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Shooting Script

Shooting Script

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Published by SkyCheyenne

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Published by: SkyCheyenne on Feb 28, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Shooting Script
(Dream  man getting beaten and tortured. A woman is tied to a chair at the corner of the room crying. Room hassmoke so the vision of the murderers is blurry. Cuts before the man gets killed by the murderers.)
Black screen  Edna, Loveline ect presents WELS Productions logo filmBlack screen Hair and Make-up artists, Fashion Stylist, Producers, Directors, Editors, Camera men, Starring(actors/resses names).Black screen  Torment During these two screens non diegetic music is slow paced quiet crescendoIn a room, low key lighting,. Kai (early twenties and he is wearing jeans and a black top with trainers) is tied up on thefloor, Toya is tied up to a railing.INT. Dark room low key lighting, Toya is tied up to a railing on a chair, her mouth is covered with sellotape. Music isnow silent as audience are seeing Toya a woman in early twenties she is wearing jeans and white top and heels1.
Long shot of Toya tied to the railing and on a chair, her hands are tied on a bar and she has tape on hermouth. Toya has muffled screamsMusic is slow paced and crescendos until gun shot at end of scene. All dialogue and screams are echoed so that itshows that she is in a dream.Cut2.
Aerial shot of Toya tied up, Low Key LightingCut3.
POV of Kai on the floor, person over him hitting him with a baseball batSound of pain from KaiCut4.
CU Toyas faceCut5.
POV shot of Kai getting beaten up (vision blurred from smoke and tears)6.
CU gun Guy is wearing a Shambala glistens in the lightCut7.
Zooms in on Toyas eye sound of gun going off Music  silence as gun goes off Cut8.
ECU on Toyas eyesBlack OutINT. in a bedroom alarm clock is on bedside table next to Toyas side of the bed 06:59 and date is showing on alarmclock. Lighting is low key, sunlight will be coming through the side of curtains to show it is morning time. Toya is in bednext to her partner Kai, who is wearing pyjama shorts and is topless and Toya is wearing a black vest top and pyjamashorts. There is no additional sound.ECU of Toyas Eyes pupils are large,
Mid shot of Toya sitting up in bed, Kai is next to her sleeping
Oh my God
(breathing heavily)
Toya looks to the right - Eye Line Match of Alarm clock
Mid shot of Kai in bedCut
alf asleep
) Are you okay babe
(Toya nods)
SRS Toya nodding13.
Two shot of Kai and ToyaAre you sure, you should really go see a doctor about those nightmares,14.
Mid shot Toya rolling her eyesCut15.
SRS Kaievery night is the same thing and then you say youre fine. Look baby please
(Gets cut off)
SRS Toya speaking..I said Im okay. Just leave me alone. Please.17.
Two shot of Kai and Toya
Alright, alright
(gets out of bed and gets out the bedroom)
Match on Action of Kai walking out of bed and out of the room.Cut19.
Mid shot of Toya as she puts covers over her and lies on her side she closes her eyesCut20.
CU of Toyas face as she turns on her side
(Toya turns around in bed and lies on her side)
BlackoutToya is on her way to work, she is wearing a black pencil skirt, tights, blouse, heels and her hair is neat and she iswearing make-up. She also has a bag, a folder and car keys in her hand.

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