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426 C1 MCQ_'s

426 C1 MCQ_'s

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Published by Sheikha

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Published by: Sheikha on Feb 28, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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426 C1 ENT MCQsThe right answer is $ dolar symbol
pt has nasal fracture with deformity come after 7 wk what will u do
 A/ immidiate close reduction
 B/ close reduction after 2 wkC/ immidiate rhinoplasty2-
where do we do the incision of tracheotomy
 A/ between 2nd and 3rd tracheal rings
 B/ cricothyroid membraneC/ thyrohyoid membrane3-
best treatment of cholestetoma is
 A/ surgical removal
 B/ follow upC/ medical treatment
4- fluctating hearing loss, episodec vertigo, tinnitus, r most likelycharacterestic of 
 A/ miniere's dx
most common cause of bilateral SNHL in elderly people
 A/ presbicusis
 B/ otosclerosis6-
all will cause Hyposmia except
B/Adenoid enlargementC/Nasal polypD/Allergic rhinitis7-
all of the following are midline swelling in the neck EXCEPT
 A/ thyroglossal cystB/ sebaceous cystC/ brachial cyst
 D/ dermoid8-
which one is objective test for SNHLA/ pure tone audiometryB/ speech audiometryC/ tympanometryD/ auditory brain stem response
 A/ intact membrane, -ve Rinne, air bone gap
which one is not associated with hearing loss
 A/ tympanosclerosisB/ otosclerosisC/ vistibular neuritis
 D/ labrynthitis11-
which of these do not require the use of corticosteroids
 A/ bell's palsyB/ allergic rhinitis
C/ chronic retropharyngeal abscess
 D/ angioneuritic edemaE/ sjorgan's syndrome12-
what is the commonest organism to cause chronic retropharyngeal abscess
 A/ TB
 B/ staph aureusC/ pseudomonasD/ H. InfluenzaE/ anerobes13-
sensory innervation of palatine tonsils is
 A/ glossopharyngeal
 B/ facialC/ vagusD/ deep petrosal nerveE/ great palatine nerve14-
asopharyngeal carcinoma most common presentation is
 epistaxisNeck mass
during exicion of the submandibular gland, most likely drug to beinjured is
 Mandibular branch of facial nerve
 Mandibular branch of trigeminal

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