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Www.rexresearch.com 1index

Www.rexresearch.com 1index

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Published by klaus

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Published by: klaus on Feb 27, 2012
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Rex Research
PO Box 19250,Jean, NV89019 USA Terra Sol
alchemy618 [ @ ] earthlink.net
The Civilization Kit 
 REX RESEARCH was established in 1982 byRobert A. Nelson
to archive anddistribute InFolios -- Information Folios -- of collected articles about suppressed,dormant, or emerging Sciences, Technologies, Inventions, Theories, Therapies, andmiscellaneous Alternatives that offer some Hope to help Liberate Humanity from itsStupidity and from evile Psychopaths ( &c ). Enow, Freedom, Truth, Love and Earthare gravely wounded, whilst Time is accelerating / compressing -- running out, alongwith theOxygen& Oil &Money&
 -- in these Latter Days of this era ofCivilization as we knew it...... Enjoy your visit, and y'all come back ag'in real soon now !Strip-Search This Site 
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 Room Service : Your WakeUp Call 
Emergency Exit
Caveat Emptor 
- Beware of ads for high-priced "Free Electricity" plans and Water-Fuel kits -- Some are aripoff -- Google-search for second opinions ]
What's Newvo ? 
January 2013 ~ 
»MORFILL, Gregor : Plasma Sterilization~ Eradicates even the dread MRSA
»SHARPE, Paul : Tooth Regrowth~ Stem cell implants generate new teeth within afew months...
GE's Healthcare Research
Learn About GE HealthcareResearch Cutting-edge HealthcareTechnology
Generate Your Own Energy?
Step-by-Step Guide Reveals HowTo Make Your Own AC GeneratorLow Cost
Syndicated Research
The best Syndicated Research fromCogent Research, proven performer
Page 1 of 96Rex Research: suppressed, dormant,emerging unconventional alternative technologies...06.01.2010http://www.rexresearch.com/1index.htm
»VAUX, Melvin : Scotch Yoke Engine~ Improvement of the already excellent Bourkeengine...
Nov.-Dec. '09 ~ 
»AHO, Arthur :
Tomorrow's Energy ... Need Not Be Fuel 
~ An out-of-print classic( 1979 ): Aho's theories about Space, Life, Energy, &c...»BOKON, William : Vapor-Dyne Engine~ Only 17 moving parts, runs on alcohol 70:30water, 50+ mpg, no radiator, direct-connects to wheels...»BROWN, Charlie : Fuel Humidifier~ Optimizes combustion w/ 90-95 % humidity;improves all aspects of engine performance...»DE KREUK, Merle : Nereda Water Purification~ Aerobic granular sludge purifieswater in 1 reactor in 1/4 of the space for 30 % less energy than used by conventionalmethods.
 »ElectroCulture Patents #1~ 40 patents for electric ( DC, AC, ES ), magnetic, RF /microwave treatments to stimulate or retard plant growth.
 »ElectroCulture Patents #2~ Another 20 patents for electric, magnetic, & RFtreatments to stimulize or retardify plant growth...»ElectroCulture Patents #3~ 2 Dozen more methods for stimulating plant growth withelectricity & magnetism...»FRANCH, Guido : Mota / Dam-a-Gas~ Demonstration of transmutation of water togasoline-like fuel, and vice versa...»GUILLEMETTE, Suzanne : Electrostatic Battery~ French Patent # 817,556( 1936 ) claiming a convenient atmospheric source of industrial power.»HARPER, Murry : Rotary Engine~ No valves, crankshaft, distributor, rods, fan,radiator -- perfect balance, superior seals, &c...»HELMHOLTZ, Herman von : Resonator~ Acoustic resonator enables numerousapplications: intro info & patent list...»JOHNSON, James : Dipole Resonance Mutation~ Select frequencies in electrostaticfield effect phenomenal chemical changes : food preservation, catalysis, electroculture&c... An amazing Must-Read, lost since the 1930s...»KIM, John,
et al.
: Electroactive Paper~ Gold-plated paper can oscillate 10 % in0.06 second when electrified: micro-wing propulsion...»LANG, Amy : Wing Denticles~ Imitation sharkskin reduces drag ~ 30%...»LEAVELL, Charles : VAST ~ "Vibrationless and Soundless Tools" -- Lighter, fewerparts, uses 75% less power, ~ 90% noise reduction for compressed air tools --countless applications...»LOCKERBY, Duncan,
et al.
: Waggle-Wings 
Helmholtz resonators in a wing canreduce drag ~ 40%
 »MagnaCulture~ PDF scan of
New Age Sci. J.
( June '76) -- an introduction toElectroCulture,
 »MURRAY, Maynard : Seawater Farming~ 1000-8000 ppm seawater solids ( includingNaCl ) increases yields, improves flavor & nutritional value; animals produce mo'better, healthier, &c...»PARENT, Marc : Air Well~ Wind-powered thermodynamic humidity condenser...
»REICH, Wilhelm : Orgone Engineering
Weather control via Cloudbusters
»ROBINSON, Barnett : Platinum Gas Saver~ Pt-Rh-Rn additive allegedly improvescombustion ~ 20 %...
Page 2 of 96Rex Research: suppressed, dormant,emerging unconventional alternative technologies...06.01.2010http://www.rexresearch.com/1index.htm
»ROBINSON, Barnett : EER Engine~ "Elevated Expansion Ratio" produces 48 %+mpg, 30%- emissions, +hp...»Tourmaline Electrogeneration~ Select patents and articles about the "ElectricStone" -- batteries, electroculture, healing, &c...»Transmutation Patents~ Gleanings from the European Patent Office ( excepttransmutation doping of silicon )
 »ZHOU, Junyun,
et al.
: Desalination Heliostat~ Improved solar distillation at muchlower cost..»ZHU, John,
et al.
: Coal Fuel Cell~ Uses 50% less coal per amp produced ( Seealso :JACQUES, William : Electricity from Coal)
SUBJECT INDEX --Aether * Agrow * Aero * Anti-G * Alchemy * Antennas *Appropriate / Low Tech * Automobiles * Cannabis Hemp * Chemistry * Coal / Oil *ElectroMagnetix * Free Energy / OverUnity * Government * Health * Heat / Cold *Hydr-Oxygen * Light * Magnetix * Mechanix * Mind / Spirit * Aquanautix * Robert A.Nelson * Nukular * Radionix * Time * Water
Rex-ommended Sci-Tech & News Sites»keelynet.com * freeenergynews.com *sciencedaily.com * headlinespot.com/subject/science * newscientisttech.com *livescience.com * scitechdaily.com * sciencenews.org * physorg.com * Google/DailyGalaxy Delivery * overunity.com * urbansurvival.com * rense.com *
Local Heros in the War vs Fear 
»GUILLOT, Jules : Atmospheric Electric Generator~ A proven design from the1920s : Article & 2 French Patents with translations. [ZIP]
300 Watts ...... 3 KW @ 60'
»MEYERS, Roy : Absorber~ A bona fide certified genuine Free Energy Devicecomprised of Zinc plates, Alnico Magnets & "Intensifiers", produces DC power bydiamagnetic induction from the geosphere (1912). [ZIP]
Page 3 of 96Rex Research: suppressed, dormant,emerging unconventional alternative technologies...06.01.2010http://www.rexresearch.com/1index.htm

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