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Published by Sheikha

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Categories:Types, School Work
Published by: Sheikha on Feb 28, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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جفرعلا دمحأ .MCQ
AY 1426-1427 (2005-2006)Most common malformation of head and neck region is:a.cleft lip and palate*b.hemangiomac.preauricular cystd.malformation of ear2.Most common type of cleft in males is:a.unilateral cleft lip alone
unilateral cleft palate alonec.unilateral lip and palate*d.Bilateral cleft lip3.A patient presents with small yellow spots, presentbilaterally on buccal mucosa opposite to posterior teethwithout any other associated complaint. Most probablediagnosis of the condition is:a.Koplik’s spotb.Fordyce’s granules*c.Melanotic maculed.White sponge nevus4.A patient presented with asymptomatic, smooth,circumscribed red area in midline anterior to circumvallatepapillae on the dorsum of tongue with microscopic evidenceof epithelial hyperplasia. The most probable diagnosis of thecondition is:
a.geographic tongueb.hairy tonguec.median rhomboid glossitis*d.lingual thyroid5.In hairy tongue, there is hypertrophy of:a.fungiform papillaeb.filiform papillae*c.foliate papillaed.circumvallate papillae6.A patient present with an asymptomatic soft, fluctuantswelling of the angle of mandible anterior to sternocleido-mastoid muscle which he stated to be present since hischildhood days. Regional lymph nodes are nonpalpable withnormal radiographic pictures of the area and normal bloodand urine examination. Aspiration of swelling shows yellow-brown fluid. Most probable diagnosis in the condition is:a.thyroglossal duct cystb.salivary gland tumor
c.branchial cleft cyst*d.follicular ameloblastoma7.Which of the following condition is characterized bygeneralized intestinal polyposis with pigmentation of faceand oral mucosa:a.Peutz-Jeghens syndrome*b.Albright syndromec.Gardner syndromed.Neurofibromatosis8.A 25-year al patient presents with an asymptomatic doughysoft, fluctuant swelling on lateral neck which was present formonth but recently enlarged following an upper respiratorytract infection. Most likely diagnosis of the swelling is:a.scrofulab.lymphomac.cervicofacial actinomycosisd.cervical lymphoepithelial cyst*9.Most characteristic histopathologic feature of keratoacanthoma is:a.elevation of normal epithelium towards the centralportion of the lesion with an abrupt change in normalepithelium as hyperplastic acanthotic epithelium isreached*b.hyperplastic squamous epithelium growing intounderlying connective tissue

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