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Constitution and by Laws

Constitution and by Laws

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Published by: Adams County Library System on Feb 27, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The name of this organization shall be the Adams County Library System, referred tohereinafter as System.
The purpose is the operation and maintenance of a free, public, non political and non-sectarian library system in and for Adams County, Pennsylvania, in order to disseminateinformation and ideas necessary to the present welfare and future advancement of AdamsCounty, to strengthen and extend knowledge and appreciation of the cultural values of life, and to provide the perpetual means of self-education and recreational reading toevery man, woman and child.
A. All citizens of Adams County 18 years of age or over shall be members.B. The Annual Meeting of the membership shall be held no later thanApril 30. Business shall include the election of one or more Trustees andthe presentation of annual reports, both operational and financial.C. Special meetings may be held at the discretion of the President, and mustbe held at the written request of a majority of the Board of Trustees or onthe written petition of at least twenty-five members.D. Notice of every meeting of the membership shall appear at least twoweeks prior to such meeting in a daily newspaper published in AdamsCounty and having county-wide circulation. For special meetings thenotice must contain the purpose of the call; no business other than that setforth in the call may be transacted.E. A quorum shall consist of twenty-five members.F. The Annual Meeting agenda will be prepared by the Board of Trustees andmade available to the membership at the Central Library no later than twoweeks prior to the Annual Meeting.
 Revised 03/06/03
2Any member wishing to add an item to the agenda or toaddress the membership at the Annual Meeting mustnotify the Board of Trustees in writing at least seven (7) days prior to thedate of the Annual Meeting. Presentations to the membership at theAnnual Meeting made in accordance with this Section shall be limited tofive (5) minutes.
A. A board of at least nine Trustees, one of whom will represent EastBerlin Community Library, but not more than a number which is inaccordance with all applicable state and federal library laws andregulations, and hereinafter referred to as the Board, shall be responsiblefor the operating and business of the System. Board members shall beelected by the membership and appointed by the Adams CountyCommissioners from the membership. The term of office for members of the Board shall be three years. In the event more Trustees are required toachieve a full Board complement, one or more members shall benominated by the Board for election to the Board by the membership atthe Annual Meeting. A Member of the Board who has served twoconsecutive three-year terms shall be ineligible for Board membershipduring the twelve months immediately following such service. TheAdams County Commissioners will appoint one of their members to servewith the Trustees, without vote, and act as liaison with the County Boardof Commissioners.B. A vacancy among the elected members caused by resignation, death,inability to perform the duties of a Trustee, or as provided in thesubparagraph immediately below, shall be filled by the Board as soon aspracticable after such vacancy has been declared by the Board. A Trusteeappointed to the Board to fill a vacancy shall serve for the remainder of the un-expired term and thereafter will be eligible for election to twosuccessive terms.1. After two consecutive absences from meetings of the Boardwithout notice of absence or reasonable cause, a member’sposition on the Board may be declared vacant.
 Revised 03/06/03
3C. Meetings shall be of two types, regular and special.1. Regular Meetings of the Board shall be monthly, at a timeand place determined by the Board.2. Special meetings may be called by the President at any timeand must be called on the written request of a majority of the Board.a. The call of a special meeting shall contain thepurpose of the meeting and it shall be by letter to bemailed at least seven (7) days prior to the meeting.No business other than that designated in the callmay be transacted at a special meeting.3. A number of Trustees which is greater than one half (1/2)of the number of Trustees shall constitute a quorum(i.e. 5 of 9)D. The Officers of the Board shall be a President, a Vice President, aSecretary, and a Treasurer.1. The officers shall be elected for a one, two or three-yearterm by and from the Board within ten (10) days of theannual meeting. The chair of the committee whichnominated the officers will designate a time and place foran election meeting and will serve as the presiding officer.a. A vacancy in an office shall be filled by the Boardas soon as it occurs.2. The treasurer and all authorized check signers shall bebonded in such amount as may be determined by the Board,the cost of the bond to be borne by the System.3. The duties of each officer shall be those usually associatedwith the office being filled; they are more specificallyindicated in the Board Manual to which reference is madein F of the Article.
 Revised 03/06/03

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