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World of Roof Technology

World of Roof Technology

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Published by: justinadoi on Feb 28, 2012
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How to use this Manual
This manual is provided to give information aboutthe use of trussed rafters for roof construction and isintended to be of interest to Trussed RafterSpecifiers, Trussed Rafter Designers and Contractorsusing Trussed Rafters.The manual is arranged in three sections:SECTION 1Information for specifiersSECTION 2Technical informationSECTION 3Information for site useTrussed rafters are now used for the overwhelmingmajority of domestic roofs constructed in the UK andEire, and have an exceptional performance recordsince their introduction to the Building andConstruction Industries.Anationwide network of Authorised Trussed RafterFabricators can provide a competitive, economicsolution to even the most complex of your roofingneeds. Using the MiTek Engineering Design System,these companies provide high quality, purposeengineered units to satisfy the need of an ever morecomplex market.We are confident that this document will demonstratethe advantages to you in selection and buildingsuccessfully with trussed rafters.SECTION 1Information For Specifiers1.1 What is a trussed rafter?1.2 Design responsibilities1.3 Exchange of information1.4 Limits of use for trussed rafters1.5 Basic Design principles1.6 Guide to setting out and dimensioning1.7 Practical roof solutions1.8 Glossary of terms usedSECTION 2Technical Information2.1 Codes and standards2.2 Timber2.3 Connector plates2.4 Design method2.5 Roof and trussed rafter bracing2.6 Loading and load cases2.7 Selecting trussed rafter profiles2.8 Framing common roof shapes2.9 Connection details2.10 Problems to be aware of SECTION 3Information for Site Use3.1 Do's and Dont's on site3.2 Supporting water tanks3.3 Hatch and chimney openings3.4 Two-Tier construction3.5 Hip ends and corners3.6 Valley intersections3.7 Bracing trussed rafters and roofs3.8 Loose timber connection details3.9 Bearing details3.10 Ventilation and condensation3.11 Site storage and handling3.12 Erection procedures3.13 Risk assessments & method statements3.14 Construction check list3.15 Nailing and bolting3.16 Attic Frames-2 & 3 part construction3.17 Attic Frames-bracing3.18 Attic Frames-environment3.19 General construction details3.20 Builders metalwork 
This document is for general guidance only and the information contained in it is provided in good faith but without liability.MiTek Industries Limited gratefully acknowledge the provision of information from the Trussed Rafter Association.
MiTek Industries Limited
Information for Specifiers
What is a Trussed Rafter?
Trussed rafters or roof trusses are now specified forthe majority of domestic roofs constructed in the UKand Eire. The trussed rafter is an individuallydesigned component, engineered to provide astructural frame for the support of roof or similarstructures.Pre-fabricated from high quality, stress gradedtimbers and joined with steel nailplate fasteners, thetrussed rafter offers:Aflexible, practical and fully engineered solution toyour roofing requirements.Economy of materials, as trussed rafters can use upto 40% less timber than a traditionally formed roof.
How to Specify Trussed Rafters
MiTek trussed rafters are available from anationwide network of Authorised Fabricators. Afulllist of these companies is available on request fromMiTek.Please note that, unless a specific contract exists tothe contrary, the Fabricators liability is limited to thedesign and supply of the individual trussed raftercomponents only. The responsibility for the design of the roof structure as a whole lies with the BuildingDesigner (or Roof Designer if one has beenappointed). Please refer to section 1.2 on DesignResponsibility. There are, however, companieswithin the network of Authorised Fabricators thathave the necessary experience and resources toundertake design responsibility for the roof structureas a whole.To obtain competitive quotations for the design andsupply of trussed rafters, contact one or more of theauthorised Fabricators. They will be pleased to assistyou in assessing your requirements.Reduced labour costs on site, due to the amount of pre-fabrications, releasing site joiners for morecomplex areas.Quick erection of the roof structure enabling othertrades to commence quickly.Reduction in site waste, loss and pilferage of valuable materials.Space saving on site, with no need for timber storageor carpentry work areas.Competitive pricing from a nationwide network of Authorised Trussed Rafter Fabricators.The Fabricator will require sufficient, clearinformation regarding the roof structure to determinethe required trussed rafter profiles, dimensions,spacings, quantities, loadings, methods of supportand any special features to be taken into account;together with the requirements for timber treatment,extra items required (eg Builders metalwork),delivery date and delivery address. Acheck-list of the information required, together with a list of theinformation to be provided by the Fabricator to you,follows later in section 1.2.Using the MiTek Design system, the required trusseswill be designed for your individual application andthe Fabricator will provide you with the detailsrequired to support the quotation.If the quotation is successful, and subject to alldimensions being checked prior to the manufactureof the units, your trussed rafters will be supplied tosite ready for speedy erection of the roof supportstructure.

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