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Psychic Remote Viewing and Some Techniques

Psychic Remote Viewing and Some Techniques

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Published by holisicra
Article on remote viewing, it's applications explained, use as an art, techniques, training, and Secrets
Article on remote viewing, it's applications explained, use as an art, techniques, training, and Secrets

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Categories:Types, Research
Published by: holisicra on Feb 28, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 ==== ====Interested in the Paranormal and Items of High Strangeness?Visit Http://holisticrats.com/social ==== ====Remote viewing is the ability to gather information about objects, places and people without usingthe five standard senses. Remote viewers typically use what is called the sixth sense or a form ofpsychic ability. Remote viewing was used by the United States government during the cold war togather information about the Soviet Union and other nations. Remote viewing has now come tothe general public with studies, courses and viewing standards being set. Remote viewing is still considered a new field with on going investigation. We do not at the presenttime know all there is about remote viewing, but we do know some things. For one we know howto increase reliability and accuracy or for that matter decrease the accuracy and reliability ofremote viewing. For increasing the accuracy of remote viewing it helps to have what is termed asan address. This address can be a physical landmark, a person who is helping the remote view orspecific coordinates. When a remote viewer finds a target, the impressions tend to be along thelines of shapes, colors or the general form of an object. Sometimes the remote viewer will sensesounds, certain feelings or things they smell. These tend to be things that they can sense withnormal five senses, but that are not percent in their current location. Amazingly enough remoteviewers have even been able to describe colors and shapes in spaces where there is no light forthese things to be seen. Remote viewers have even been known to look several days into the future and also the past.Documented evidence has shown that remote viewers have looked into the future and accuratelypredicted the fluctuation in silver futures. Some highly skilled remote viewers have the ability tosee objects and report this down to the smallest detail. Accuracy rates are not perfect, but a skilledremote view can have an accuracy rate between 75% and 85%. It is also reported that the morethis skilled is practiced the better the accuracy rate becomes. There is an amazing story about psychic C.W. Leadbeater who in the 1890's described thestructure of atoms. C.W. Leadbeater described the structure of hydrogen and its three isotopes,Mr. Leadbeater went on to describe how hydrogen could have one - three particles in its nucleus,thus changing it's atomic weight while maintaining its identity as a hydrogen atom. The amazingpart is Mr. Leadbeater was the first in the world to report these findings and isotopes where thenundiscovered. This was all accomplished through remote viewing of the hydrogen atom. Being close to a remote viewing target is not necessary. It has been shown that a remote viewercan have extreme accuracy up to 10,000 miles. It has also been documented that placing objectsunderwater or shielding them electrically has no effect on the abilities of remote viewers. It hasalso been shown that solar fair activity along with intense periods of solar radiation will affect theaccuracy of remote viewing. It is also known that feed back about what the remote viewersdescribed is critical for improving accuracy. Numbers have been found difficult to see for remoteviewers, while pictorial targets are much easier to see. The reason for this is remote viewers tend

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