunds in shortterm interest-bearing instruments, or accounts.

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