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Martyn Lloyd-Jones - Preacher by John Peters

Martyn Lloyd-Jones - Preacher by John Peters

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Published by Doug Bonner
Biography of the British Revivalist Preacher
Biography of the British Revivalist Preacher

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Published by: Doug Bonner on Feb 27, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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When, a couple of years ago, a young man 'phoned me one evening and said that he was proposing to write a book about my husband, I am afraid that I was not very encouraging. Iain Murray's official biography wasabout to appear; Christopher Catherwood, our eldest grandson, was thinking out a shorter appreciation to beincluded in his
 Five Evangelical Leaders
. What could this young man, who did not even know him personally, have to add to what was already written? There is no doubt about it, I was downrightdiscouraging.But I was wrong, and I am glad that John Peters was not going to be put off by my somewhatunenthusiastic acceptance of his determination to write. For this is a good book, and I am happy to give itmy warm commendation - and the family is in complete agreement with me. The author is not afraid toreport the criticisms of MLl-J as well as the praises, while his own opinions are quite obvious. Hisfamiliarity with the books themselves has amazed me, and his comments and annotations are copious anduseful.I very much enjoyed reading this book, and I pray that this may be the experience of many.May the Lord greatly bless both the book and its author, and use it to His glory.
Two of the most formative influences upon my understanding of the Christian faith during the past twentyyears have been C.S. Lewis and Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones. My debt to the former was set out in
C.S. Lewis:The Man and His Achievement,
published by the Paternoster Press in October 1985. I am now glad to beable to assess the precise nature of the latter's appeal. I am grateful for the use of quotations to publishers of  books by Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones : Banner of Truth, Evangelical Press of Wales, Hodder and Stoughton,Inter-Varsity Press, Kingsway Publications and Marshall Pickering.In working on this book I have been helped by a large number of people, many of whom gave freely of their time when I sought interviews with them. Not all of them can be thanked by name, so I will confine myacknowledgements to: Mrs. Lloyd-Jones, who generously agreed to write a Foreword; the Rev. VernonHigham, who spent a whole morning with me in Cardiff and also lent me several important articles; Peter Cousins, who guided an inexperienced author through the complexities of book publishing; and lastly, to mywife Elisabeth and our children (Daniel, Katherine, and Joanna) for their constant encouragement, especiallywhen the writing was going through a sticky patch. They got used to seeing me disappear into another roomto work, and I hope they feel that their sacrifice was worthwhile.JOHN PETERS
20 December 
, born in Cardiff, South Wales, the middle son of three.1906:
moved to Liangeitho, near Cardiganshire, now Dyfed.1908:
his first visit to London.1911: Entered Tregaron County School.1914:
the Lloyd-Jones family moved to London and settled at 7, Regency Street, Westminster.1916: Started as a medical student at St. Bartholomew's Hospital. Mrs. Lloyd-Jones commenced her studies the same day but at University College, London.1921: Took his M.R.C.S. and L.R.C.P. degrees in July, followed by his M.B., B.S. degrees in October. Inthe same year he became Horder's Junior House Physician.1923: Took his M.D. and subsequently became Clinical Assistant to Horder.1925: Became M.R.C. P., with a successful career in medicine apparently ahead of him.1926:
11 November,
 preached his first sermon in Wales at Newport, formerly Monmouthshire, nowGwent.
28 November,
preached his first sermon at Bethlehem Forward Movement (Sandfields), Aberavon,South Wales; on 1 Cor. 2:9 (morning) and 1 Cor. 2:2 (evening).
12 December,
 preached again at Sandfields, this time accompanied by his fiancee, Bethan Phillips.This was the first time she heard him preach.
20 December,
official offer of pastorate at Sandfields sent to him
the Secretary, E.T. Rees.1927:
8 January
, married Bethan Phillips at Charing Cross Chapel, London.
1 February
, arrived in Aberavon, after a honeymoon spent in Torquay.
, their first daughter, Elizabeth, was born.1932: First visit to America.1937: Second daughter, Ann was born.1938:
1 May
, announced his resignation from the pastorate at Sandfields. In the same month he acceptedDr. Campbell Morgan's offer to share the pulpit at Westminster Chapel for an initial period of sixmonths.
, left Aberavon.1939:
accepted the call to a full time pastorate at Westminster Chapel. During the war the Lloyd-Jones family lived in Haslemere, Surrey (1939-43).1943: Dr. Campbell Morgan retired, leaving MLl-J as the sole Pastor of the Chapel.1968: Retired from Westminster Chapel.1969: Delivered a series of lectures at Westminster Theological Seminary, U.S.A., later to be published as
 Preaching and Preachers
(1971).1979-81:Increasing illness. Preached his last sermon at the Opening of Barcombe Baptist Chapel
8 June1980.
1 March,
died peacefully in his sleep.
6 March,
 buried in Newcastle Emlyn, Dyfed.
6 April,
Thanksgiving Service at Westminster Chapel.1982: First volume of the official biography of his life, by Iain Murray, published as D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones: The First Forty Years 1899-1939. The second volume will deal with the years down to 1981.

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