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Published by Sheikha

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Categories:Types, School Work
Published by: Sheikha on Feb 28, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 رامعل دمح .
1.The number of constrictions in the external auditory canal is: A.OneB.Two *C.ThreeD.Fou2.The part of external auditory canal which is difficult to see is :A.BonyB.CartilaginousC.Meatal recess *D.Roof 
Fissures of santorini are present in:A.External ear *B.Middle ear C.Inner ear D.None of the above4.External ear is supplied by :A.Vth nerveB.Glossopharyngeal nerveC.Vagus nerveD.Branches from cervical plexusE. All of the above *5.External auditory canal receives blood supply from all the arteriesexcept:
 A.Posterior auricular B.Superficial temporalC.Facial *D.Maxillary6.Lymphatic drainage of pinna goes to:A.Parotid node *B.Retroauricular nodeC.Superficial cervical node along external jugular veinD.All of the above7.What applies to pars flaccida? 
Also known as shrapnells membraneB.Bony annulus is absentC.Cartilaginous annulus is absentD.Medial to it lies notch of RivinusE.All of the above *8.Tegmen tympani is formed by:A.Petrous partB.Squamous partC.Both of the above *D.Mastoid part9. glossopharyngeal nerve enters the middle ear through:
A.RooB.Floor *C.Anterior wallD.Posterior wall10. Internal carotid artery comes in relation of which wall of themiddle ear?A.Anterior wall *B.RooC.FlooD.Posterior wall11. Position of the pyramid in relation to adutus is:A.Superior B.Inferior *C.MedialD.Lateral12. Processus cochleariformis contains:A.Basal turn of cochleaB.Tensor tympani tendon *C.Stapedius tendonD.Apex of the cochlea13. Swallowing movements open the Eustachian tube through:A.Tensor tympani muscleB.Tensor palatiC.Levator palati *D.All of the above

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