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I Am Calm and Strong

I Am Calm and Strong

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Published by nymufti

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Published by: nymufti on Feb 28, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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I am calm and strong!I face up to things courageously. I stay calm.I was conceived to accomplish, built for success, and giftedwith the seeds of greatness.I will do things that will make me live longer... live better.I will act immediately.I act constructively. I do what my conscience dictates.I flow with my energy - all the time.I act in a positive way.I cease all actions which work against me. Then the rightactionsare revealed to me.I don’t want to remain passive in the face of life any longer,norallow myself to be carried along by circumstances. I want toact. Iwant to attain my goals.I now know that to overcome fear I have to act withouthesitationand my doubts will disappear. I now know that actiontransforms
fear into serenity. I will live this day as if it were my last.Action is the spark that gives life to my dreams, my plans,my goals, and transforms them into reality.I am capable of action.I am in the process of changing my life through my actions. Thisis a choice that belongs to me.I am completely ready.I simplify my life. I get rid of disorder and actions which arenotfruitful. I continue asking myself questions, at least once aweek:I am happy to encounter a certain form of opposition. Itoffers mean opportunity to test my strength and my ideas.Adversity always contains the seed of a new opportunity. Icando it, if I believe I can!Once I start playing a game I always do my best to hit theballback and defeat my opponent.My subconscious becomes a more and more important partof myself... I can ask it questions... it answers... it advises meand guides me.I adapt to the ups and downs of life by maintaining my senseof humor. I keep the child alive and awake within me. The spirit in me is my shield. The spirit in me is my saviour. I
have nothing to fear - the power of the spirit protects me.I have the right to be open with other people.I always take other people’s feelings into consideration. I amawareof their feelings, sensitive to their attitudes and opinions. Iknow howto listen. I show a sincere interest in the convictions,thoughts andideas of others. And since my interest is sincere, otherpeople recognize that and start counting on me.I am full of ambition, and there is nothing wrong with that. Iwantto succeed in my work, as well as in my personaldevelopment.I master my emotions. I never get angry for no reason, nordo Ireact violently to any situation whatsoever.I am very careful not to get angry. I have a good character, Idemonstrate patience, and I always think before I act. I avoidcomplaining.I am completely calm... completely calm... A marvelousfeeling of peace and harmony spreads through my body... I amhappy... my circulation is regular and my digestion is perfect.I am learning to interpret my anxiety as a state of excitement insteadof nervousness.I feel less tense and anxious.I am in the process of becoming a much more self confidentperson.

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